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  1. Wow! This is stunning! I wasn't incredible impressed with your first coaster you put in, but that Jet Star is amazing! Really looking forward to the next update!
  2. This is a completely delusional piece of work. I don't understand anything about you from your website to your other parks. I assumed the pictures for Tango and Enterprise were just being used as promo, as other parks do, but I got very confused from the quality changed dramatically. Then you rethemed a ride just because? I have no idea what's going on in your mind but what told you this is right?
  3. I have to agree. I can't wait until the areas around it are filled in!
  4. Cut From A Six Flags New Mexico Press Release We'd like to thank you all for coming out. It is 1983 and it's a big year for the park. It's been a successful first two years and we look forward to many more great years down the road. It is with great excitement, I announce that we will be opening Valiant Stallion, a Schwarzkopf steel. We've proudly errected coasters like this around other Six Flags parks, but this was designed especially for New Mexico. We have some pictures and the ride will be opening mommentrairly. To reserve your Season Passes, the office is in the front of the park. Here she is, in all her beauty. The layout is one of a kind. We've already filled the lines as well as the overflows! The ride ducks in a forest. Our park's skyline is changing rapidly. End Article
  5. Hello everyone, I grew up loving Dorney Park. I've recreated many rides throughout the RCT's, but this is by far my best. I guess this is a work in progress and it's so far taken me around 5-6 hours. I used CS, CTR, and CFR. Let me know what you think! What's that in the background? It's Talon! Most accurate recreation I've been able to find!! That loop! Overall layout. This part gives you a headache, but it's all in the fun! I've started recreating other parts of the park. Thanks for reading. Please consider giving me input. I hope you enjoyed this first update!
  6. Margaine Wellis, Park Communications. Our park is proud to release this teaser image of an upcoming ride. Enjoy!
  7. Sushana Woods, Theme Park Central Magzine It's been a crazy year in New Mexico. Six Flag's theme park has been up and running for one year now, and additions are already starting to take place. The new themed area, Plaze De Carnival, takes up space between the main park and the chairlift. It has the theme of a Mexican rural village, even though there are only 2 working buildings. I took some pictures to share with you all. The new area's here and it's.. kind of drag. It's not that interesting, and the store's don't even have merchandise yet! We think this may be a concert hall. The building's finished, but there's nothing inside. Leaving that section of the park, the Pirate Ship is one of my favorite rides. My favorite place to eat is Pedro's. Bye bye from Six Flags New Mexico!
  8. Hello all, this is my latest creation, Six Flags New Mexico. The story takes place in 1990. Enjoy. Press Release- New Mexico Herald Renowned theme park chain, Six Flags has announced that a new park will be opening this summer. Details included a rollercoaster, shopping district, flat rides, and multiple water rides. We were told by Six Flags spokesman, Andy Schultz, that the park will start with a low budget that will grow with popularity. More info coming soon. Claudia Stenson; News Reporter for NMH. Good morning New Mexico! Today I'm at the opening day of Six Flags New Mexico! The hype is already building and a long line is outside the front gates! Let's get started! The park still has plenty of room to expand. The expansions will come in the following years. The Midway offers food, drink, and games. The first section of the park is Pirate's Cove. The area is more aimed at older kids. Tidal Wave; its crown jewel, towers over Pirate Cove. The queue was completely inside, and told the story of an ancient curse put over ye scallywags! Now back in the Midway, we see the Skyway, which provides a nice relaxing view of the park. Mexico, features authentic Mexican cuisine and holds Bonanza, a Musik Express type ride. The Golden Nugget is the park's only rollercoaster. It was manufactured by Arrow and runs 2 trains at a time. I waited for about a half hour, which isn't bad for opening day. It's layout is truly one-of-a-kind. With many banked curves, helixes, and drops, you'll never know what's next. Finally, the Log Flume is in an undeveloped part of the park. The ride was added last-minute, but the wait didn't go lower than 60 minutes the entire day. From Claudia Stenson, I'm Out!
  9. Hi everyone, Today I finally have a video for you. It's a timelapse of the Cafe, and is posted on Youtube. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/upload
  10. Hey everyone, I'm back with more screenshots of the ride. I've fixed up the paths, finished the transfer track, did some terraforming, and tweaked the landscape. Let's get to it! Here's the transfer track with the station for the trains in the back. Here's the updated skyline. Put in a ticket booth for the ride. I'll end with some more transfer track and station. Thanks for reading! If you're wondering why there's only 4 pictures per post, its because this is posted on RCTW website as well. I will try and include more pics in the future.
  11. Backing up! Mattlab has confirmed he's online, well, and that the trailer was from a while ago.
  12. Update #1- New Supports, New Train, Drop Ride, Updated Station The new Supports have started to be added. A sneak peek into what will eventually be the preshow. Trains have been slightly changed. Drop Ride! Give me a suggestion for the name. Updated station, coaster transfer, and ticket booth. Please let me know what needs to be changed/updated. Thanks!
  13. The Silver Surfer coaster is a B&M Sitdown that packs a serious punch. Accelerating through multiple inversions, helixes, and even some smoke machines! The ride is accompanied by a yet-to-be-named drop ride and cafe. The following is a teaser of what's to come. Calling all superheroes! Danger is on the loose and only you can stop it. Fly past long lines and enjoy the all new SuperheroCenter! (A SuperHero center is planned here, will feature a preshow and many artifacts from the comics.) Ride like never before! Feel like you're gliding through the sky! So much more to come! A drop ride and restaurant are planned. Thanks for taking the time to look at some previews. I wish I could show more, but I'd love for it to look it's best. I'll update as much as possible.
  14. Hello everybody. Whew, it's good to be back. I got back into some RCT3 in anticipaction of RCT World, and I have put many hours of effort into these first couple screenshots. The park is set in the 80's in a large town that lacks thrill. I'll save the rest for the introduction! Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Doing this requires extraordinary time commitment and efoort. I'd appreciate any feedback you could give me. I love reading your comments. I try to take everything into consideration. Thanks! Robert Kinney, Director of Family Affairs, Birchwood Family Amusement Park No security, I got right in! The front entrance. We still need to put up our banners for opening day! Le Fonte is our first restaurant, a buffet-style French eatery. The spacious dining hall. Our all-new SUPERQUEUE allows us to hold up to 300 persons in line for Scrambled Eggs. Family Fun And Gifts will carry all sorts of neat toys and plushies. The Midway has plenty of fun games for the whole family to enjoy. Tacky's Diner! World famous and known for the heart attack hot dog challenge. It will be able to hold many people. Our Dodgems ride is imported from Germany and is the roughest in the country! I'll leave you with this photo of a coaster in progress! Thanks for reading and hope to see you at Opening Day 1980!
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