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  1. MAXSTER listen to I305 and what he said. But to make yall happy im killing the Jazzland park, and ill run my NJ park. Now is it a cardinal sin to use CFR, CTR and all in my parks. Get ready ill have to have a huge list of credits so yall can stop complaining.
  2. Make sure you give credit for all the scenery packs used. dont wanna get banned
  3. Where did i claim any of this as my own work, no where. all i said is i was using these, the only claim of my work is the modifications i was making towards it. Look around this forum, hundreds of parks use these things without credit
  4. James Pawtet- My names James Pawtet, im a resident of Sea Isle City and when i saw this on screamscape i could help but drive by and see what was happening. As a resident of New Jersey i always visited Six Flags Great Adventure but cant help but admit that the park has gone down hill in recent times. But hearing that there is a possible park being built which is twice the size of SFGA i had to try and see the site myself. When i got there i quickly realized how large this project is. From what i could see through the fencing surrounding the park there is large amounts of land cleared and being terraformed into what will become the park. They did a careful job at keeping trees in the park and making sure the land stays beautiful. I also noticed paving equipment and cut back markers for road expansion on Routes 664, 610 and 557, it looks like its going to go from two lanes to four. On site already I could see hundreds of pallets of pavers and stone. I had the chance to talk to a few locals and they said that the work has been going on 24 hours a day for three weeks. Its amazing what they can accomplish this quick. It looks to me like they are using 3/4 of the property as of now. Ill be going back tomorrow with my camera and ill catch some of the action for you.
  5. In a shocking decision by Magic Peak Jazzland, CEO Richard Brennan announced today that Pandemonium will not open as planned at the park, it is going into storage and the space it would have used will be filled by a new ride. Hades, this ride will take you through the House of Hades. Are you ready to face your fears? Mr. Brennan was quoted saying that he feels this ride is a better fit for the park. Pandemonium was outside of the parks theming and will make a appearance at some point. I find it interesting the put a ride to storage and are buying a property in New Jersey, anyone saying a watch out Six Flags?
  6. We found that the flying dutchmen due to its size and theming was a perfect fit for our park. We have a secret ride that'll be announced in riddle form in the coming days.
  7. CEO Richard Brannan announced today some of the new rides arriving at Magic Peak Jazzland. Our New Flat Rides Dance the night away on Crazy Dance Tango, This icon of a ride will leave your head spinning Inversion 360, flip head over heels as the whole ride spins out of control Enterprise, a classic ride Flying Scooters, A part of the new Kids Section Why call it a coaster when its not, Digs aside this ride in the Kids Section will drive kids crazy Our New Coasters Pandemonium, a Vekoma Flying Coaster, this modern thrilling Coaster will help you soar Take a adventure through the intense history of this old mine, The Old Mine will makeup our Frontier section humongous, Journey through your childhood in this family friendly dark coaster
  8. Magic Peak Jazzland is expected to make some exciting ride announcements today at 2pm EST
  9. We will be updating the park with CTRs and as for Batman we were aware that when we bought the park Batman was gone, we accepted a licensing deal with Six Flags to buy a clone and bring it into the park with a stipulation that we would not name it Batman. As far as scenery goes we will be adding more and more over the next few weeks to increase the beauty of our park, keep watching the park to see how it goes.
  10. *Update from screamscape* A map of the new expansions of the property has been released by Magic Peak Jazzland, it looks as if the two plots of land on the sides of the park have been purchased to create the enlarged areas of the park. Expansion Map
  11. Magic Peak Parks got off to a rocky start, former CEO James Lucas was released from his position in February. Since then Magic Peak Parks searched for a replacement to save the company from bankruptcy. After searching for a replacement Richard Brennan stepped forward and offered his hand in the company. Richard Brennan former CEO of Palace Entertainment announced his return to the amusement park industry. With his return he sold off all properties and unusable rides that were bought under the former CEO's watch and he began to look for his goldmine park. Searching through the many properties and parks existing in the United States Mr. Brennan settled on the former Six Flags New Orleans site. Cleanup began with crews working 24/7 to remove underbrush, relocate the gators that made home in the pond and start getting the rides in working order. Today we are proud to announce that Jazzland has been restored to it pre-Katrina glory and is opening soon to the public. Mr. Brennan promises almost 60 rides by the end of the season with work already beginning on a water park. THIS IS THE BIGGEST NEWS IN THEME PARK HISTORY. So its with great pleasure we reintroduce Jazzland to the public. In this release we have some photos of the restored state of the park and also some sketches of rides coming to the park. We would like to thank the Mayor of New Orleans and all employees that were hired in secret for helping to keep this under wraps until today. Aerial View Some building photos The old Batman ride is back, it is named Danger Zone Nice separation of the waters, lots of landscaping to be done. Tons of soil on the way to create a lakefront The Jester is still here Kids section is still up and running and we have Cartoon Network licensing finally. Replacement Jester parts arriving on site last week Testing with our hard working team on The Jester The icon is back Mega Zeph
  12. That is a clone of Flug Der Daemonen and fits our park very well, we thank B&M for their work on it.
  13. Magic Peak Parks is proud to announce that something big is coming, The tallest, The Fastest, The Scariest. Stay tuned major park ride announcements are in 3 Days.
  14. --Construction photos of the park-- --From the Quakertown Observer-- Construction Massive cranes and supports. Moving Supports Vertical Construction Vertical Construction Vertical Construction Vertical Construction Station Construction Station Construction Station Construction Station Construction Station Construction The Knight The Knight The Knight The Knight Around The Park Around The Park Around The Park Around The Park Around The Park Around The Park Helicopter Ride Over the Park Helicopter Ride Over the Park Helicopter Ride Over the Park Vertical Construction
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