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  1. Why would you close a major ride during the Christmas season?
  2. Just curious to anyone going, Do you have to wear a mask on the coasters?
  3. Kelly Preston due to cancer. I don’t know if I can say what kind
  4. I don't like to use this phrase much cause I feel it's overly-dramatic, But I'm making an exception for this: Our Long National Nightmare is Over!
  5. Mount Olympus is the last thing anyone should follow. Anyway, Does anyone know when the Log Flume will reopen?
  6. Apparently Glee Star Naya Rivera Passed or vanished
  7. Thanks CC, hope you don’t mind the abbreviation. Ps, as an Illinois boy, thanks for picking your username after an Old Chicago coaster
  8. I blame the writing more than Joel on Batman and Robin. The writer also wrote Transformers 5
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