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  1. Just curious to anyone going, Do you have to wear a mask on the coasters?
  2. Kelly Preston due to cancer. I don’t know if I can say what kind
  3. I don't like to use this phrase much cause I feel it's overly-dramatic, But I'm making an exception for this: Our Long National Nightmare is Over!
  4. Mount Olympus is the last thing anyone should follow. Anyway, Does anyone know when the Log Flume will reopen?
  5. Apparently Glee Star Naya Rivera Passed or vanished
  6. Thanks CC, hope you don’t mind the abbreviation. Ps, as an Illinois boy, thanks for picking your username after an Old Chicago coaster
  7. I blame the writing more than Joel on Batman and Robin. The writer also wrote Transformers 5
  8. Joel Schumacher. Say what you will about Batman and Robin but Phone Booth is awesome
  9. Indiana Beach Top 6 Wishlist: - Vekoma Junior Boomerang - Den Of Lost Thieves retheme (Maybe Meow Wolf?) - Chance Freestyle - Tea Cups with Water - Flying Theater - Lap Bar Only Trains on Steel Hawg I want them to get back to adding unique stuff you can't get at Great America or Holiday World.
  10. I've heard other things that PTC Doesn't like Knoebel's cause they cut the seatbelts out of their coasters. So they have to get Hersheypark to get PTC Parts I think. PTC Still make/offer Buzz Bars.
  11. Apparently they are adding another Vekoma Junior Boomerang https://rcdb.com/17242.htm#p=99897
  12. Why do they always seem to get in a financial mess after they pick up Darien Lake? At least they dont own the place right now so it wouldnt be as bad as the last time they dumped it. Technically, They got Darien Lake in 1995
  13. Timber Falls closed cause Nick L of Mt. Olympus bought them and shut them down.
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