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  1. Sorry, I forgot to reply! Yes, this one is it. All the rides were sold together (including Kanyargo), but the buyer company was pretty mysterious, they never replied to any phone calls, or emails, making it impossible to locate (or even buy!) the rides they were offering. A few years after the park's closure thanks to a former employee we found out 8 of our old rides' whereabouts (6 (T-Rex aka Moser Twin Flip, Mini-Venice, Torony aka Zamperla Sky Tower, Fire Brigade, Magic Bikes and a Rockin' Tug (This one still has the custom painted backplate with the old park's characters!)) are in the Wonderla parks in India, 1 (Break Dance) is in Sweden, and a another 1 (Top Spin) is in the Netherlands, in a park under construction. Also the same employee stated that 2 of our rides, a Maurer Spinning Coaster with a Wild Mouse layout, and the only (!!) Flying Circus in the world were sold as scrap metal since the buyer didn't pay for storage. So, Kanyargo was sold in a complete, working state (only the old foundation, the roof stayed and a few London themed fence stayed here;(the fence was saved by a movie director who filmed in the park) which was used as a Emu enclosure after the zoo got the park; and both were demolished at 2016 when the zoo's new big "Pannon park" project started), but as soon as it left the park's gates we never saw or heard anything else about it. Oh..! I'm lying, the only rumor we heard (from the same employee from before) states that it went to somewhere in Finland. Edit: Maybe I should mention this too: The Hullámvasút (wooden roller coaster) and Mese Csónak (Fairytale boat) is SBNO, but they will be operating again once Pannon Park is finished. (They stated it will be done somewhere in 2020 so that's not even that far!) Also, I should mention something about the wooden coaster. After an accident where the brakeman forgot to board the train, the zoo changed the max speed to 20 km/h from 40 km/h and also made a rule that there could be only 1 train on the track at the time, so if anyone comes to ride Hullámvasút except a less exciting ride than you experienced before! Also, Tréfás Dzsungel Vasút (Funny Jungle Railway)'s, Túlvilág Kapuja (Gate of The Afterlife)'s trains and tracks are stored by the zoo and will be used later. (They promised this anyways.) Barlangvasút (Cave Railway)'s trains, track and figures are in storage too, but I'm not sure about the plans with those ones. OH! And in Holnemvolt Vár (a small park for children based on fairytales) there is a Vidámpark exhibition with Tréfás Dzsungel's moving figures, Barlangvasút's not moving figures (and body of a old dragon locomotive) and a Túlvilág Kapuja train. It's pretty sad that there is already a ton of dirt on everything there while everything else in the park is clean all the time. (It seens like in the zoo's eyes all of this Vidámpark related stuff is just a unnecessary thing they HAVE TO do otherwise everyone would hate them.) Oh and the old carousel is in Holnemvolt Vár too, and it's open!
  2. Hey everyone! I'm trying to find where my favourite ride went after the local amusement park closed. I'm looking for it since the park closed (5 years ago) but wasn't lucky so far.
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