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  1. Sorry, I forgot to reply! Yes, this one is it. All the rides were sold together (including Kanyargo), but the buyer company was pretty mysterious, they never replied to any phone calls, or emails, making it impossible to locate (or even buy!) the rides they were offering. A few years after the park's closure thanks to a former employee we found out 8 of our old rides' whereabouts (6 (T-Rex aka Moser Twin Flip, Mini-Venice, Torony aka Zamperla Sky Tower, Fire Brigade, Magic Bikes and a Rockin' Tug (This one still has the custom painted backplate with the old park's characters!)) are
  2. Hey everyone! I'm trying to find where my favourite ride went after the local amusement park closed. I'm looking for it since the park closed (5 years ago) but wasn't lucky so far.
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