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  1. I went to Great Wolf Lodge in Mason the day before NYE and it was the same way. Some normalcy felt good.
  2. They might be placeholder hours for now and based on current restrictions. If restrictions are eased and they feel its worth it theyll probably extend them. They cut closing time just before daily ops a few years ago so hours changes arent unheard of.
  3. I liked the BBQ at Rocco's Smokehouse. Second St Bistro was good too.
  4. Drew Brees has a plan for New Orleans long-abandoned Six Flags The plan from Brees and Saints LB Demario Davis would transform the old site into learning centers, including farms that help kids learn about urban agriculture. Author: Paul Dudley / Eyewitness News Published: 10:24 PM CDT March 16, 2021 Updated: 10:24 PM CDT March 16, 2021 NEW ORLEANS — The old Six Flags, long abandoned since Hurricane Katrina, might have new life. A top contender being considered to redevelop the site is recently retired quarterback Drew Brees and current Saint's linebacker Demario Da
  5. Well some good eats arent open yet, like 'Ohana, Takumi Tei, Monsieur Paul and Tusker House, but those arent deal breakers, at least for me. Chances are fireworks wont be back yet, but I think if you go during the week in early June you'll be fine with wait times. Northern schools arent out yet and locals come out more on the weekend.
  6. Oh no wonder I couldnt find it, I was looking for tweets, which are on Twitter... not Facebook comments.
  7. If its from SFStl Twitter page, I dont see anything on there
  8. Depends. Are character meet & greets, shows, fireworks and good eating your thing? Or are you just looking to ride as much as you can? By all accounts ive seen, it is a watered down experience right now, and cast members are rightfully not as chipper as they usually are because guests cant act right. But if youre just looking to ride what you can and go, if you hit it at a down time then not having FP+ wont be that big of a deal. The Jan-Feb lull had very low crowds and waits.
  9. Accepted.... I guess I could see why you thought that but thats not my MO. Besides that, theyve had a large chunk of primo land thats been empty for almost 10 years now, so why not add another
  10. Aside from the strange cough, that would be a significant subtraction but also open up a good chunk of primo land. Its still a popular ride. It seems that its mostly been subtraction there lately, with Pirate having been closed for 3 years, Sleighride supposedly on its last legs and losing Thunder Rapids a few yrs back.
  11. Might want get that cough checked out, might be the rona.
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