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  1. My last public comment in response to the above: I will not be apologizing for anything, as posting a link to a highly credible news site (USAToday) and asking for someone to back up their assertion is not something that I need to be sorry for. That is all....
  2. If youre going to make that statement, back it up with facts. I provided mine.
  3. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/06/30/fact-check-chick-fil-a-has-not-resumed-donations-groups-oppose-lgbtq-rights/3244765001/
  4. Only two rides on the website that say this. Also, Heave-Ho and Big Kahuna are no longer listed.
  5. Yes its made in Idaho and yes you are crazy for being really excited about coaster track sitting on a truck.
  6. The long wait afterwards was the annoying part for me. You think youre about to hit the load platform...
  7. As someone who never got to ride it because it was closed everytime we went, I hope it doesnt change too much
  8. ^ the old Fantasy Island is putting in a Schwarzkopf shuttle loop too
  9. Ratatouille is at the bottom for me, but thats because it makes me sick! Lol I'd throw FOP in there as recent too, and as an all timer for quality.
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