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  1. WDW is ending its contract with Mears for the Magical/Tragical Express starting with 2022 arrivals. Rumor I heard is that this leaked before Disney was ready to announce its replacement, time will tell if thats true or if this is just another on-site perk theyre eliminating. Also announced was the end of Extra Magic Hours, to be replaced by daily Early Entry for resort guests, 30 minutes across the board, all 4 parks.
  2. I personally wouldnt mind going earlier, because its been 97° or hotter everytime I went. Riding Invadr like
  3. Yep, common pre-fab campground cabins. SFDL has them too, as well as a few "camp resorts" like Jellystone and higher end KOA's. I'd hope that they put up a berm or fence though, unless they plan on charging for "DD and McD's drive thru view" cabin classes.
  4. Since I dont know you or your medical history, what is your definition of safe? I havent been to WDW myself since covid but everything ive read from multiple sources (including Robb and Elissa) is that it feels very safe. Just curious, not criticizing.
  5. Since were more spontaneous I dont think our plans are unrealistic. Its barely not next year, but first is an overnighter to Great Wolf Lodge at KI after Christmas. Beyond that I dont see why our annual CP trip doesnt happen. SFDL (home) of course as long as it opens. Hershey and KI are always possibilities but no plans yet. Our "Welcome Home" trip to WDW is scheduled for mid October, the best time to visit IMO, and IOA is a possibilty for that trip if Velocicoaster is open.
  6. That's the prediction I got from a DVC cast member in February (pre-covid), that Tron would be in time for the MK 50th and GOTG shortly thereafter and definitely in time for Epcot's 40th. Obviously thats all either ruined or up in the air.
  7. I believe they did put the slide up. They had they lake drained and land cleared.
  8. So its going to be GCI'd instead of RMC'd..... hmm I wonder what the timeline is.
  9. Your reading comprehension needs work. obviously its not the final product but it seems slower Much critical.
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