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  1. Forgot new rides since my kids were that age... Guardians is 42, Tron is 48
  2. Any age. We did a day at MK with my daughter when she was a year and 9 months old and i'll never forget the look on her face and her reactions when she met Mickey the first time. Plenty of rides she could do too. 40 inches is the first major benchmark for the majority of rides. Only a few are higher - RNRC (48), Space Mtn (44), FOP (44) and Everest (44)
  3. All it meant when it was branded was some logos. Nothing spectacular
  4. My comment was in regards to the Giant Wheel, not Boomerang. Last I knew they ran 2 on Tantrum pretty consistently. ROS is the only one without a second train available I believe.
  5. Word on that is there was a stress crack or it failed a fatigue test somewhere (axle seat maybe?)
  6. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/business/business-news/star-tours-disney-world-disneyland-mandalorian-andor-ahsoka-1235843031/
  7. Are you this condescending in real life? Not the first time ive seen it here, thats for sure
  8. We did the 2021 post covid Halloween party that was essentially an after hours event. Everything was a walk on except SDMT I believe (due to overflow from day guests)
  9. If you're a carousel fan, a trip to the Herschell Factory Museum in North Tonawanda, NY is a must do. NT is also the home of Wurlitzer but I dont think there's any public display for it, the Wurlitzer Factory Park is mostly a mixed use development.
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