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  1. If you're a carousel fan, a trip to the Herschell Factory Museum in North Tonawanda, NY is a must do. NT is also the home of Wurlitzer but I dont think there's any public display for it, the Wurlitzer Factory Park is mostly a mixed use development.
  2. Thanks for your opinion https://www.foxnews.com/opinion
  3. The power draw for Incredible Hulk is/was so large it couldve caused brownouts. They added generators to compensate.
  4. Second issue found on Fury https://www.foxnews.com/us/second-structural-issue-discovered-carowinds-roller-coaster-massive-crack-forces-ride-shut-down
  5. It was closed all day everytime i've been there. The last time, it re-opened the day after we left.
  6. We went Friday, June 23rd and had walk-ons all day because it was low 70's and overcast. And that was with multiple tournaments going on at the sports park.
  7. Maybe it has a similar turn to Fury that theyre looking at
  8. Hooks has had some overdue refurbishment and replacement, to include removal of the mini pirate ship
  9. ^ to piggy back on that... park is looking pretty clean overall. They put up a stockade under Viper to make the queue look cleaner. Motocoaster is still not up yet so we'll see what happens there. There's been quite a few game removals but thats not a big loss IMO. With that and some former ride areas it makes me wonder if theres a master plan for improvements coming, since alot of it is in the Rowdy's Ridge/Grizzly Run area. Thats a large chunk of land...
  10. ^ chalk me up for an L. Most of the shops that I frequent use Perry's for hard ice cream and Upstate for custard, so thats why I incorrectly assumed its how it was everywhere
  11. Perry's doesnt make custard, Upstate Farms usually does in the area. SFDL switched to Tillamook ice cream last year.
  12. And you're just a tool. IROC is an 80's era Chevy Camaro (a.k.a. I Reek of Cologne) or a racing series for a lot of people.
  13. Hard to tell how much was done, but could be a significant amount. Posted by SFDL socials.
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