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  1. That's the prediction I got from a DVC cast member in February (pre-covid), that Tron would be in time for the MK 50th and GOTG shortly thereafter and definitely in time for Epcot's 40th. Obviously thats all either ruined or up in the air.
  2. I believe they did put the slide up. They had they lake drained and land cleared.
  3. So its going to be GCI'd instead of RMC'd..... hmm I wonder what the timeline is.
  4. Your reading comprehension needs work. obviously its not the final product but it seems slower Much critical.
  5. No way. Predator would go first. The backlash theyd get for removing Viper would be insane. As for real shots at removal, Pirate is as good as gone. Sleigh Ride maybe, but it seems pretty reliable. Corn Popper tends to break down a lot and Hooks has a ton of broken features but is still well used.
  6. I wouldve liked Storm Runner style but I get that its a different audience
  7. There's video of Velocicoaster testing on YouTube.... obviously its not the final product but it seems slower than id like going over the top hat.
  8. Cedar Point blog posted some behind the scenes pics and info on the winter shutdown process https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog/the-teardown-process-has-begun
  9. The Disney Skyliner pre-COVID could have some awkward silences when they forced groups together. Especially when your 9 year old says awkwarrrd out loud
  10. Supposedly waiting for cash flow. Regardless, its not that weird considering they allowed the second half of Pop Century to rot for 10 years before switching gears to AoA.
  11. Multiple reports out today that TRON construction is being suspended after canopy construction and the show building is sealed, possibly until October 2021. Also reported that Jungle Cruise will be moving to a virtual queue, along with Millennium Falcon.
  12. We went the 2nd week of December 2018 and almost everything was a walk on. We only did IOA though. Kids and wife got 2 re-rides on Forbidden Journey near the end of the night.
  13. How about the "Go to first unread post" button on mobile? It might be there and im missing it, or it might not
  14. Ultimately, this. But my experience was that I got my SV passes and went straight to Maverick, whose AP line was moving steadily (as it should) and got 2nd hour passes for both. Then off the MF, got 2nd hour for that as well plus a standby ride. TTD wasnt open yet.
  15. Reports saying DVC resale waivers have changed to allow resale buyers to stay at Riviera.
  16. Just want to correct a few strategy suggestions made here. 1. No matter where you start, get a Maverick pass right after SV or vice versa. Theyre too close to each other to waste time going somewhere else first. 2. If you ride any access pass coaster in the first hour, get the access pass before you get on so you get 2 rides.
  17. ^ its a bring a friend anytime pass i believe. The email I got today said that if I keep paying ill stay Diamond until the end of 2022. Not a bad deal IMO
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