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  1. The only park atmosphere I found better than Not So Scary was KI Haunt.
  2. My wife is around that size, the only rides she had an issue with were Raptor (wide hips didnt fit the seat, same issue for her on other B&M inverts) and Millennium Force (short seat belt). SV wasnt the most comfortable but she fit.
  3. Not sure if this will work for you https://www.facebook.com/groups/1632555940323445/permalink/3252749234970766/
  4. If thats the case, theres the famous Buffalo saying.... maybe next year
  5. I would imagine the cost of a new train with new restraints is astronomically more than a used train from another park in the chain.
  6. It would appear that SFDL used the later opening day to do some much needed work (not my photos) New train for Mind Eraser Both Viper trains on the track, likely meaning 2 train ops Visitors also reporting that ROS has moved to a locker system and Titan Track is a huge improvement on Predator.
  7. This.... and the grounds are beautiful. Same reason a lot of people go to The Masters (Augusta National Golf Club) even though they dont like golf.
  8. Since its a GCI maybe it ends up with Titan Track. That'd help.
  9. Looking like a wave pool refurb and operating lazy river as well ( source: SF socials)
  10. I thought the Ark itself was impressive, kind of boring beyond that.
  11. Churchill Downs as a facility is what I was suggesting, not a horse race, you wont see a baseball game at the Louisville Slugger museum, KK still has a roller coasters and you are correct about the Ark Encounter. Next time ill try and cater my suggestions to your unknown tastes. Id suggest hitting the Kentucky Bourbon Trail but I assume you dont like that either.
  12. Six Flags Darien Lake is teasing the re-tracking work taking place on Predator!
  13. Its not just Cincinnati, youre 2 hours from Louisville (Churchill Downs, Louisville Slugger Museum) and Kentucky Kingdom and one hour from Lexington if the Ark Encounter is something that interests you. Theres also a Great Wolf Lodge next door to KI.
  14. ^ for the record that is not my YouTube channel, thats a screenshot. At least whoever runs it sounds like his balls have finally dropped.
  15. This Bigfoot quality photo supposedly confirms that Titan Track has been installed on Predator.
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