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  1. I vote for Magic Mountain and all the SF parks to focus on taking care of and improving what they have. All those rides are used at a fraction of the capacity they can handle; many have old rough spots, add more quality family rides .... like a monorail and open the Tower. Improve flow to and from rides - I'm talking about the 1/2-mile long not-wide-enough-for-a-wheelchair exit ramps from many popular coasters - at ALL big six flags parks... that crap creates fights. I just checked out the google map of the park, as you guys were talking about the homes moving closer at the back of the park. I'm not sure how old the google map is, but there is still space that looks like its being cleared... isn't Socal oversaturated with everything already? The homes look like prisons, made me think of Clockwork Orange. Probably just eco-housing, I hope they are nice inside (pure bright white with lots of sharp edges, class and steel?) Dang I gotta get back to get on X2, Revo and Ninja... some of my favorites! But the park has gotten so not fun in the past few years. I hope they make it what it could be, sure deserves it.
  2. ^Probably on the crowded side. Unless you like long lines for drinks and food, pack your trunk if you can. Hope you like the park, I always say it's the best in the chain ;)
  3. Looking for input on crowds for tomorrow, Sunday May 28th. I know some holiday weekends are crammed, but there were always some that were dead. I can never keep track, and have had SFE (Six Flags Exhuastion) for years. I just want to know NOT when to go. Is tomorrow one of them?
  4. B&M giving us variety! It's always a good day when it happens... which isn't much. Looks like a tester/test track more than a big B&M, but good for them! They can do anything. Except laterals haha Not fun in bucket seats anyway.
  5. Does the spike really do that? Or just sarcasm? Can't tell Seems more controls and track switching would complicate the operation.
  6. Those are beautiful posters! Thanks for sharing, miss this place. I'll never forget how beautiful and intimidating Texas Cyclone was... and how dang tight those curves and drops were.
  7. It looks great... I asked about the length b/c it definitely looks longer than the one at Dollywood. Waldameer can't go wrong, love the place. A rare class act, top notch everything. I'm a huge fan of Comet... that special smart AND classic station.
  8. Wow, that's gonna be a huge hit for them. Looks nice and long, does anyone know the lengths of the longest water coasters and where this lies? I seem to remember the Dollywood one was on the short side (after riding those at Holiday World especially).
  9. I've learned not to trust the posted hours the day of... for years they started closing the park at a drop of rain during the week. They would say the weather wasn't safe, but really its "oh well, we ain't gonna make enough money today so shut down and send everyone home." Not to trust pretty much anything about a SF, sadly. They have so many good people, they just don't know how to train them correctly.
  10. But, when it does open... I bet it will run close to the projected capacity. The crew will know what to do in any common guest situation; the station and queue will be clean. The communication in the station will be clear and the walkway into and from the ride will be relatively close to the midway/main walk way. There will be good accomidations for ADA folks, and minimum crowding in station, and station exit (the turnstyle will be at the entrance of the staion where it belongs). In that respect, it will be totally different than Six Flags. Let it open late, let it open in 2025. At least it will be operable and user-friendly. Cedar Fair has higher standards, so what if it's late
  11. I just tried out GG's work at Kings Island last week. Since the layers are on their side, it's a stiffer track.. and it feels as such. It's not like brand new wood coaster track, it's got a hardness to it. Not sure how that will go over on already steel-framed rides ... too much stiffness leads to worse rougness later. But hey, maybe GG has that all figured out.
  12. Rumor is Cornball and Hurricane (in dire need) are slated for Gravity Group work. Long overdo, hope it happens. The current owners inherited a mess, they're working on getting everything together. Let's give em props.
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