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  1. I love Adventure Express. Most action in the park happens right there. Thank god we have a little coaster variety still around, so much is gone.
  2. So happy "Galaxi" is back. Proving once more again there is not only more than corn in Indiana, but there are tiny carnival coasters so perfectly placed they are more fun than most GIANT coasters within a few hours. Coasters with staying power, no matter the forces. Hmmm... Everyone wants B&M and RMC but we are well saturated with those.
  3. Great pictures! My first time to Geauga was 1988 during Coaster Con. Dang I miss this place. My friends and I considered Big Dipper one of the funnest coasters in Ohio. Working summers at Cedar Point in the early 90s during college, my friends and I would attempt to get a day off together to other parks. Geauga was a great break from the Point, and we didn't have anything quite as fun and classic as Big Dipper. I remember teal-colored track with comfy yellow and green trains. Oh that terrifying classic circle swing... the skyride. Arrow coasters being run with harnesses up in empty seats (as I see in your first Corkscrew picture!). Different times!
  4. If I'm remembering correctly, there was a story about Will's father wanted a St. Patrick's Day section with a pub? (Could have been a page back, not great at skimming) It wasn't happening, but I bet it would be nice! But then it's Holiday World, it's gonna be nice. It's also nice to be in a good mood and looking forward to the 2022 coaster season. I'd better check out the Holiday World Podcast, been too long.
  5. I love Kumba, but not as much as Scorpion. Glad they both are there Edit - with all the screamscape complaints, who wants to go start their own news site and make sure everything is correct? I mean, really, why read it then? I love Screamscape
  6. ^^^That was actually a big thing for Cedar Fair back in the 90s when I worked for them (at CP). Nothing painted black; no ominous or scary names, and no blood. We used to joke that CP wanted to paint everything blue. I think it's best to paint a ride whatever might make sense or look good for it's name or something... So happy we have our ominous/disco-y Demon at SF Great America. I can't imagine it painted anything other than black. At some point in the last 2 decades, Six Flags started really barfing out some ugly coaster color schemes. Or perhaps it was before that even. I was an intern at SFOT in 1995 and the awesome Shock Wave was painted with white loops and track, tan supports and Pepto Bismol® pink on the interior of the loops. It's never had a good, happy color scheme since. Talk about a ride that deserves some respect - get on those classic trains while you still can. Back to Tatsu, it looks ok from some angles. I was hoping they would keep the red rails... but oh well. It's one of 2 coasters that actually scares me. The other is X2 (which I especially love). The "surprise you're 500 feet up" views really scare the heck out of me, in a good way.
  7. All that stuff about the park is nice. But the real big deal here is that Rock N Roll Over mask! Love it.
  8. Great video! I'd have to put Thunderbolt at my #1 woodie, since all my other #1s are gone or have been changed so much. There is nothing better than riding a single-bench wood coaster with good curves. And drops for that matter. No matter how hard I try many new coaster trains (in perticular, RMC, sorry guys...) just don't do it with me; I appreciate a good design, but the trains make or break the coaster for me. I like to be able to move my legs and enjoy real air time - where my butt moves away from the seat. Thunderbolt has a great variety layout. I'm sad to hear the park isn't running as well, in addition to Thunderbolt only running one train frequently. They used to have 3 in the station; 2 running and one in transfer. Let's get them trains moving! I was bummed about the seatbelts, but let's hope Kennywood keeps it in it's present form for many years. We don't have many classic wood coaster trains running anymore, just a handful really. I'll enjoy them as much as I can while I can.
  9. Haven't been following, do we have an update on Dragster/the injury?
  10. Here's to hoping they keep the original style train as much as possible: nice flat-ish seat pad and straight-back chair posture, like Schwarzkopf and Intamin intended. Not the atrocity train design Mind Bender got (and Revolution while I'm at it; but those are so much better than the previous messes). The ride and trains are essentially perfect - a rarity in the coaster world. Knott's probably know how special that is.
  11. I'll keep my vote in for Excalibur. It's still the most interesting and most fun coaster at the park (for me!). Edit - why do all the unique, special coasters get judged and put on the "most likely to kick it" list? It's gonna suck when everything is the same (we're half way there). answers: 1. Because it sucks 2. It's too old and can't get replacement parts 3. No one can find it or don't want to walk way the hell back there 4. It's an outdated Arrow MEGA-mine train that just isn't cool anymore 5. Some idiot took an onride video resulting in death so the ride isn't popular anymore (and was never) 6. It floods too much 7. Corporate doesn't like the noise it makes 8. Magnum needs the left over parts, before it's dismantled becuase of quick sand.
  12. My family and I were at Boardwalk and Baseball (as Circus World) around 1980. I was a little tyke, and couldn't keep my eyes off of the shuttle coaster; we didn't know what it was called but my aunt kept calling it "The Tidal Wave" cuz it was similar to our Tidal Wave coaster back home (we are from Chicago-land). An interesting and vivid memory of that day I have... the park was really empty. There was a fun clown, and my aunts and mother rode an elephant (I was scared). Thanks for the video!
  13. Hmmm... well, maybe that middle car motor (located under the center seat of each car) fell apart and jammed, pushing the middle of that car away from the rail during the lift, thus bending or breaking off the catch plate around a wheel set. I'm not always so "open-minded" but hey, anything can happen. We've heard some nutty stuff. But most likely, a faulty bolt
  14. I believe you my friend, I really do. But I ain't goin back there for a long time. 2006 was the last time for me, it was a hideous visit. So many Six Flags parks, I have written off. Somewhere between "if you ain't got anything good to say then don't go," and preferring to spend my time and money on quality places (Knoebels, Holiday World, Disneyland, Little Amerricka, Knotts for example). Keep the lines shorter for everyone else haha. Maybe if I was with a great set of friends it wouldn't matter... but naw. I wouldn't put em through my bitching. I'd be happier dropped off at the McDonald's for the day. And I don't eat McDonald's.
  15. Shockwave at Great America also had 4; 2 red and 2 yellow (one later painted blue). Six Flags really pushed capacity back in the day; especially cared about customer service and didn't have pay-to-cut. Magic Mountain always had extra trains on hand; Revolution had 6 and ran 5. Colossus was built and intended to run 10 (!?!) but only ended up ever running 6 at a time. Related... at Great America, we had 3 on Demon - ran with out stacking. American Eagle had 6 until a minor collision in 1985 (it was nice to always see 2 trains on the lift). Whizzer ran up to 5, and still has 5 (rotating them in and out through awesome full-rehabs every year; there were 3 on the track this November). I've always said Great America was the one hold-out for at least trying for good ops. Viper could have run 4, but Arrow sometimes designed very short blocks and brake-runs. Like Tennesee Tornado; they only run one because stopping a second on that stupid-short brake run "tears everything up." One more thing on Viper, Love it! Happy it's still here - without those wretched rubber vests (I know some people like those). Rode Viper in May, during the 3 hours I could stand at Magic Mountain. Mostly there for X2, Revolution and Ninja. I like old sh*t
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