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  1. Yes! Bruises used to be a souvenir from a good ride. I rode Americana's Screechin' Eagle 64 times in one day (as a teen, late 80s... what a great time to be a coaster geek!) and could barely walk at day's end due to flying up into the lap bar, which was already a good 4-6 inches away from the lap. No seat dividers, good times.
  2. Oh yeah, big time! I'll take a little room to move over being pinned in. Unfortunately for me, I just haven't acclimated to the RMC style seats/restraints well (and to a much less degree, GCI). My lower half needs to be able to move at least a little. So grateful we have these woodies at HW, and that they take such great care of them.
  3. NO banking in that helix is the main feature that makes Legend the favorite of many of us. And... the Holiday World PTC trains have twisting back axles. So does Ravine Flyer, etc.. What may seem like a deficiency in the "twisting" department, is an asset in another. In other words, they are fun roller coasters that provide kick, great laterals and air time (Phoenix, etc.) I would say the Holiday World woodies run better than any other wood coasters, especially for what they do. The GCI coasters lack a certain feel; this is probably more popular if you like B&M, RMC, etc. GCI
  4. I'm very lucky to have been on brand new versions of Timberwolf (89), Georgia Cyclone and Texas Giant (1990). And old American Eagle, Texas Cyclone, and countless other classic wood coasters that have had their trains and track retrofitted to serve for lower insurance premiums. An 80's Beast with skid brakes that just did that... as well as 3 coveted "brake-less" Beast rides in 1988/89. I'll never forget those; few rides have scared me since. A 1988 Great America Shockwave running with no trim brake; the corkscrews were like watching cartoons. A 1991 Steel Phantom during after par
  5. La Ronde is such a beautiful location... such opportunity. Now if someone else had it, like Cedar Fair. It would be all clean, user-friendly and operational. And I love Monstre as well; with it's weird slow sections and car-crash bits, great views, a coaster with surprises - the way Bill Cobb meant.
  6. I've heard from a reliable source that "it's gonna be a while" before the coaster starts going up. They want to do it right, sometimes that takes a longer time than hoped for.
  7. I love CLP and I count Blue Streak as my #2 woodie. The park may be cracked and falling apart in some respects, but I have a ton of FUN there which doesn't happen at big corporate parks. And those waterslides, holy cow. Nuts!
  8. Coasty McCoasterforce was the name announced for the new coaster on April 1st, maybe an April Fool's Joke But if it's not, at least it's original. It is painted white and blue (see how easy that was Six Flags Over Texas? Poor Shockwave with those odd colors over the years) in the facebook video they posted https://fb.watch/4JJ8jyTa1x/
  9. That reminds me of the time I was riding Mr. Freeze during and ERT and the park was trying to "impress" someone present, obviously, as they were drenching those nasty headrests with Fabuloso. I rode once and didn't go back, I thought my eyes were turning purple from the smell. Cheap aggressive smells (gain, windex, air freshener, AXE stuff) more than anything add a big dose of air pollution. But it's gotta smell clean....
  10. Wow. See, cool things happen sometimes. It doesn't hurt to speak up and kindly tell parks what you like (or sign a petition).
  11. Don't hurt though. I know, my opinion is very unpopular, but for the folks that say "couldn't hurt" hear me.
  12. The petition has over 18,000 votes. Do these ever get this high? Oh well, can't hurt. https://www.change.org/p/palace-entertainment-save-the-kangaroo-and-paratrooper-at-kennywood-park
  13. Interesting pick. Well, it's HW. They will do it well. Daydream of the insanitay and grossness if they picked a John Waters' movie.
  14. I would definitely look into that; I'd think with the very connected CP fan base, someone could get an answer on that. That is what I remember, but that was back in 1999. It could have been wrong. The number seemed very high to me at the time. Perhaps that's loaded weight?
  15. A standard 4 (3 bench) or 6 (2 bench) car PTC train used to weigh 6 tons. But that was with out all the extra crap they introduced in the 90s (individual lap bar lockers/bars/steel-core headrests, etc.) I remember reading a Millennium Force train weighs 28 tons. Geesh! No wonder it holds it's speed so well.
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