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  1. Great addition! I love the color scheme; Silverwood needs a dash of red. I keep wondering when they will pull a Holiday World and convert their 2 long-wait woodies into 2 train ops, like Holiday World for Raven and Legend years ago.
  2. ^Yeah, blah blah blah... we knew it would be sensationalized. It wouldn't have been made otherwise. Despite all that, it was still the funniest, most entertaining thing I've seen in months. I'm going to watch it again to to see these characters in action. Excellent! I didn't get to Action Park. But I was at other water parks, and amusement parks too in the 80s (and the tail end of the 70s!). A ride being safe or not is one thing, but my gosh have people become super wimps when it comes to rides.
  3. So uh... this years' Holiwood Nights turned out to be a most attended ever, with reportedly between 900 and 1,000 people. It was nuts! Holiday World did a snap up job with operations, especially considering. It is impressive to see them constantly show up and knock it out of the park, even when things go horribly wrong. The coasters were running outstanding; each smoother than usual but still a couple quick/minor pot hole/kickers. I don't think I'll go to any more events during this pandemic (so that may mean a nix on my Knoebels PPP trip next month), but if I did it again, it would be
  4. Have we become complete wimps in this country? Good gosh this has gotten ridiculous. I cried the first time I rode a kiddie coaster - stuff is scary sometimes! Let em go! When I was 6 we waited in line for Space Mountain then didn't ride cuz I had a meltdown. There was no shortage of guests who will ride - same at Knoebels. PS - I rode that kiddie coaster (at Sauzer's Kiddieland in Indiana) and Space Mountain, FL later and loved them both.
  5. Say it! At 6'1", you'd think I'd get into most stuff. I don't know where I was last year - maybe a carnival - and I decided I'd get one of those caterpillar coaster credits. I'm not even sure the manufacturer, but I could barely get in sideways, with my knees sticking straight up. Forget about the lap bar. I sat there, decided it wasn't going to work (before attention was focused on me) then politely worked my way out of the seat and walked down the ramp.
  6. With the new mask mandate, my friend (from California) and I are second thinking about going to Holiwood Nights. I understand the mask mandate - and agree on rides and in small spaces. Personally, I'd rather not wear a mask at a park all day on midways and stuff, so I may not go. It's an adult decision and it will stink if I don't go, but following the rules and respecting others is more important. Crazy thought - I can race down to the park to get my ya-ya's out before the mandate goes in effect on Monday. I might just settle for Little A-merrick-A, which is much closer, but it's
  7. ^Thanks for the tip. I'm more likely going out of my way for a classic wild ride/water ride than a new big giga. It's got to the point where fun trumps credit count. Ah, to be over 40. Skyrides, wild slides, classic flats, classic coaster vehicles here I come! Fun beats bigger - I spent 3 days at Knoebels last year but only 5 hours at my local corporate park (on 2 visits). Gotta ride Whizzer
  8. Yes! 2nd to back is nearly as good, but with much less grind. Unless you like a couple doses of excellent classic real airtime haha. Rough yes, fun yes! Not many buzz bars left folks, enjoy em now. Tornado is a great opportunity to enjoy a classic-ish woodie with classic-ish trains (both rare now) that gives a sense of style and pacing in a design. Many coaster people would say "you mean it's slow here and there." Yes. And enjoyable for it. Variety folks! Thrill moments, scenic moments and setting, great views. If you like more than forces, Tornado is a great family ride
  9. That would be awesome, but it has to be an old school concrete trough slide, not one of these fancy new ones where your car is connected to the rails and it's actually safe. None of that nonsense, I want scraped elbows and the fear of actual bodily harm on my scenic slide down the mountain. Thank you Thank you Thank you! Some of my coaster friends are going wild over the newer Alpine Slide/coasters things - and I do like them, they're fun. But nothing compared to the old concrete ones. It seems we always would find those awesome concrete ones on coaster/road trips. Most gone now.
  10. Looks like Tayto park is getting a real push back from neighbors about new coasters being built. As much as I often think this is hogwash (dang, I wish city people spoke up about noise pollution - it's hell here in Chicago), I thought about how loud and shrill those Gravity Group trains are. Love their rides, like those guys, but those trains suck. Almost painfully loud to stand next to one of those; there's gotta be something they could do about those chassis. I hope they work it out, Tayto looks like a great park!
  11. ^&^^ indeed. Those ratchet bar trains, although standard these days, pretty much knocked a bunch of great wooden coasters off the radar in the 90s. They're heavier underneath and quickly tear up a track. Scream Machine was already in poor condition a few years ago with buzz bars, so it's down hill from here. Like every woodie that has had that change, you will begin to see extra "mid-bents" popping up in all the dips to try to handle the extra load. Contrary to what some think (who run parks and insurance, etc.), they are probably less safe than buzz bar trains. But the ride
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