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  1. FAKE! As said above the girl is lying there perfectly with no blood at first then it cuts to a new shot from a different angle and now theres blood. Clearly fake blood applied in between the shots. It's not the kind of thing you would use to advertise your park either is it, "Come to our park we have regular shootings."
  2. Woooooooooooop, I will be in that park, in about 3 days i think!!! Where will you guys be in 3 days?
  3. ^ Have you got any pics of the water bombs working? Well if it was Media day today we should see some good videos soon! Also this would probably be the day that they would film an official POV so shouldn't be too long till we see that appear on the website! They did say they planned to film one this week or soonish.
  4. Should be soon, they said they would release a PointCast showcasing the ride in the next week or so. Don't know if anyone will get an unofficial POV before then though. How strict are they about taking cameras on rides?
  5. Thanks for the links! You are going at pretty much exactly the same time as me, except I am hitting some parks in Madrid first then coming down to Salou on the 6th. The ride had better be open by then, it should be, it's supposed to be opening in June.
  6. Those nets don't look great but they serve a purpose and if we are lucky we may see some sort of themeing added to them soon, fingers crossed.
  7. If you look at a picture of the station the track is almost level with the station platform this shows that there will be no rising floor and the seats will just hang above the station platform. It also suggests that the gaps in the barrels will line up with the platform and so people will just walk across these gaps to get to the seats on the far side.
  8. Wow that last pic is interesting, shows how much work they still have left to do! The park said the ride would be open in May which is only 6 days away! I think it's highly likely we will not see this ride open untill at least June.
  9. Well an animatronic would have been good, but unfortunately no, they are just stationary dummies that get lit up as you stop in the brake run. Here is a pic, its not amazingly clear though.
  10. Well they didn't just add lights, but not too much else really. *SPOILER* Don't read if you want it to be a suprise! - They filmed a new low-budget video which should play on the queline TVs but it seems they are always turned off! This film explains the history of the X research centre and helps to give the ride a bit more of a point. - They added new red and blue lights all along the que line as you can see in the pic. They also added some red blue and green lights that light flash on and off as you go up the lift hill. - They have recorded a new audio set for the ride including audio clips which are played in the que and also some for when the train is stopped in the brakes throughout the ride. - On one of the brake runs they have added some dummies which light up just as you stop in the brake run. - Lastly, they have moved the control booth to the other side so the ride op can see both the load and unload platforms. The improvements were all made by the ride team themselves and on a low budget they have done a pretty good job but the ride still isn't amazing or anything special at all really.
  11. They have so much left to do! I agree it doesn't look like it will be opening on time. Hopefully should be open for the 1st week of July when I go though!! It wouldn't be as bad for me if it's closed though as I am going to two other parks I have never been to, will be very dissapointing though. I mean it's half way through the season it's gotta be finished by then!
  12. ^ Yeh it does seem they still have so much to do! As long as it is open for when I go at the beginning of July I don't really mind that much. Does anyone know if they have done a pullthrough yet?
  13. Could still be launched, could be a launched Vekoma like Rock 'n' Roller Coaster!
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