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  1. is it possible to see them also on a website because here we c'ant see it on tv.
  2. That is a huge ride. Looks very good and hope to see an onride.
  3. We are shure that it is gonna be a great trip. I try to meet the group mostof the time when they come to the Netherlands or Belgium. Who knows we meet than. The Mini-Europe trip was awsome.
  4. Thank you all for the responses. We will sleep in Hotel Edison on the corner o Time Square. We hope that is not far from the central station and Penn Station.
  5. We are planning a trip to New York and Orlando for the Themeparks. We know the parks in Orlando because it will be mine 3th trip to Orlando. Witch parks do we have to do in New York ? Whe have heard about a 2 busses drive to Sixflag Great Adventure because the other bus is to late at the park. Is this corect ? Whe have in Orlando 2 weeks a car but in New York we have to depend on the busses and trains. If you have more tips about New York like big toy shop or else please let me know. Thx in advance and sory for my english
  6. Very nice pictures. You make very good pictures. Hanno, if you come to Belgium let me know than if its possible
  7. Wow, Its an amazing trip report. I hope to go one time to Japan.
  8. The first POV's are as you see not so good. The brakes are better now and the ride is very good now.
  9. The chain on a maurer attraction is always a little bit of.
  10. That are fire efects but than are the coastertrains empty.
  11. It is a verry good coaster. If you dit winjas fear in Phantasialand than this is a little bit the same.
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