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  1. Quick Maxx Force update: I went to Six Flags yesterday for a few hours and MF was consistently launching in the neighborhood of 110 seconds. Although they were not being used for the most part, all of the new queue line addition is finished AND 4 out of six overhead sun shelter screens have been installed as well as a second large misting fan. Also, yesterday was exactly 40 years to the day that I first set foot in (what was then) Marriott's Great America. The new attraction for '79 was Fort Fun, the large children's playhouse where the Go Kart track is now. Tidal Wave was only a ye
  2. I don't Tweet so this will have to do...at SFGAM right now in line for Maxx Force. Big improvement this week with launches averaging every 105-110 seconds. The line is only 80% as long as last Tues, but moving almost 3x quicker. Got my first ride after a 32 min wait. Let's hope the trend continues.
  3. Ok,thanks! I thought it was a powering up number for the ride, but it makes sense that it is actually a cooling down reference to the LIMs.
  4. Thanks for the feedback^, however I think this number may be something different in this case. I am pretty familiar with the usual, "check 53, or cycle 31," banter, but after they say "120, or 115,... e.t.c, there is no additional rechecking of any restraints. Usually the number they say is followed by "clear to launch". I was thinking it has something to do with the ride itself being 'powered up' and ready to go...
  5. The only Intamin Impulse I have ever ridden is V2 at Six Flags Great America. I love this ride in the back of the train simply for the free fall sensation (especially since they stopped using the back tower brakes on the 2nd climb-out). However when in line, the operators will talk over the intercom prior to launch, but after safety restraints are checked and secure, and they say something that sounds like “115” or “150”, or some other ambiguous number...what is that?
  6. So, as far as Maxx Force is concerned, here is my report from riding it today. I was not there when the park opened, but I got in line as soon as I entered the park. The quoted wait time was 90 min and pretty accurate as I got on it in 84 min. That being said, I am not sure what the theoretical throughput of the ride is stated as delivering, but it was never quicker than close to 3 min between launches. At that rate, with full trains, that’s about 320 guests/hour. For today anyway. Half of the queue line switchbacks are not completed yet but are on the way. Today was about 84 with
  7. Take 294. There may be a slowdown in the area around O'Hare airport, but for the most part it is generally painless. Unless you are going on the weekend it is usually pretty fast. Another bonus is that there are 4 rest stop oasis areas between the IL state line and Great America and on I-90/94 there are none until it merges back with 294 in northern Illinois.
  8. There is a pretty good collection of pics in the book Riverview:Gone but not forgotten.. by Chuck Wlodarczyk on amazon and possibly EBay.
  9. I think this ride looks like a great addition to the park’s lineup, however, I think that the name of it is pretty C-...just saying...
  10. Got to ride “Mardi Gras Hangover” this past Tuesday, although I had to buy the T-Shirt to do so. Strangely enough I don’t think there were more than 40 people who chose to do so...I was expecting more of a crowd. The ride is a blast and the hang time is pretty insane! And the ride is long enough to feel like you feel that you have actually ridden something more than a tease. And it “feels” faster than it probably is. That being said, here are a couple caveats: The ride still has some bugs to work out, mainly the train repeatedly did not line up with what the operating controls
  11. I was appalled when they covered up the train station in Hometown Square.....glad it's looking like it did when I was a kid!
  12. Yeah, hey everyone with the Indiana Bashing because of a mis-worded new law which is going to be re-written to sound much nicer and compatible with all the other states that have this law (we are number 19) .....we the people living here were not given a memo by the Gov to start discriminating effective immediately.....Really, C'mon, the same peeps you have dealt with here are still the same peeps you are gonna get when you see us again....it would be in no one's best interest to be otherwise. We have not gone wicked and weird since the last time you have been here....no one is wearing a "I c
  13. This may be a rant.... I am "all" for themed rides, HOWEVER..... Not all themed rides have to tie in with movies or sports teams or personalities etc...etc... My home park SFGA was the first to introduce "Batman, The Ride" for a B&M creation....and don't get me wrong, it was a really cool concept....did I need to see the movie or be a Graphic Novel Enthusiast for me to enjoy the ride?... no! I just needed to like roller coasters...and I do. All the tie ins were just fluff for a good ride....but I didn't get in line going, "Oh wow, I am going to soar and twist like the Bat Man
  14. How many trains are going to be on the track? If I have seen this anywhere I have forgotten about it, there has to be at least 3 trains to keep two on the circuit, and one to join the one that's leaving the racing portion, but it it 3 or 4 trains.....I didn't see an answer at RCDB either..... Just curious, thanx!
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