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  1. I was there yesterday for the first time since masks being required. Much more people wearing them, but of course there’s still those who choose to see how much they can get away with. The adults working there have no problem enforcing the policies. The 14-18 year old range that work there are a mixed bag. Unfortunately they’re in the awkward position of trying to make adults much older than them wear masks and socially distance. Some of them try and some of them shy away afraid they’re gonna yelled at or just don’t care. I do wanna give HW kudos to how they’ve handled and treated their s
  2. I know the reasons why they didn’t mandate masks at the park. Those are they weren’t required required by the state at the time, the majority of their patrons are stubborn/kinda ignorant ( I’ll show you what I mean later) and they don’t have the staffing numbers to actually enforce it. With that said, it would have been easier to take the precaution even tho it wasn’t required by the state and enforce it from the beginning of the season instead of waiting until it was mandated and having to change your policies and signage in the park again. I always where mine in the dry park and I’m loo
  3. I do too, but the majority of people who go to HW don’t really care for it from what I can tell outside of enthusiasts and the season pass holders who frequent the park and understand how it works. If they advertise it as a skip the line or fast pass option, people will be more receptive of it IMO.
  4. I’m sure they had some type of new ride planned, but it’s probably been pushed back a year or two now. HW is a very financially well ran park. My guess would be that the capital investment budget for 2021 was mostly set prior to COVID-19, but they’ve probably now allocated that money to purchasing the virtual queuing system and having that money to fall back on for this year if they operate at a loss this season (which is very likely they will). Honestly, if things return to normal next season, I think it might be smart of them to take this virtual queuing system and turn it into a upgrade to
  5. They board by the group. There are no single riders or boarding 2 separate groups in the same raft. In the dry park, your seated by the group on the coasters and then they separate the groups by a row. Thunderbird is the only ride running at full capacity because each row is at least 6 feet apart. The only thing different they do would be not allowing single riders to ride together in the same row. They also assign seats at each coaster. Boarding by groups is how they do it on all their attractions and then they socially distance you from the other groups. Honestly I like their way how they’re
  6. Waterpark was less crowded yesterday. Longest wait was 30 mins for Cheetah Chase. Mammoth and Wildebeest were both 15 mins. There’s enough room in the lines to social distance as long as other people are trying to do so as well. I found that if you make it known you’re trying to social distance, people tend to respect that and give you your space for the most part. There was enough room in the wave pool and lazy river to social distance. My group floated in the lazy river with 2 extra rafts to help distance are selfs from other people when we felt like we were getting too close. We made sure t
  7. Was at the park today, again. For the park, I’m really glad to see attendance up. They’re really getting good at operating with the procedures they have in place. Security checks and admissions moves much faster today. Waterpark is fully operational outside of Kima Bay. Staffing is still an issue. Not all Food Stands are open. Raven and Legend only running with one train and two person crews. My gut feeling is there won’t be two train operation on either ride all year. Really took advantage of inline reservation today. Grabbed some fudge and sat in air conditioning while waiting for The
  8. While I was at guest relations Saturday, I witnessed a family of like 4 or 5 walk right through the middle of a line of people without saying excuse me or anything. Some girl in the line said something to them and told them they’re supposed to be social distancing and the mom of the group turned around and told the girl who said something to “shut the hell up about that nonsense”. On another note, if you do go on a Saturday, get there early before opening. It’s not a free for all at the front gate and security anymore. They only let one group at a time at each metal detector and admission
  9. I was there on the 4th of July. Easily the busiest day they've had since they opened. There was around 15,000 people there. They didn't use virtual queues in the waterpark. They do plan on using it on the major water attractions soon. They're trying their best to encourage guests to social distance, but no one listens or cares. They're having trouble staffing the park. Raven and Legend only have enough staff for one train ops. They're still hiring and training lifeguards. 4 of their water attractions were closed. They were using the lazy river to train staff most of the day, but it did open la
  10. HW has officially canceled their Halloween event and will be closing at the end of September.
  11. Part of the reason the waterpark isn’t open yet. They have to figure out how they’re going to operate the attractions.
  12. I had the pleasure of attending the Platinum Season Pass Preview day at Holiday World this past Sunday. A couple of things to note before I get this trip report started. Indiana has a pretty aggressive plan to reopen their economy and are pretty lax on their social distancing guidelines and masks. The state just entered phase 4 of reopening and wearing masks is not a requirement anymore. Therefore, Holiday World does NOT require a mask to attend, but they're strongly encouraging their guests to wear one. They're requiring all of their staff members to wear one. As of now, Holiday World will b
  13. It's not supposed to be a reservation system. HW doesn't do reservations for rides. It's a virtual queue that's being treated like a real line. You wouldn't be able to leave the real line to go ride another ride. They're trying to keep things as normal as possible. So find a bench, enjoy unlimited free soft drinks and wait your turn. It's only being used for the dry park. They only have 4 coasters and couple of decent flats. They'll be operating at 50% capacity. Waiting really shouldn't be an issue if Thunderbird and Voyage run 2 trains. On a side note, I'm guessing ride ops at HW will no
  14. The park is now hiring 250 more employee's on top of the 2000 they've already hired to help with the virtual queue system and new cleaning and sanitation procedures they've implemented. https://www.wdrb.com/news/holiday-world-hiring-250-extra-workers-as-park-prepares-for-june-opening/article_58f2d664-9aa7-11ea-a6be-130966dfc170.html
  15. ^ Probably not giving a date until they know for sure that the states plans aren't going to change and when they know Voyage's trains will finally be delivered from PTC.
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