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  1. I rarely post on here but I always check out the TR and such. After seeing yours I just had to post and say that was an awesome TR. The thing I liked the most is that you are a Wildcat fan just like me! When I saw your picture of it and it said "hi Joe" on it it made me feel special, even though I know it wasn't towards me still makes me feel special.
  2. So I got really bored today and decided to take a look back at people trips to cedar point and youll never guess what I found... http://www.negative-g.com/CedarPoint/CP2000/CP2000-6.html http://www.negative-g.com/CedarPoint/CP2000/CP2000-10.html sorry Robb I thought those pics were too great to keep to myself!!!
  3. You would be suprised how many of them actually come visit cedar point in their free time. Atleast once a year a group of them will show up to cedar point for the day to come ride so I guess I dont see it as being odd at all.
  4. I just wanna say happy birthday to canobie Fan. Also I wanted to say thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I some how made it through my 21 but just barely!
  5. Thanks Robb, thought I should say thanks now cuz I prob wont be able to do much in a few hours!
  6. As some of you may or may not of seen on the calendar I turn 21 in 2 days. So being an american I am going to the bars to celebrate being legal! Anyway I was wondering what is your favorite beer. I wanna try some new stuff when I go out for my 21st and I want to know what you think is the best.
  7. Hi I'm Joe. I work at cedar point in the summer. I've been checking tpr for a while now and I must say Robb makes the best coaster videos I have ever seen. Also I found one you did of Cedar Point that was amazing!
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