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  1. Good grief man! Think of what you're missing out on! http://rcdb.com/ig2530.htm?picture=4 You need to get it ridden and take some intense POV footage.
  2. I'd seen pictures of that as it was being built. Looks like a pretty nice ride. Pity it's at the wrong end of the country for me. Oh well, I'll just have to DL the POV and pretend...
  3. So, say you're desperate for some coaster ridin' fun. What's the closest ride to where you live, as the crow flies. Let's discuss the big coasters, not kiddie/family coasters. Mine is this bad boy! About 20 miles / half-an-hour's drive away. The Runaway Mine Train http://rcdb.com/id3259.htm Beat that, thrill seekers! Erm... Look at that for a ride! Dare you board the RUNAWAY MINE TRAIN!!! In the background you can just make out poor old Bug Run where it's been put out to pasture. Eat up that grass little catterpillar guy - you'll soon be a beautiful butterfly! [Picture
  4. Thanks! I didn't use FRAPS though (I only have the demo version and it doesn't allow movies longer than 30 seconds), I used the built-in video recorder function in RCT3 which, although it takes ages to make the movie, produces very nice results. I'll try the WMP thing.
  5. Here's a video of a new wooden coaster I built in RCT3. The ride runs faster on the video than in the game (it's not THAT intense, honestly!). It's full of twists, turns, hills and headcutters. Hope you like it. http://www.fishyfish.net/rct/Gigantor_video.wmv (approx 10Mb)
  6. Thanks. I did a search but seem to have typed "vredit" by mistake. No wonder it didn't find anything, eh? I put it down to too little sleep...
  7. I notice lots of people on here referring to the 'credits' they've gotten. What do you count as a credit? e.g. Do log flumes count etc? Just curious y'see...
  8. Erm... Just 17 (I think - there may be more kiddie coasters that I've ridden but forgotten). So few that I can even list them: Log Coaster - Gullivers Kingdom (Kiddie) Buffalo Stampede - American Adventure (Kiddie) Runaway Train - American Adventure (powered mine train) Roller Coaster - Cleethorpes (Kiddie) Runaway Train - Mablethorpe (kiddie) Dragon Coaster - Flamingo Land (Kiddie) Corkscrew - Flamingo Land Wild Mouse - Flamingo Land Bullet - Flamingo Land Avalanche - Blackpool Pleasure Beach Big Dipper - Blackpool Pleasure Beach Grand National - Blackpool Pleasure Beach Irn-Bru Revolution - Blackpool Pleasure Beach Pepsi Max Big One - Blackpool Pleasure Beach Roller Coaster - Blackpool Pleasure Beach Wild Mouse - Blackpool Pleasure Beach Valhalla - Blackpool Pleasure Beach (Dark Ride / Flume) So many left to ride...
  9. I saw a rumour on some site or other that Flamingo Land was going to be getting a wooden coaster too but I've yet to see anything to confirm it.
  10. Yeah, queue's were all relatively painless 5 or 10 minute waits most of the time. The only exceptions being PMBO, Valhalla, and the Nash (although the Nash was only about 15 mins or so). I WILL get those missing coasters, don't you worry!
  11. Nice! Now that I've popped my coaster cherry, Thorpe Park (along with Alton Towers) is on my 'to do' list. Plus, having seen that they're getting a Gerstlauer Eurofighter coaster, like the one at Bobbejaanland, to keep Megafobia company next year, Oakwood looks like it might be worth the lengthy drive too. One of the few good things about getting into this lark at my age is that EVERYTHING is new to me!
  12. Yeah, I would've liked to get that one - it is pretty unique. Still, there's always next time, and I don't suppose it'll be going anytime soon. Maybe I can coincide my next visit with TPR's UK trip. Thanks for all the kind compliments on my trip report folks. I still have a few piccies I might post, including the on ride shot from PMBO (featuring yours truly looking uncannily like Uncle Fester, and Daniel having "The Fear" plastered across his mug ).
  13. Yeah, it does seem to lose a lot of it's oomph after the turnaround (and those brakes kill it). I wonder if it would've been better to build a design that, instead of turning around above the Nash station, instead carried on around the edge of the park? Without the u-turn it would probably be able to keep up it's speed and have some nice interplay with the Nash too as it carries on around. Wild Mouse was absolutely fantastic! Best laugh I've had in ages! I guess they don't build 'em like that anymore.
  14. Didn't notice to be honest - it's been so long since I went to the PB that I forgot where it is (isn't it over near Vikingar somewhere?) Because we went with the twins (who aren't two yet and were in their pushchair), I didn't get the freedom to wander around that I'd have liked. Sorry to be no help.
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