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  1. One could only hope. Kentucky Kingdom's lineup would be drastically improved by replacing T3 with a similar-sized custom B&M invert. With that said...Herschend already has another Vekoma SLC in the chain. So I won't get my hopes up.
  2. Something about walking into Liseberg feels truly magical. Of all the parks on the trip, this is the one that I legitimately can't WAIT to visit again. To me, it kind of feels like the (urban) Silver Dollar City of Europe. What it lacks in quantity, it absolutely makes up for in quality. It's collection of rides is definitely world-class. With that being said, Helix did leave me disappointed. While the layout and setting are spectacular, the train rattled and vibrated like crazy on every one of my 6-8 rides. Also, the lapbar tightens to an uncomfortable point throughout the ride. However,
  3. I was riding with friends back to work at Cedar Point from Canada's Wonderland/Niagara Falls in 2013. We passed right by Martin's Fantasy Island and I asked the driver if we could stop for a hot sec so I could ride Silver Comet. But everyone was exhausted from the trip so they turned me down. In hindsight, I should've knocked a b*tch out and gotten my credit. Along the same lines, I lived 2.5 hours from Waldameer for 3 summers and didn't take the day trip to ride Ravine Flyer II. Now I live in Los Angeles...when am I ever going to get Erie, Pennsylvania?
  4. I was hoping the same. That double pop of strong airtime at the top of the mountain was pretty spectacular.
  5. I have El Toro as my #1 and SkyRush as my #2, so count me happy with this year’s results! Some lists I’d love to see: -Ranking of Mine Train Coasters -Ranking of B&M mega coasters (or maybe all “mega” coasters?) -Ranking of B&M inverts -Ranking of GCI’s -Ranking of all remaining Arrows -Parks with the best average coaster ranking -Top 10 coasters by continent -Ranking of all Disney & Universal coasters -Top 10 coasters in each major chain -Top 10 coasters built in each decade
  6. I find it funny that the only other coaster I can think of with this kind of one-tone green paint scheme is Anaconda at Gold Reef City, the only remaining inverted coaster in South Africa now that the Ratanga Junction SLC has been moved to this park.
  7. I'd be super shocked if it doesn't receive a Joker theme. I have no legit evidence of this, it's just a super hot/perpetually popular character that Magic Mountain hasn't taken advantage of yet.
  8. This looks utterly fantastic. Hopefully it'll be super whippy with how the next largest element is only half as tall as the first drop! My nerd is showing (per usual) but that upward transition into the tight helix has me
  9. ^Which is why I booked nonrefundable hotel rooms for this weekend. Dammit. lol
  10. It's sad how hard the midcourse brake grabs on Mamba. Like you said, the first half is a lot of fun and the second half is a total bore. It barely limps back to the station. Cyclone Sam's being closed was one of the bigger disappointments of my Midwest trip last summer. I love indoor flats! (Lightning Rod was also closed, but...that wasn't much of a surprise). Love that photo of Prowler, even if it is from 2018! And I totally agree on both sentiments that Patriot is the weakest B&M invert and also that it has 2 of the best airtime moments on any of them.
  11. This theme is amazing. Can Wild Adventures get a copy? Fingers crossed it's not the SBF model. The one at Energylandia is nap-inducing.
  12. You mean you didn't intuitively walk through the Dinosaurs Alive gift shop to find Grizzly's unmarked entrance? Was that not obvious??
  13. I agree that while my feelings about Kings Dominion have deflated more than expected after the removal of Volcano, it still has a relatively solid lineup. Of course, I'm a Grizzly (at night) and Flight of Fear stan, and I think the Italian Job/Backlot coasters are underrated, so my opinion may not be the majority. With that said, as the wonderful Busch Gardens Williamsburg continues to expand with unique and exciting additions, I'm a bit worried about whether KD will be able to keep up. And I do not think the weakest-looking-B&M-wing-coaster-ever would do it. And while Six Flags
  14. The obvious answer is Energylandia. But, besides that, which large, coaster-heavy park do you think has the worst/most mediocre collection of coasters? I’d have to go with Six Flags Great America or Six Flags Over Texas. SFOT has 13/14 coasters, with only 3 or 4 real standouts. For me, they are New Texas Giant, Shockwave, Runaway Mountain, and Mr. Freeze. Some may consider Titan a standout, but I personally think it’s the dullest form of hyper (along with Goliath at SFMM). Six Flags Great America has 15 coasters, mostly clones, with a similar amount of standouts. And as fun as Raging
  15. Seems to be a very inconsistent team because when I called 2 weeks ago I got on the phone with someone in about 30 seconds. Lol (And they were super helpful!)
  16. I would've thought they'd go with the Funtime version to have a ride that actually works.
  17. My sample size is smaller with about 6 rides over 2 days in 2020, but I would say relative to how it used to run, it's quite rough. My two friends who had never ridden a topper track RMC (only I-Box) were surprised at how bumpy it was in the back row. And no, I'm not confusing roughness with intensity. There are many noticeable potholes, shuffling, and a few jackhammer-ish spots. It's aging considerably differently than the I-Box coasters. With that being said, it's probably still the 2nd best night ride anywhere.
  18. There are only a few (heavily rumored) examples I can think of off the top of my head, such as: Two Vekoma Flying Dutchmen being intended for Kings Island and Kings Dominion, only for Paramount to dump them onto Six Flags after the issues with Stealth DCA's Rockin' Rollercoaster being canceled last minute and picked up by Six Flags Holland The only example I can think of that can be verified is the last minute switch of Chang being moved to Six Flags Great Adventure instead of Six Flags Great America... of course, being a relocation, this is kind of a different situation.
  19. Thank you for sharing this recounting of your night in Krakow that looked exactly like mine... Actually though, I was shocked at how beautiful Krakow was, and Poland in general. I'd definitely like to visit again in a few years, politics (and roller coaster additions) pending. Big thanks again to Elissa for all the work she put into getting us to Sweden! And also to my deadbeat grandpa who gave me the last name that got me into Group 1.
  20. Thanks for the report! I love strawberries. But... Lame. Just because I almost killed KidTums on one (okay, two) of these in Europe doesn't mean adults shouldn't be allowed to play!
  21. The train station was definitely a mess last summer, even on a day with moderately light crowds. Of course things were being handled a bit differently due to covid procedures, but the station was cramped and unorganized and the line extended way out into the midway and up the hill, causing lots of congestion and confusion. All of this to say... I revamped train station would definitely be welcomed.
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