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  1. What park do you think has the BEST S:ROS?
  2. What do you think will be better? SkeiKra or Griffon? I vote Griffon, because the seats will be Floorless, and that will be a cool experience!
  3. The VMAs were pretty good this year. Good performances, and had alot of humor in it. What more can you ask?
  4. I've never rode a Zipper, because i hear all those awful stories about people falling out, and i don't think carnivals have the safest rides!
  5. That's the thing i like about when i rains at amusment parks, not alot of people are there, but of course, some rides will be closed.
  6. Yeah, i don't have NL either, so please post pictures. That would really help!
  7. At first, i thought Robb's name was Rob Balvey... I'm serious...
  8. How could you hate Chris Rock?! I know his voice can be VERY annoying, but admit he's funny now!
  9. I don't know if go, dog, go is a Seuss story. If not, you gotta love Green Eggs and Ham!
  10. How did you get the logo? Did you customize it, or is it already a logo? If you customized the logo, please send a URL of where you got it, cause i wanted to always customize a logo!
  11. Hey guys, I was wondering how to get the lift hill. The coasters look as much realistic without the lift hill (duh!). So, please send a URL, or whatever helps. Thanks!
  12. The Bon-Bon Land video works, it's just that the screen of the video is small
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