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  1. Haven't been for years and it doesn't look like I will be going this year either. Even the "new" mascotes will not be able to convince me. I'll be going to the Efteling instead. They understand that you can only get repeat visits when you invest in new things and as long as Walibi isn't showing me something "new", I will not go.
  2. Great report! thank you. Looking forwards to riding it but will have to wait until end of year.
  3. Count me in on that. That's $200 already! Are we near what we need? I'm sure there are more people on the board with a $100 investment.
  4. When will Theme Park Review open... their Theme Park We got the site, the trips and the club... but when is Theme Park Review going to open their own theme park! Now that would be an instant success! Ok! I'm only goofing around, but still, imagine! Wouldn't it be a park full of the best rides? And donkeys of course! I wonder what would be in a Theme Park Review park and what would be the name of the park!
  5. I had to pick no for other reasons, Region code!!! USA code and Europe code don't mix. Although I have region free DVD players, I only have 1 blu ray player and it's Europe coded... But I am sure enough US and region free player owners will vote YES.
  6. I am a Member!!!!! Paid for me and my son... Now run to the post office and mail me that card and DVD... go on...
  7. It might be said before (but I am to lazy to search.) Will there be a special price for second members on the same address? As in; I'll get a card, but I'll need one for my son too...
  8. October, always good. pick a weekday and go to HHN in US afterwards.... I did that once and could walk on most rides without queues and enjoy the horrors afterwards...
  9. Not been posting a lot but I am still here... so sign me up (on my birthday month)... I know you said can't choose the number, but I'll pay some extra for the number I want
  10. Great collection! Love it... Most people think I am crazy with my Disneyland Paris (and Other Disney Parks) Paper collection. I'm just happy I am not alone... (and my collection isn't that big)... Keep more stuff coming
  11. I'm back... Been a while since I posted here (still reading though), but with the hack and the PW change I thought it was a good idea to add something here... As such, I added something here
  12. Third one, opening scene AWEFULL! However I thought the second movies opening scene on the motorway was awesome. I hope they'll go back to that kind of horror and not like part 3. On the other hand, it can't be any worst then 3.. could it?
  13. I didn't see this movie on here yet. Nothing special, just a close up behind the TNA studios of the coaster (at 0:50)
  14. Disneyland Paris is beautiful and if you like Disney should not be missed. I have so been so many times already Istopped counting my visit when I reach 100 and I still can't get enough of it. But then I am a Disney (park) addict as you might see in my signature...
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