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  1. Talk about stupid, overly simple rides that are completely amazing. Very good news in deed, I can't go to Knott's and not ride Monte 20 times or more!
  2. I believe I rode it last in 2010, and it didn't really bother me. But then again I am 6' 5" so certain rides are smoother for me because of the way I fit, and it wasn't that bad. not perfect but nothing that I would consider terrible.
  3. I don't think the ride really needs to switch out the restraints. Yah the lap-bar only ones on other premier rides are great but Speed was also probably the smoothest of that style ride and not to mention the transitions flowed more than jerked on other ones. It would be nice but honestly it was such a solid coaster with them on with minimal headbanging that I don't see why it'd be necessary
  4. It looks like i am going to be able to go to kings island tomorrow and am wondering what I should really be prepared for. It is going to be hot, and storms are starting to brew west of it but the weather shows it to be mostly clear. What types of lines should I expect for the major rides? Thanks so much!
  5. 13/20 this is the first I've tried. I thought that was a fine score since I'm not familar with parks that have been closed up to 30 years before I was born....
  6. More Pictures! Boss Really is a great looking coaster, and it spreads over so much land. If they got rid of the god Awful, plastic G-Trains then it would be such a great ride. Dropping into the second half. If I were to rate this coaster. I'd give the first half a solid 9, and the second half would proably get about a 7 or 7.5. On The Boss, This part was the only really bad part, it is an awesome helix, but it was rather rough. Those last hills are great, not as awesome asthe Ozark finale, but still they are great! Has anyone else noticed that this ride is almost identical to Thunderbird at Power Park? I was looking at GCI pics and noticed the uncanny resemblence, didn't even realize it. The second drop also gives you a nice bit of airtime. Their really is airtime everywhere on this ride! The first drop may not look like a whole lot, but in the back you get some surprising airtime (at least to me) I just saw the drop and wasn't expecting any, and their actually was quite a bit! We spun like absolute hell. While I've been on a Gerstlauer, Maurer Söhne, and Zamperla spinning mouse ride, I think this and the Zamperla style are more fun. This one was a blast but the line is really slow moving, just like all mouse rides.
  7. Well Yesterday I took My nephew to Six Flags St. Louis. I had been there twice before (2001 and 2003) but since they had no new major rides since then, and in general the coasters were only OK I opted to spend time at HW or Indiana Beach while I visited Terre Haute, IN for my family. Well It started out as a low 60s, misty drizzly day. If it was a little warmer, it would be premium amusement park weather in my opinion. I figured since school wasn't out for St. Louis it would be a perfect day for the park and it was, except for the about 1000 middle school and highschool kids at the park. Oh well the longest line of the day was Screamin Eagle (Really slow loading, and only 1 train made line about 35 min). First up was Boss. In 2003 I rode it twice I believe In the very back, and maybe once in the very front, both rides were really rough with tons of shuffling, which distressed me because I believe that with a decent train The Boss would be a superb ride. So this time around we rode in the very front because I figured "well its not a wheel seat, and fronts are normally smoother. It was lightly misting, which I was hoping would make it run better also but was extremely worried. So we were off. HOLY SH*T It actually completely rocked! I was floored I got off and turned to my nephew and said "That was really good!" The beginning on this coaster is really second to none with a lot of airtime on the double down, as well as the hop before the second hill. Their was also lots of laterals, but were very smooth. Everything was smooth sailing except for the helix which jackhammered and shuffled its way all the way through it. I noticed that it looked like most of the top 2 layers of the track seemed new. While the airtime has nothing on the Voyage or Raven, there was smooth airtime throughout all though the last set of a couple of hills I found a tad slow but we were sitting up front. In general I as basically blown away, I heard a lot of complaints from people so I suspect the further back the worse you are, and being on wheel seats I'm sure won't help, but in general it was pretty freaking great! Next we went to Tony Hawks Big Spin, and the line was about 20-25 minutes not bad. We both sat on the same side so it spun like a madman, and was in general a blast, but on the ramp we both bumped our heads pretty bad. It was fun and very reridable but with a shorter line. We rode Screamin' Eagle in the Second to front car, and after waiting about 30-40 minutes I was really disappointed. I find that Screamin' Eagle can be really temperamental, it can be great, or it can suck. This time it was the later, not much airtime at all from a coaster that can have some great airtime. Would have liked to ride in the back again but didn't want to wait. And Finally, after waiting so long We headed to Evel Knievel. Now I love Ozark Wildcat, find it to be one of my all time faves, and a love Kentucky Rumbler also, all though not as much as OW. Now I have never been a huge fan of Thunderhead even though even loves it, I just don't get it. I still like it a lot, but not as much as Rumbler and Wildcat. So I was hoping that Evel would be one that I really liked. And I did! I would consider Evel Knievel to be the best ride in the park, although It rides like any normal GCI which is very smooth and controlled, but seems to lack that wooden coaster personality of being a runaway freight train. That is a backwards compliment though which normally means with a GCI, at least to me, they are always good but are never spectacular, the just don't have that out of control, rip it from the tracks ride that I like. Having vented that little frustration, Evel Knievel is a great coaster. It isn't quite as good to me as OW or KR, but it also has the most airtime out of the GCI's I've ridden. I liked the layout a lot, and HOLY CRAP! You actually get some really good airtime on the first drop in the back! Something I thought was impossible on a GCI until now. This is a great, great wooden coaster that is a better fit for a smaller park because it is in a kind of obscure area and the general public isn't as enthused with it. What can I say, the big looming Boss just grabs peoples attention. We went to the waterpark, froze our asses off, but rerode everything multiple times. Then we came back and rerode the Boss up front. Yep It still kicked ass. I'm still shocked 24 hours later because it had been so bad the last time. My nephew is only 12 so he was afraid of loops, but decided he wanted to try Ninja to which I replied "the loops happen really quick so you barely even notice they happen." Well at the midcourse brake I turned to him and said "I didn't say it was a GOOD looping coaster" And its not. He wanted to ride Batman after conquering Ninja (or getting the crap beat out of you if you want' to call it that). Batman rocked as the almost always do. He loved it so woo hoo! Then he decided to ride Mr. Freeze, which I knew was the only one I really questioned if he could take it since it is rather intense. Well he chickened out right while we were hopping on the train, but I ended up riding. It was awesome, like always. Which leads me to the question: When did SFSTL actually become an awesome Six Flags park?!? I have never been terribly impressed but this time I was, aside from the Screamin' Eagles operations everything ran really smoothly with almost no stacking anywhere! Bravo! More pictures later! Somehow after this turnaround in front of the station they manage to get some airtime in the back! Though airtime on GCIs are never what I'd call strong, they always find creative areas to place it. It isn't quite as good as Ozark Wildcat or Kentucky Rumbler, but it is pretty damn awesome! A low to the ground, fast turn with a lot of lats! All the red circles are where, somehow, the guys at GCI are able to shoehorn airtime into the ride! (thank you to Martin Valt where I got this picture) This coaster doesn't deserve any better picture.... Yay Heartline! Always fun on Batmans! I thin kthat the Mr. Freeze entrance is actually one of the coolest entrances out their. The line is incredibly dull, and they didn't have the split station going (non of my SFSTL trips have), but the actual mouth of the entraince is neat. It is hands down from a distance one of the weirdest looking roller coasters, but man it really is an awesome ride! Both this and the mirror twin in Texas are complete blasts! Go Ride them! Going through this backwards is a real trip! Anyone remember this ride when it had the OTSR? Yah neither do I because it beat me so bad I blocked it out! I don't find vertical return towers all that thrilling, but this one scores points for the mid tower LIMS which make it a hell of a hole lot more entertaining!
  8. So I am FINALLY getting to go back east to only one park (planned so far). Anyways the day I will be going is either Mon June 8th or Tue Jun 9th. I will be getting their before the park opens, and staying till the very end but I was wondering what to expect. In this time frame should I expect the park to be SUPER busy to where I need to just say heck with it and fork over the $120 for a 2 person Gold Q-Bot, or will the crowds possibly be minimal so I don't even have to worry about a Q-bot? Also What are the money seats on the on El Toro and Nitro, in case I can only get one ride (god forbid). Thanks for the help!
  9. Such a great video! Highly entertaining and the Kentucky Rumbler is a great coaster, my second fav GCI behind Ozark Wildcat. Though that stupid pinfari looping coaster is a hot death trap, bout killed me.
  10. Too bad its not in the US, and too bad I can't go on the China trip, that looks like a great coaster .
  11. Cyclops at Mt. Olympus., is my wood vote, because that drop is just amazing! And not to mention it has 2 other moments of GREAT airtime also! Wildfire is my steel vote. Something about this coaster is just awesome. It has good forces, has a great first drop, and has one of the best settings ever!
  12. Well that sucs, oh well what I'll just do is plan on spending $130 for the fast pass when my friend and I go in July, with 1 ride on X each and the gold pass. Only one other time have I bought into the Qbot and it was completely worth it! $10 is worth it to me not to stand in a 3-4 hour line, because I draw the line at 2 hours.
  13. Well I hate to say, but yeah a lot of your rides actually do, Roller Coaster has a big enough station (where the ride ops were ridiculously rude, that I actually walked away and did not come back for hours). I'm not asking for sorted and numbered cubby holes, simple Deja Vu 4'x2' boxes would completely work. The whole sky ride incident WOULD NOT have completely pissed me off, if they had consistency, you know a back pack, purse, cell phone, camera ect. would likely hurt just as bad as the big ass cup. I don't hate lagoon, I would much rather go to it than many other parks but the fact that certain areas in the park seem to have different rules than other areas.
  14. Well my recent 10+ hour trek up to Salt Lake City and Lagoon was supposed to be a nice "weekend" trip. The problem is Laghoon proved to have a theme of "The park that had potential, but never used it". So Our drive up to Salt Lake City allowed us to go straight up the center of AZ, including Flagstaff and Glen Canyon Dam/Lake Powell (which proved to be the surprise of the trip.) The only problem with this is I wanted to rent a Saturn Outlook (For all you non car people it is one of the 3 really sweet GM crossovers). Unfortunately they couldn't get it, so I ended up with the Ford Expedition which might as well be a tank. To make a long story short, the Expedition that I rented is not meant for canyon carving. Anyway onto the park! Lagoon reminded me a lot of Frontier City in Oklahoma City, except it is probably around double the size with twice as many rides. Some of the rides were good some were just pretty bad. Unfortunately this park had a bunch of oppurtunities to be great, but it never seemed to seize them. Shade was often limited in lines, and the refillable mug is one of those like 84 oz thirst quenchers. The problem is lagoon does not allow stuff to be placed in the station (no boxes, cubbholes, nothing) and the only ride that had lockers was Wicked, otherwise you have to trek all the way to the front for the lockers. Talk about poor ergonomics. Anyway here are my Ride Reviews, all are out of 10: Wicked, 8: Wicked, unfortunately was really the only ride that was worth a sh$% at lagoon. You load into the 8 person cars that have restraints that are a mixe between the Premier LIM coasters and the B&M Speed Coasters, but are not as comfortable as either. You do a 180 out of the station and immediately hit the first lauch that gets you going up the spike, and then around 20-30 feet up the spike you hit the other launch that gets you all the way up and over. You get a real nice pop of airtime on coming over the top, and the drop down is pretty sweet. You hit another speed bump that gives you another little pop of air and then you experience the overbanked turn followed by the surprisingly sweet inline twist. After that it is pretty normal, the brakes are hard on the MCBR, and the rest is just a little mundane. All in all, not to bad. Spider, 5 I wanted to like this ride, but i just couldn't. It looked kind of junky, which is sad cause it is only like 4 years old, and it rode like a traveling coaster that has been taken apart one to many times. It was kind rough and bumpy and the whole spinning and banking at the same time was kinda lost on me. It was more like being raped by a monkey than actually riding a coaster. So what was the point? Colossus the Fire Dragon, 7 If you actually got to choose your seats this would have been kick ass, but we got stuck in the front of the third car, so the ride was about as mundane as it could be. But it does have those Schwarzkopfian loops that are simply the best. The ride is shockingly smooth and intens, but the lackluster management of the park and the ride ops kinda detract from the overall quality of the ride. Bat, 5 Yep it is a SNLC and no one cares about it, pretty much the same experience as its bigger brothers just it doesn't go upside down or look cool. Roller Coaster , 6 Rode similar to Colossus at magic mountain, has some airtime but is ridiculously bouncy and you can actually feel the train cars flex at certain times. Needs to be taken better car of, also has crappy ride ops. Wild Mouse, 6 Yep, nothing to get excited about here, the switch backs are fine but the brake is on REALLY hard right before the drops so the intensity of them is lost. It does have a cute "Mouse House" tunnel though. Jet Star 2, 6 Another average roller coaster ridinbg experience at lagoon, it is smooth and intense and women will REALLY love the lift hill, but i found that portion horribly unpleasant. Good but nothing spectacular which is another theme Lagoon seems to have. All and all, Lagoon is a fine park, the problem is there are so many better parks that it is hard to justify going to it, go only if you are in the area, otherwise might as well skip. I'm not really sure what the hell this thing is, but they claim it is a "Roller Coaster". It had airtime, and looked like one, but I'm pretty sure it fell apart while riding it. (and i'm not being dramatic....) Yah... I don't care either..... At least it had a house.... Tthe twisting, turning ending that is taken at a very relaxed speed. First drop! it really is cool to get launched up it, and then go straight down, not TTD or XLR8R cool, but still pretty kick ass, the little hop afterward also gives you some air. The first overbank, similar to MF, in which it is a really good part before it gets boring. Signature, through the trees shot, well maybe not, but the inline twist really is cool. You get a nice jolt of air on that hill! To put it simply everything until the mid course brakes totally kicks ass, everything after is just tame. The wicked sign, I thought, was surprisingly cool. The second best ride here, the only problem is assigned seating, goody. But you gotta love the loops, simply heaven. Another Fire Dragon, it really is smooth and fun. Spider looked like it would be really fun, but it rode like a traveling coaster that had been taken apart to many times, and the fact that the seats were not ergonomically comfortable for my boys was a big problem. Bat.... There really is no reason to acknowledge this coaster exists, so i wont. See, no shade, and the cars seat 6 people so...... this may kinda suck, ok it did suck.... Nice view of Jet Star 2, decent ride, but the lift hill is a sexual vibrator. Skyline view, it seems like such a nice park, too bad it really kinda stinks in a ghetto fabulous way. Skyline of Lagoon, it looks so innocent from here....
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