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  1. As always, fantastic report so far! Always look forward to your IAAPA coverage. Thanks for sharing and getting so many pics/video!
  2. Chose option 1. I follow TPR on pretty much everything. LOVE having the Twitter feed on the right.
  3. Each of these coasters, every time I've ridden, I gray out in these places: Sheikra (BGT) - bottom of first drop into the inversion (never happened on any of my Griffon rides though) Nitro (SFGAdv) - helixes towards the end... big time, every time i305 - most of the first part of the ride, haha, but love it! Bizarro (SFNE) - helixes before the tunnel at the end Goliath & Titan (SFMM & SFOT) - upward helixes The most intense ones for me were i305 and Nitro. I don't mind it though, I really like intense coasters and even the crazy flats.
  4. Your anniversary party looked like so much fun--thanks so much for sharing the pics with all of us! Congrats on 10 years of awesomeness!
  5. Loving these TPR Orlando updates! You all look like you have such a blast!
  6. Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing. I was wondering how Screemfest was this year. Don't know if I'll get the chance to go, but it looks much improved from the last time few times I went. I haven't been since they added Cannibal Island. Good to see Canobie continuing to expand on this!
  7. i305 is on Fast Lane, you just can't sit in the front row with it. I was there Sept. 28 & 29 and had FL both days... We rode i305 a disgusting amount of times. It's worth it even without being able to access the front row, because if you do decide to wait for the front a few times you can still walk right in to the 2nd row or back with FL. Also, I called the park before my trip to confirm i305 was a FL ride because it wasn't listed as one on the KD site.
  8. Great photos! Robb & Elissa's party looked amazing!
  9. Agreed on the Stratosphere rides! I think the scariest one up there is Big Shot--it's the most terrifying ride experience for me out of everything I've ever been on (although I've been on it lots of times). I love drop/launch towers, and I will ride the craziest of coasters and flat rides, go skydiving, etc., but the friggin' Big Shot scares the living hell out of me every single time I ride it. I get flashbacks of RCT3 and the thing launching too fast and going off the top... and when you're already so high up to begin with, it feels like you're definitely going up and off the tower. I
  10. Thanks! Over the years, I've seen lots of similar pics of Nessie, but I was so happy to be there to finally take my own.
  11. Anyone on here gone to Fright Fest this year? Thinking about checking it out, but want to make sure it's worth the hour and a half drive...
  12. ^ Thanks! I meant to add a pretty great GP comment we heard while waiting for Dominator: Guy: I want to go on the Intimidator next... Girl: No way I'm going on that, I heard you pass out... Guy: Yeah, but you come back alive.
  13. Over the last weekend in September, the BF and I took a trip from here in Boston down to VA to go to Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Kings Dominion. We had a great time at both parks, rode all the coasters lots of times, and had an unexpected blast at the haunt events! TR and pics below (pics are after the TR): Busch Gardens Williamsburg I hadn’t been to BGW since Drachen Fire was still there (and before Drachen Fire got modified), so it’d been a while--my BF had never been. I was so excited about going back to this park. All my memories of it were that it was gorgeous, and it definit
  14. There used to be an Arrow like this called Black Widow at Riverside Park in Massachusetts (which is now Six Flags New England). I totally agree that this type of coaster is awesome, and I miss it! It used to be one of my favorites to ride. The backwards drop was my favorite part--it always gave me that "stomach drop." I would take this back at SFNE in a heartbeat. It beats the hell out of Mind Eraser and some of the other not-so-great coasters we've got. It was a short ride, but always a blast!
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