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  1. I'm in my 30's and do visit from time to time along. I also Visit with A friend that is also in her 30's but she is in a wheel chair. The park has a few wheelchair ready attraction and she gets free admission. So she can go and be much more included then going to a park like SFNE, LC or Canobie. But if you have never been there you will not get the full impact of the park unless you can see it through a kids eyes. park dose get a handful of local teens and while its focus is younger kids like Legoland the attraction are mostly built to accommodate everyone. but if your going to go
  2. Lake Compounce, Operated by Palace ent, Added a Dunkin Last year. So I wasn't overly surprised that it happened here. I'm sure Water Country will fallow suit. What bothers me though is with the Donut shop there no Pixie Kitchen no longer offers Breakfast. You used to be able to get real Breakfast form Pancakes and French Toast to simpler things like Cereal and oatmeal. So you could get healthier options if you liked no its just junk food and over priced junk food at that.
  3. I was originally planning to do 2 trip reports I one but plans fell through. But I and some of my family hit up Story Land on Opening day. Weather was a bit chilly in fact there was still snow on many of the mountain peaks. Because of this the water rides were off the table for this trip but the park had Splash Battle and The Bamboo Chutes open. Dr Geyser's however was closed and it was the only ride closed that day. We ate no food at the park but instead had Breakfast at Dunkin Doughnuts on the way to the park and at a Nearby Restaurant, Delaney's Hole in the Wall. With the Addition o
  4. No adults can visit without a child. While the park itself is geared towards children all the rides but 1 can accommodate adults. nearly all of the rides are larger family rides. Their Flume for example has the same 45ft drop that is found on most of the Hopkins Flumes. There there is it's a smaller dark ride. The Holly Humbug adventure is an interactive dark ride. It was build into an exciting building and is 2 levels. it uses a rarely seen barbari dark ride car. I have a picture of the building taken from the monorail in one of the photo albums. it's a wonderful park very underrated
  5. After a quick stop at Jefferson Fun Park, Formally Six Gun City, I made my way up to Jefferson, NH's big attraction, Santa's Village. With the rain and no crowds at For Jefferson I didn't know what to expect when I got to Santa's village. To my surprise, the parking lots were packed. Despite this the park was not overly crowded, with only short waits for the rides. I had only a few goals on this trip and I had only a few hours to do them. I took some time to say hello to the parks owner, try out 2 new food items, check out the new downtown, the new Elf Lodge, and while I didn't use it, I t
  6. Funspot took out their potable and upgraded to the park model. They aren't really referring to down time more then what it takes to keep it up. but, I think that was more of an excuse. the biggest reason is the horrible capacity. Equinox's spot can't fit the large model. Also the park tends to lean towards portable rides to cut down on property tax. While an Air Race would have been a flashy ride and easily a showcase attraction. I agree with then that they need an addition with high capacity. the park has too many lower capacity attractions.
  7. your mixing up a couple rumors. The rumor from before was about the replacement of Equinox. Something will replace it but nothign has been picked. it will not be a n Air Race. the park feel sits too high maintenance and tool ow capacity. part of the summer the space will be used to house a Motorcycle Ball stunt act. The Game that's being removed is the Bonanza. I mentioned it if you look at the full sized images on the photo gallery. Anyways the park operates paint ball gallery that is goign strong and the old Light sensor shooting gallery is just not pulling its weight so it's coming
  8. It is a very positive change. They still have the floods for loading and unloading but thank god they no longer use them during the ride.
  9. I agree the new scheme looks a lot better. The train also sports a new logo on the front.
  10. Though a bit later than normal, Canobie Lake Park opened for the season. Weather was fantastic for a day at the park mid to high 60’s with a few clouds. No heavy winds to affect any rides. I was visiting with my older brother Steven. Throughout the day I ran into friends from ACE and The Canobie fan forums. I first went to Customer Service to buy tickets for the season along with upgrading an unused ticket from last year. $84 dollars for 3 tickets good for the season. The upgraded ticket cost me nothing since prices didn’t increase from 2014 to 2015. One cool thing is this year they give
  11. Like Lego Land Story land is geared towards younger kids. It's Key Demographic is about 3-8 years old. Story land precedes Lego Land by many years and has been around since 1954. previous rides were geared towards that range. many rides were even simplified a bit. For example their Flume, the hill is less steep then your average hill. it's also much shorter. to compare, Nearby Santa's Village has a full size flume hill at a normal drop. It is a nice park and offers more the 20 rides Roar was marketed and promoted as that gateway roller coaster. 42in requirement with an adults is towa
  12. Since I was in the area and snagged a discounted season pass I drove the extra hour to the park and processed the pass. I had only been to the park once in the last few years but this year the park installed a new wood coaster, Roar-o-Saurus. This was a Thursday so I expected light crowds but I arrived to a full parking lot. Despite this, the crowds were a bit moderate within the park itself and most rides were either walk-ons or only a cycle or so wait. The mid week busyness may have had something to do with the fact that Curious George was making an appearance that day. Season pass p
  13. Glad you enjoyed it. I have also ben hearing of markets. but that are has been marked up so much with no results.
  14. First off I have to thank by friend Mack (Pubman) for treating me to a day at Canobie. I arrived at 10:45 to meet up and get into the park for the start of the day. The focus today was to see the 2014 tribute shows and if possible the vaudeville Magic Show. Rides were second on the list. We were disappointed to see that the park's dark ride Mine of Lost Souls was listed as closed for the day. The park also listed Equinox, Wave Blaster and DaVinci's Dream. Davinci's Dream did open around 1pm and I observed maintenance working on the Mine and Wave Blaster. I walked to the Mine hoping to g
  15. Ya, very surprising, But while it can be seen as negative news there are positive ways to look at it. Security did their job and were on top of things. Metal detectors are not a must. The park operate a simple bag checkpoint at the entrance and it works. The park keeps 2 city police at the property to back up security and they did their job.
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