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  1. After looking at the Park Journey pictures, the station & break run look VERY close to the ground compared to RailBlazer & Wonder Woman. Will be interesting to see other slight differences in the size of elements/supports compared to the original prototypes, we can already see that the supports for the lift/twisted turnaround are slightly adjusted for the terrain.
  2. Got my Six Flags membership with SFMM back in last May (I know I know.. probably shouldn't have thought the park would reopen in just a few months at that time.. lol), but as an out-of-state resident, currently hoping the in-state restriction will be lifted by the time I plan to visit in mid-December. I'll be happy to use the ~9 months of membership charges as a park credit when I finally get there, as that policy they emailed out can only be used at the home park. Actually got use out the pass itself at SFFT a few weeks ago.
  3. ^Thanks!! I already have it downloaded on to my phone, so should be able to do that with ease. I don't think it'll be an issue if I leave and come back then with those specifically. Will look at the park's website to see if they have anything about re-entry currently. EDIT: So the website does say that if a guest needs to leave for any reason and return later, we're able to get a handstamp and show that with our ticket when we come back. I'll of course confirm when I'm there but I'm guessing that I should be able to do that, and not face any issues with that or my other add-ons, especiall
  4. ^I don't mind getting there early as it'll give me plenty of time to get the dining pass/QQ figured out, ride Steel Eel a bunch, and get some breakfast.
  5. So I am considering hitting up ZDTs while I visit this weekend, and figure that it'd be better to split my full Saturday at SWSA up then my most-of-two days at SFFT. The only things I'll be doing at SWSA & ZDTs is the coasters anyways, where as SFFT has many more coasters and a few other attractions I want to ride. What I'd like to do is knock out a couple rides on all the SWSA coasters, leave around 2pm and take about 3-4 hours to drive to ZDTs and ride Switchback (don't know yet if I'll need/want one or two hours for 5-10 rides), and get back to SWSA around 5-6pm and get more rerides/nig
  6. ^Its certainly not as big as some of the other parks on this list, but it certainly says something that 4/5 major coasters in the park place around lower & middle-tier mediocre. Even the best coaster being great doesn't hide that 1980 feeling, and the park barely ever staffs it. As an enthusiast that works across the street from the park, you'd think I'd be more happy about it being there, but it's hard not to treat it like its already gone since the city approved the redevelopment.
  7. I guess if you look at parks that don't have top few coasters that are fantastic, there's still maybe a couple parks that just have a whole lineup of good-at-best, mostly decent or below-average coasters. It could be filed under "home-park hate" but I definitely see my local Elitch Gardens here. Sidewinder is great, but is the only coaster there in the top third (and just barely) of my relatively short coaster rankings/count. I've had my fun on the other coasters too but none really hold up to many at other parks I've been to since my last visit there. Twister II especially has grown lackluste
  8. Dang, y'all got more snow than Denver did! Similar temps too. Good thing we all postponed our trips.
  9. ^Definitely send a follow-up, they got back to me within a day of me sending a second email.
  10. Okay a final update to this situation - sorry there has been so many! I got a response back to my emails, and they decided to just refund me my original Quick Queue Unlimited, so that I could go ahead and purchase a new one for my new visit. Actually saved me some money too, as the new date has a cheaper QQU! TeacherKim, if you haven't been able to reach somebody yet, I'd definitely recommend emailing them/sending a follow-up email if you haven't done so already!
  11. ^I can definitely try calling again too, and I did have a great experience with the people I've actually gotten to speak to back when I was getting my membership. I've just had a lot of struggle getting through to a representative and haven't waited less than ~75 min on hold before someone was able to pick up. Does anyone know what their call center hours are? I don't believe they are listed anywhere.
  12. Right now I am still waiting on email responses for the Quick Queue, and may ask again about it on Twitter (surprisingly the only way I got through to a rep on Wednesday), but if all else fails I will try and talk to Guest Relations on the day of my visit. Won't be able to get down there ahead of time to do so.
  13. ^^I'm wondering about the QQ as well. I emailed them about it and haven't heard back there, but talked with them in Twitter DMs. They cancelled my reservation for this Saturday and said I should be able to use the All-Day Dining for another date, but didn't mention the QQ. Will try emailing & tweeting again, as SeaWorld's call center makes calling practically impossible. I've spent hours on hold with them the last two months, including yesterday where the call hung up on me just after the two-hour hold mark.
  14. I'm pushing my plans for this weekend back to the beginning of March since I'm the fortunate position to do so. Not worth going if the parks will close either many rides or overall.
  15. ^ the current projection is 10-20mph for Sat-Mon. It's also saying that Sun & Mon may not even be above freezing when SFFT opens, would that cause a delay?
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