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  1. IDEAL: SFFT/SWSA in mid-January. SFMM in late spring. Luna Park/NYC in mid-July. Southeast/MidAtlantic (SFOG/Dollywood/Carowinds/BGW/KD) in mid-August. Lagoon/Silverwood in mid-September. & additional trips to WA state & NorCal that aren't coaster related. REALISTIC: There are a few upcoming circumstances that will determine if I can make ANY of these plans happen at all, but granted those work out- SFFT/SWSA trip. SFMM but whenever it is allowed to reopen. Luna Park if NYC allows it to reopen by July. Southeast trip could jus
  2. ^Thanks for the advice! I'd be visiting on the 16th & 18th (SWSA on the 17th), so Mid-Jan weekend. Definitely will wait to see if I'll need the Flash Pass, if it picks up it'd be very nice for IRat at least. Definitely understandable that water stuff wouldn't be open, though I might brave Bugs even in 65* weather just since it seems like a really cool flume. Also would be cool to catch the new ride, recently rode the normal Air Race at Lagoon so I'd bet this one will be even better!
  3. ^When I spoke to a Six Flags rep, they said they likely just need to update the dates, so you're probably right that they weren't thinking they'd still need it. I haven't been to any of the Texas parks before, so I'm very excited! I was originally going to do SFOT, but with the way pricing/dates were working out, it's only ~$75 more to do SFFT & SWSA instead for MLK Day weekend. Hoping that weekend won't be too busy, but would you recommend a Flash Pass?
  4. ^Thanks again bert425! I'll give them a call. The have hours listed in January for when I'd like to go, so I found it weird that they didn't have an option to reserve past December.
  5. So currently it appears we cannot make reservations for January yet in SFFT's reservation system. Does anyone know when this will be available?
  6. ^Thanks for telling me that! I had watched a blog where they had it but hadn't seen any confirming they weren't using it. Thanks Bert425 for the input too!
  7. I'm currently thinking of doing a short trip at the beginning of 2021 to SFOT since I'd like to utilize my SFMM membership that I haven't gotten to use yet. I'd be able to get a couple hours at the end of Jan 1st, all of Jan 2nd, & a few hours in on Jan 3rd. For the 2nd, I currently am budgeting for at least the gold Flash Pass, but does anyone know if it'll be busy enough to just go for the Platinum? I also know that SFOT is using a ride reservation system, which I assume is one-at-a-time, does anyone know how the Flash Pass "connects" to that system? I am also curious if anyone has
  8. Thank you for bringing up Tidal Wave. If the rumors of the SFMM Raptor coming in the next few years to that area are true, then Tidal Wave would have to go either way. Makes sense that it'd likely be Magic Mountain's pick for these removals
  9. Bombora at Lagoon #55, back in August. Very solid family coaster!
  10. I'm thinking either small/mid-size thrill coaster (A raptor really would be such a great fit for this park) or a large flat/tower ride, like a SkyScreamer or Screaming Swing
  11. As an Elitch local, I have very little desire to go back. Sidewinder is my favorite coaster in the park, and most often closed, followed by Half Pipe in both those regards. I've been plenty of times, and with the likely hood that nothing significant (or even any new rides at all) will ever be added again at its current location, it's not very enticing. I do hope they relocate again, as it'd be a great opportunity with how much Denver is growing/will continue to grow over the next few decades, but that's pretty unlikely. Lakeside on the other hand is a lot of fun for good value, and Cyclone i
  12. Posted this on Reddit, but figured it'd be good to do here as well. Let me know if this should be somewhere else! I will be attending Bassnectar's Basscenter XII event in Hampton, VA for Labor Day weekend (show is Saturday, August 31st + Sunday, September 1st). Many fans, including myself, were expecting it to be a three day event including Friday, August 30th, but as it did not (and I don't want to try and change my hotel reservation), I've started seriously considering going to Busch Gardens Williamsburg that day. Some questions I have: >I figure I'll need Quick Queue, and I'm loo
  13. I believe the only one I've done is Railblazer this year at CGA (taking the bonus points for it not being my home park).
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