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  1. I was amazed at how much Castaway Cove has crammed into so little space. I feel like the Pirate Ship swings within a foot of the Ferris Wheel.
  2. Ah yes...Lights Out. Great waterslide but the inside of the lighthouse while waiting in line was the worst smelling thing ever built in a park.
  3. A few years ago I rode the Flume at Lake Compounce solo and they crammed four more people in with me. So awkward and uncomfortable. Even more awkward was when I was on a Ferris Wheel with my wife and they put a teenage couple in the same car with us...the guy ended up throwing his girlfriend's cell phone off the ride at one point. We just kind of sat there silent for the whole ride lol.
  4. Firebird. I would like to erase that experience from my mind, although if the thing bashed my head any harder it would have done it for me. 14 new credits in 2020, 10 of which were in New Jersey in a year that I did not go to GADV or ride anything at Wildwood, so I guess that's an interesting stat. Thanks to the aforementioned Firebird, the Seaside Pirate Coaster was not my worst new credit of 2020.
  5. Posted pics to the FB group, but figured I'd add my reviews to the park here. Spent about an hour and a half in the park on Friday. Obviously $62 is very steep for just an hour and a half, but it's right in line with my Jersey Shore pier experiences over the summer. Good news (for me, not the park) is that it was pretty dead and I had free reign the entire time I was there. Hit each coaster at least once as well as a couple flats. If I had time I would've loved to hit more of the flats and reride the coasters some more as they have a very good lineup. Here are my thoughts on what I rode...
  6. SFA had all those marijuana and horseplay signs too. With the weather it was pretty dead last night, but they still had Saturday level security which was pretty funny. There was a security guard or cop for probably every 12 park patrons. Never seen anything like it.
  7. Two trains on the woodies (which didn't need them) and one on the rest (Jokers Jynx had a 10 minute line, the rest were walk ons). No one grouping on any ride that I saw. I guess thats good for Firebird, but I don't plan on ever riding it again. I'd rather marathon the SLC.
  8. Was down in MD visiting friends this weekend and after making a quick stop at American Dream on Friday on the ride down (threw a couple pictures on FB), I started the ride back with a stop at American Nightmare...err...SFA! After a gorgeous day yesterday, today was dreadful with temps in the 40s and showers. I expected to see SFA post that they would be closed for the day but around 6 I decided to head over, parked nice and close, and headed in with a heavy mist falling. This park gets sh*t on a lot, and for good reason, but on a gloomy night with a small crowd and walk on rid
  9. Glad to hear things have been better this month than they sounded pre-covid. Hoping to stop in for a couple hours next Friday, only have time for the dry park but looks like a great time to go with the restricted crowd size.
  10. Guessing you are right but I still haven’t seen a full closed for year announcement yet like Darien Lake & Great Escape put out so maybe an outside HITP chance but not looking good. Starting today, we're allowed to pour our own soft drinks and coffee again in fast food restaurants and convenience stores. SFNE might be allowed to open by 2025 EDIT: Baker just announced that starting next Monday, "indoor and outdoor performance venues" can have 250 people in attendance. Maybe SFNE can worm their way into taking advantage of that for HITP somehow?
  11. Did security follow you in? They're apparently so good at making people uncomfortable that I thought maybe they really went the extra mile
  12. I think some of the food stands are hit or miss this year. I was there a couple weeks ago on a Thursday and the "good pierogi stabd" at the Oasis was open. But I see a lot of reports saying it's been closed a lot. The Round Stand was also open when I was there but stuff like Satellite was closed (which was open other days). Luck of the draw I guess.
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