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  1. Heading down for a couple days on Sunday. Noticed this morning that Morey's now has wristbands for $39 good through 7pm. Unfortunately it's Mariners only till 5, but it's still a good deal IMO. Has pretty much everything been open lately or have there been some holdouts? Also planning on stopping in Ocean City to check out Gillians for the first time and also grab a Gale Force ride or two. Any important news from either of those places?
  2. Some pictures floating around on Twitter of damage from a Severe Thunderstorm at SFNE tonight. Some good sized trees down, a flag pole snapped, and a few large branches even tried to put Fireball out of its misery but I'm sure it will be back giving everyone headaches by opening tomorrow. Looks like some minor flooding on some low lying midways too. UPDATE: Park is closed today, 6/30, for storm cleanup.
  3. Were you sitting near the back on Mystic Timbers? On my trip you could hear the music fine in the front of the train, but in the last 3 rows or so you're too far back and all you can hear is the creepy music from the first room. EVERY NOW AND THEN I GET A LITTLE BIT LONELY Sorry...
  4. While we're on this topic...I meant to say this in my TR a couple weeks ago but never did. CP (that weekend in particular, but previously as well) has the most disgusting bathrooms of any park I've been to in the past 3 or 4 years. That includes 3 different Six Flags parks. CP should've celebrated their 150th anniversary by updating the restrooms for the first time since 1962. Meanwhile, KI (even on the real busy day) had some of the cleanest restrooms I've been in. I know there's been plenty of debate over which park is better this year, but there should be no debate over which park has the cleaner Johns.
  5. Last time I rode Zumanjaro, KK launched right as we dropped. Missed the sweet visual by like 5 seconds. Based on how quick they were launching KK trains, both rides should run together quite a bit. Plus Zumi usually doesn't have much of a line so you could always give it a few tries!
  6. You should be directing your anger for dirtying Boulder Dash to Lake Compounce, not me. If they finally give Boulder Dash some much needed TLC, it can reclaim its rightful position as CT's coaster king. Until then, I stand by what I said. I predict this waterslide will have more airtime, less jackhammering laterals, and a better hourly throughout than Boulder Dash. Oh, and no steady line of people with exit passes from people who got stuck on some other poorly maintained Lake Compounce ride.
  7. Wow...Quassy will have the TWO best "coasters" in Connecticut. Nice!
  8. Wow...Quassy will have the TWO best coasters in Connecticut. Nice!
  9. There's secretly electrified wire just inside the wood, so anyone who puts a key or other metal object on it will be electrocuted and become food for the Jersey Devil. Pretty awesome sign though!
  10. I don't think "lesser RMC" is meant as a slight against the coaster, because there really isn't a bad RMC in the bunch. I've been on Steel Vengeance, Lightning Rod, Twisted Timbers, Wicked Cyclone, and this and I feel like out of those I would only put it above Wicked Cyclone. But all 5 of them are excellent coasters, so it's not a slight to consider it a "lesser RMC".
  11. Majority of the line is under a nice looking pavilion (not pictured). All you see in my picture is the line to and from the pavilion (which is very brief in both directions) and the Flash Pass path.
  12. Drive back was a success! Left home at about 9:30, couple rest stops and surprisingly light traffic later I pulled in at 1:15. Already 3 rides in on Jersey Devil! First couple were in the middle of the train, which wasn't all that powerful but definitely super fun. 3rd ride was the magical back seat, and wow! Insane ejector air on the first drop and a couple other spots, and it takes some of the twists faster back there also. I definitely think it's a step above a lower tier RMC like Wicked Cyclone. Makes me more interested in trying Wonder Woman or Railblazer, can't imagine how intense those are! Definitely a home run for the park. Very efficient with loading, line never stops moving. Only a 10 minute wait today, definitely going back for more laps later! Park isn't too crowded so hitting stuff on this side of the park for a bit. Line for Nitro wasn't even long enough to write this post. Excellent ride in back as usual! Edit to include thoughts from the rest of the day: Hit Batman which would've been a quick line but broke down for 15 minutes. Great ride as always. While I still contend that Banshee is the B&M invert masterpiece, I love the Batmans for sheer intensity reasons. Really need to try Montu! Had a couple beers at the Skybar, which was a bit of an ordeal as there were probably 20 people there trying to get free water or drink bottle refills. Nice spot once you get your drinks. Hit the other side of the park real quick. Mine Train was a walk on and was quirky as always. That last hill is the best airtime on a steel coaster in the park. Hit Bizarro after a 10 minute wait. Not sure if it's the age, but this ride gets more meh to me the more I ride it. I think I have a vendetta against floorless coasters that aren't or haven't once been themed to Batman. Caught El Toro reopening from a breakdown so hit that in the magic seat. Actually got a bit of a battle wound...my stomach (ok...my gut) got pinched between the seatbelt and lapbar and really got squeezed on the first hill and looks like it got pierced now. Was bleeding at the end of the ride. Worth it though! Superman was posting a ridiculous queue time of 70 mins, I don't usually bother with Green Lantern, and I got a few rides on TTD 2 weeks ago which is far superior to Kingda Ka, so I was good with that side of the park and headed back to the other side. Jumped on Skull Mountain in back, fun as always. Wrapped up the day with 2 more back row rides on Devil. Was by myself today, so they called out for a single to fill the back row. Then when I got back they once again needed a single for the back row, but no one stepped up so they told me I could hop back on lol. If Jersey Devil is on the HITP list, it will be an unbelievable lineup. Honestly would have no reason to go to the other side of the fountain (except to go get Pork Kabobs). Fun day, worth the 8 hour round trip for the 2nd time in 3 days.
  13. So I'm off from work tomorrow and decided I'm driving back down. Hopefully don't get shut out this time!
  14. Jersey Devil has been open all morning accoring to Queue Times. Now I know how you all feel when Lightning Rod is closed! Oh well, try again in a few weeks.
  15. It sounds like they're working on the Steel Vengeance situation over the past couple weeks at least. I think the most optimal way to do it is to put about 50 people in the tunnel, let them go through the lockers. Then if you have both detectors running, FL+ goes left and standby goes right. If not, then keep everyone together and just have one set of stairs open. Keeping the line blended with standby and FL on both sets of stairs, and then letting 18 people in at a time from one side and 6 from the other side EVERY ride was total BS. It sounds like they were doing it right at first, so don't know why they went down the road they did the weekend I was there. Glad they learned from it.
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