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  1. Glad to hear things have been better this month than they sounded pre-covid. Hoping to stop in for a couple hours next Friday, only have time for the dry park but looks like a great time to go with the restricted crowd size.
  2. Guessing you are right but I still haven’t seen a full closed for year announcement yet like Darien Lake & Great Escape put out so maybe an outside HITP chance but not looking good. Starting today, we're allowed to pour our own soft drinks and coffee again in fast food restaurants and convenience stores. SFNE might be allowed to open by 2025 EDIT: Baker just announced that starting next Monday, "indoor and outdoor performance venues" can have 250 people in attendance. Maybe SFNE can worm their way into taking advantage of that for HITP somehow?
  3. Did security follow you in? They're apparently so good at making people uncomfortable that I thought maybe they really went the extra mile
  4. I think some of the food stands are hit or miss this year. I was there a couple weeks ago on a Thursday and the "good pierogi stabd" at the Oasis was open. But I see a lot of reports saying it's been closed a lot. The Round Stand was also open when I was there but stuff like Satellite was closed (which was open other days). Luck of the draw I guess.
  5. Fixed it for you. If they run it without trims in December I would drive down just to ride it.
  6. Haha actually I'd never seen a POV before I first rode it and I didn't know anything about the layout other than what you can see in pictures. I still remember halfway through my first ride thinking how it was the dumbest thing I'd ever ridden, especially considering the hype. After a couple more rides and a magical front seat night ride it grew on me a bit. But yeah...when I first saw 2/3rds of the layout was just long straightaways through the woods it was a WTF moment for sure lol.
  7. Aint that the truth! Although I have noticed now that I "fill out" the seats in PTC trains a little more these days, they can't throw me around as much.
  8. I really need to get back to KI one of these years. The last time I went was one of those dystopian years after Son of Beast had the loop removed and the best coaster in the park was probably Flight of Fear or Firehawk. I spent more time in the waterpark than the dry park. Now the park looks to have a lineup that might be top 3 in the nation. Even more dystopian was during that same trip, I visited SFKK 2 weeks after the Superman Tower accident. I've never seen less people in a park on a sunny summer day.
  9. Everything is running except Miner Mike, the park will be closed from 9/14-9/17 and 9/28-10/1 I'll be there 9/14 - 9/17. Balls. Guess I still have the Stratosphere and the Togo masterpiece at least.
  10. I'm sure a staffing issue has to do with most of the closures and you can't fault them for that this year.. But the place has had an "upper management not caring" issue for far too long and it becomes especially apparent in years like this. Having 4 cars available on Ghost Hunt, 4 logs available on the flume (I might be off by one or two but I'm not even really exaggerating), and a piecemealed train on your star coaster goes beyond staffing issues. As for Boulder Dash I wouldve loved to have sat in the front of the second car but an exit pass got the front and then they kept two rows betwe
  11. Is everything else open in there? Will be in Vegas next week and,its always worth popping in for a couple El Loco rides. Is Chaos still running? Lol
  12. Went to the park for a couple hours today. It wasn't exactly crowded, but the mix of social distancing requirements and atrocious operations plus about half the rides being closed led to an early exit. First order of business when I got in was Phobia, which was still new to me as I hadn't been to the Lake in at least 8 years. The line was one switchback deep in the larger maze, but still about 45 minutes or so. The ops were getting trains through decently fast here at least, but with only two cars most trains only had 6-8 riders. As for the ride, lots of fun as expected but I think,I
  13. I think the waterpark was the difference for us. Couldn't have paid me to go in there. But yes that was the one negative is that social distancing was almost non-existent. Like I've said, the signs on the ground marking 6 feet of distance may as well have said "15 guests between each sign" because that's what was happening and no one enforced it at all.
  14. You were at Hershey the same day I was (I also went back the next day) and I thought it went really well. Candymonium got the Epcot effect early and late but had no line midday. Never waited more than 15-20 minutes for anything else (didn't bother with Laff Trakk or Cupfusion though) and never had to deal with fastpasses or return lines or any of that craziness. I mean why wait 30 minutes for a return pass to wait 90 minutes for Steel Vengeance when you can wait 5 minutes for Skyrush? Glad you got to CP on some good days though. If I thought I had a chance at a good day I'd go but based
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