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  1. The weather for opening day isn't looking very premium tomorrow. Wonder how many hours they'll actually be open.
  2. I'm sure. But it's just another thing that we all roasted Cedar Fair for two years ago that, meanwhile, Six Flags managed pretty well at the time. Now? Selim'd again.
  3. Per the latest ElToroRyan video, El Toro won't open with the park (expected) but apparently neither will Medusa, Mine Train, or Skyride. I presume Log Flume would be thrown in with those closures as well. Basically HITP plus Kingda Ka/Zum. Not opening an entire end of the park until Memorial Weekend is hella premium.
  4. The previous few posts had me thinking they were going to have to pull an SFNE and tear it down and send it off to Mexico. Glad that they seem to have things figured out.
  5. Was anyone able to make sense of this? I see words such as pretzel, slides, scream, pizza, sunglasses, and store. I also see urn, zombie, die, and sin so I mean they just could be doing Goliath word association. Guessing traction and paved are just coincidences? Moral of the story...I don't see "B&M Dive Coaster" or "Launch Coaster" in there anywhere!
  6. 95% of me thinks the rumor is complete BS...Nitro is pretty iconic in the coaster world and in the public. Seems pointless to change it to something generic. The other 5% of me remembers saying the same thing about Superman at SFNE in 2008.
  7. I mean...if it's getting SFNE Goliath's signs, that must mean it's getting Premier trains too right?
  8. SFNE just posted on Facebook there are 3 months till opening day. April 7th is Good Friday, so that makes sense. This would be the earliest opening I can remember.
  9. Wish I could've taken a couple Nitro laps or grabbed a beer with you guys but I had just gotten to the park when I first ran into you and I was spooked by how crowded it was and only had like 3 hours left at that point. When I was marathoning Nitro I almost went up front for a ride but had prime real estate locked down in the back row for like 4 consecutive rides and didn't want to get up lol. The fireworks ride to finish the day was sick. I was surprised they were lighting them off from an open area of the park!
  10. The atmosphere was totally different than 2 years ago for sure. Last time it felt like a warehouse with a couple random stores plus a park and a ski hill. This time it legitimately felt like being in a real mall. It's kind of surreal watching my wife spend millions of dollars at Bed Bath and Beyond and thinking in 3 minutes I'll be spending an equally absurd amount to ride roller coasters. It's great that it finally no longer feels like a place that might shut down next week.
  11. Given the forecast for this weekend (50ish, dry) I feel like whatever is open will be the best case scenario for the rest of the winter when it inevitably decides to actually become winter. Watching this carefully because the skiing up here in New England is bound to suck for the foreseeable future, so might as well go ride coasters instead.
  12. Stopped by the mall for a couple hours this afternoon. Last time I was there was Oct 2020 when the mall had nobody in it and the park REALLY had nobody in it. After hearing about how dead it's been recently I was surprised to see the place really hopping today. Didn't have a lot of time and I spent most of the time shopping with the wife, but stopped in Nick Universe for a few minutes. They had a really healthy crowd and some lines for the more family based attractions, but with pay per ride now available I only had two things I wanted to hit. First was Shellraiser which I really didn't like last time I was there. I had a brutal ride and it left me with a pounding headache. I seemed to be in the minority with this experience and have been looking forward to riding it again and hopefully getting a better ride. I walked right up to a waiting front row and we were off. Definitely had a better ride on it this time around. Very minor bumpiness in spots but nothing much. There is still one brutal moment at the bottom of the big hill where there is a pothole so strong that I felt my brain slosh around in my head, but no headache this time at least. I definitely have a more favorable view of it now...the positives are great in the first half, fun inversions, and a couple areas of great airtime. Launch is great and the drop is incredible. The other ride I hit was Sandy's...not only because I love it but also because I know it can be very temperamental. Walk on for a back seat ride, fantastic as always. Definitely will come back when I have more time so I can make a wristband worth it and ride everything else. Still blows my mind how good a park in a mall can be. Would love to get to Minnesota and check out that park too sometime. Guess my "offseason" starts now although a 2.5 hr drive to the meadowlands or a 3 hr flight to Orlando would take care of that. Hopefully 3 months or so until outdoor parks return in the northeast!
  13. Hit closing day for about 5 hours. With the gorgeous weather it was much busier than I've ever experienced for HITP and while the coaster lines were still pretty short, the crowds kinda took away from the "magic" HITP usually brings. I know I always drank way too much Great Adventure Kool Aid with that statement, but the light crowds and family atmosphere always made it worth only having half the park open. Today felt like Frightfest but with half the park open. I didn't exactly hit a big variety of rides today, but from what I would tell everything was open except Green Lantern. On the other hand, getting food was a bit of a challenge as a lot of stuff was closed and what was open was very busy most of the afternoon. One of my favorite HITP traditions was Bacon Wrapped Pork Kabobs and last year on closing day they sold out by like 4pm, so when we got to the park we went right over to Jersey Devil BBQ and the place was already closed and mothballed. Guess having secondary food places open doesn't fit the premium experience mold as we would see quite a few closed and after walking into a mob scene at Granny's, we had to go over to Yum Yum Cafe for lunch that didn't require waiting 20 minutes. Around 4:30 we finally started riding stuff. Pretty much just hung out in Movietown, hitting Nitro, JDC, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Skull Mountain. Mostly short waits, but by 7 everything was a walk on. After a couple more JDC rides, I decided to do what I did with Superman on SFNEs closing day and spend an hour parked in the back row of Nitro. Had to relocate to row 8 a couple times and briefly ran off for a front row ride on Batman, but returned for a few more laps including the final ride of the year with fireworks in the background for added effect. There was a temperature inversion which was really neat, as the temp would drastically drop in the valleys but warm up on the tops of the tall hills. Briefly ran into coasterbill and crew a couple times at Nitro, ironically I believe this marks the first time I ever met a TPR member outside of a bar. Getting out of the park was a real premium experience as they have a grand total of 4 turnstiles for people to go through, but they are too narrow for strollers to fit so people with strollers had to cut across the mob to get to the wider exit path. That said, the usually mundane task of exiting the park couldn't be done without some people yelling at each other and employees yelling at people because New Jersey. Fun first day of 2023, and keeping the coaster party going tomorrow with a quick stop at American Dream in the works on the ride home.
  14. Looks like the showers for this weekend will be in and out in time for a mostly sunny New Years Day and temps in the 60s. No cold closing day laps on Nitro this year, but hopefully it will be flying instead.
  15. It wouldn't be unsurprising at all, which is why I believed the app lol. Looks a lot different for New Years weekend...50s and 60s possible.
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