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  1. I absolutely expect it to go over Iron Dragon. I honestly expect enthusiasts to mostly hate this and complain about the weaker launch and how much better it used to be or whatever and I'm so here for it.
  2. I thought that this theory was dumb a few months ago. I was wrong. It lines up perfectly. (I don't know the photo source. If you do, let me know and I'll update the post)
  3. Yeah, I always applaud "weird" in this industry, especially from B&M (unless it's an Orlando standup coaster being built in 2023, then no).
  4. This is so cute. I love it, I just hate that it's at Chessington because I never want to be tempted to go there again.
  5. Cedar Fair and Six Flags just entirely swapped places between 2021 and 2022. Six Flags was running circles around them in 2020 and 2021. In 2022, Cedar Fair started being awesome and Six Flags... lol wow.
  6. Yeah, basically just rope drop whatever is actually open. Riddler and Goliath have been closed for awhile and I have no clue when they'll reopen. My advice is to go somewhere else, but if you insist then just adjust your expectations.
  7. Yeah, I feel like they basically tried to turn some people away but ended up getting more resistance than anticipated and went too far with it. What they really learned in all of this is that people really don't think that they have a product that's as valuable as the competition does and l..o...f*cking...l. I still feel like they should have just incrementally raised membership prices over time by a few bucks per month per year and zero people would have cared.
  8. While I’m not an expert in local Florida politics, the fact that Disney isn’t bothering to fight this is probably telling. That’s a PR calculation, but not one that they would likely make if they were all that upset about it. My gut says that they need to have DeSantis act like he accomplished something big, but it probably won’t change much-of-anything of substance so Disney would rather just let this stupidity die. This is just so stupid. They never cared about this bill and Ron DeSantis knows that they never cared about this bill. The last thing they ever wanted to do was make a statement on it, but their own cast members protested and demanded it. Then they caved, and miscalculated the reaction that they were going to get from the other side while trying to stay out of it and play it down the middle in a world where that’s no-longer possible. They don’t care and everyone involved knows that they don’t care. Everybody involved in this knows this whole thing is made up bullshit for political points but yet, here we are… it’s childish idiocy.
  9. For a park that needs restaurant capacity badly, I'm never against replacing a restaurant that can't be open on one of the busiest days of the week with one that can.
  10. I'm fine with this as long as they don't screw with the ride, but I'm also a childless adult who selfishly doesn't care. I feel bad for the kids impacted by this.
  11. Are the Pirates on the road? Otherwise you’ll seriously need to walk me through this one…
  12. Carowinds is opening Intimidator today, a full month earlier than originally posted. Year-round ops must be working out for them.
  13. If you Google “How many coasters does Dorney Park have”, the number 8 comes up because they have it in their media center. They probably didn’t remember that it was a thing when they removed Stinger (and/or they don’t really care).
  14. It’s sad, but nobody rode this thing. It never had a line and probably cost a lot to operate. I don’t like it but I get it.
  15. Sorry, that was a different thread I guess. Yeah, rent an unnecessary locker and then buy a single use line skip. As-of a few weeks ago it did not work for Ice Breaker. Don't bother asking employees for help, none of them know that this is a thing. This should not surprise anyone because... SeaWorld. lol
  16. Be ready to buy Quick Queue. Then you’re fine… If you don’t want to do that, see my locker trick above.
  17. Quick SeaWorld tip: If it’s busy but you don’t want to buy the full Quick Queue for a half-day you can buy single use line skips for Mako, Manta and possibly others for $10 each if you’re short on time. Nobody at the park seems to know that it’s a thing, but go to the bank of lockers near a ride, buy an unnecessary locker for $1 and then it will ask if you’d like to buy a single use line skip. We did this a few weeks ago. It does not work for Ice Breaker, those lockers try to sell you a Manta one. They probably just grabbed them from over there and moved them. Lol
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