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  1. Yeah, and they usually close early and kick everyone out of the hotels and shut them down by like noon also. It's not as bad as Saturday and Sunday but it's usually bad.
  2. May weekdays but the park is a massive shitshow in terms of operations and a bunch of stuff will be closed.
  3. I don't think they know what a "soft opening" is, but here you go...
  4. Thanks everyone! Since we'll be at a Dodger game and LA traffic exists, getting to the event early on Sunday is most likely not-happening but I am willing to shell out the cash for the skip-the-line pass. One more thing that I somehow forgot to mention is that we'll probably be in Orlando like a month later and we're definitely going to HHN. I assume that the events are different enough that it's worth doing it on both coasts, but am I wrong and it's basically just the same thing? In that case it sort of makes my mind up for me.
  5. It’s pushing it both days but you’ll probably be fine if it doesn’t get any windier. Just ride those two when you see them running. Otherwise, everything will probably run except for Sky Ride and Windseeker.
  6. We have flights booked for a California trip this September and I need a little advice. We're flying in on a Friday night (late) and leaving on a Tuesday night. This is the last week in September so I do expect that all haunt events will be running. Initially I got over-excited with my planning and figured that we would do Knott's Scary Farm one night and HHN the other night with Disney on Monday. After looking at that again though, I apparently forgot that I'm not Superman and wouldn't really want to get into a hotel at 3 AM and then go to Disney that same day, a park where you have to be up stupid-early to get Lightning Lanes. I've now mostly settled on a far more reasonable plan but it means picking one haunt event or the other: Saturday: Disney. We'll rope drop because 8am will still feel like 11am to us since it's day-one. Sunday: Dodgers game (We've never been there and it's a day game) and a Haunt event that night. This also means we can sleep in a little after a Disneyland midnight close. Monday: No clue, but we're sleeping in. Tuesday: No clue, but sort of irrelevant. Fly home that night. The question is, do we go to HHN or Knott's Scary Farm? A little background with some pros and cons that I have in my head already: HHN Pros: I've never been to this park and HHN might actually be the cheapest way to go. We're Universal Orlando passholders so I basically only care about a few rides and Mummy and Jurrasic World are open for the event. Aside from that I would happily just do houses. Cons: It's a dry event If we didn't do HHN and went another day we could ride Secret Life of Pets (I believe this is closed for HHN, right?). I don't know how good it is but at-least it's something different from what we have in Orlando. Knott's Scary Farm Pros: Haunted Timber Mountain Log Ride. I've still never been on this ride despite going to this park twice. Not a dry event. Cons: We already have passes, so not only would this cause us to buy a more expensive ticket to Universal to go as day guests one day but it would also cause us to buy tickets to a park that we already have passes to. I don't mind spending the money since we're already spending a lot anyway and we don't get out there very often but if one event is not significantly better than another then I guess I should probably at-least factor this into the equation. Also: We know about Oogie Boogie Bash. It honestly looks great, but doesn't work with our plans. If they shock the world and announce that it's running on Monday night then I'm 100% in but I'm sure that won't happen. We also know about Six Flags Fright Fest and... no. Thanks in advance for the help!
  7. I still can’t believe they wouldn’t just run all of their coasters when they only have 4. It’s just so weird…
  8. I wouldn't be shocked either way, though that does seem a bit too "enthusiasty" for me to not be a bit skeptical. Points 1 and 2 make sound plausible but I refuse to believe that the park cares if it was the first GCI (99.99% of park guests on any given day don't know that or care about that) or that a former employee liked it or that it's some kind of landmark. I'm optimistic. I'm not confidently-optimistic but I'm still optimistic.
  9. Everyone likes different things. I totally get why people might prefer Magic Mountain or Great Adventure just because of their insane coaster lineups, I just never thought I'd see the day that someone told me they liked Magic Mountain because of the scenery and theming.
  10. This is about $15 for anyone else who was wondering. This sounds totally worth it to me (well, maybe not for Soarin but I know that ride is ridiculously popular in Japan for some reason).
  11. I hate that people are now talking about nostalgia with a coaster that opened in 1996. How old am I and when did this happen? Anyway, everyone is entitled to their opinion and we all like different things. It's important to respect that, but my nuanced, measured response to this would be counterpoint: fuck that awful ride .
  12. Most times they have people in front of the Flash Pass booth handing out the bands and it takes no time at all, but it’s also Six Flags and policies are subject to change on a dime to something entirely nonsensical and then change again every 3 days all season.
  13. Yes, but if you want to use the Flash Pass or line skips on El Toro, Kingda Ka, Jersey Devil or Joker you'll need to go to the Flash Pass building and get a wristband since you can't have your phone at those rides.
  14. Yeah, there's absolutely no chance of this thing being readily available on Genie+ by park opening. If you refresh it enough I'd imagine you can get it but it's far from a sure thing.
  15. I feel like enthusiasts put too much stock in what is and isn't on a manufacturer's website so sorry in advance for doing exactly that but it seems weird that they would be promoting these models on their website and then not offering parts for them at all.
  16. Adventureland is a 3.5 hour drive from Valleyfair. Also, they were not bought by Herschend Family Entertainment, they were bought by Palace which is a train wreck of a company.
  17. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=5127709290600373 Book your flights now...
  18. Right. I don't really understand what you're not understanding. When faced with a decision between investing in something that has no meaningful competition of any kind or investing in something that has major competition on the way right down the street and is cheaper to invest in anyway, there's really not much to think about.
  19. I can’t even make sense of what this argument is about, but everyone really needs to chill out.
  20. Their water park is awful and Mall of America is in the process of building one right down the road. Water parks make a ton of money and they’re going to be facing a ton of competition soon so they really need to bring it up to modern-day standards. The theme park is facing no real competition of any kind. I get it, I’d prefer it if they built a crazy new coaster instead but investing heavily in the water park is a much more sensible decision right now.
  21. I love that ride as long as you don't wait 90 minutes to be an engineer.
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