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  1. Driving to Coney Island is the biggest pain in the ass. I feel you on that.
  2. It seems like 90% of records being claimed by every chain and every manufacturer now are total bullshit. I don’t know why people are constantly surprised by this. The ride looks fun, the park is a great and this is a huge investment for them. I don’t know why anyone cares that the record is kind of bullshit. Remember when Valravn broke 10 world records? Or when Hangtime broke Dive Coaster records? Remember the “combined speed” record for that stupid thing at Discovery Kingdom. Embrace the fact that it’s all bullshit and just focus on the fact that the ride looks fun. Whatever they have to do to market it and bring in money so they can build more cool rides is fine with me. There’s no rules committee on coaster records and there never was. The record could be that this ride has the world’s tallest and fastest double-platypus dive for all we know.
  3. Unpopular opinion: I know everyone criticizes Intamin but RMC is just as screwed up and seems to get a pass just because we all love their rides and it seems like at some point we have to acknowledge what a clusterfuck they are. Like Intamin, plenty of their rides are reasonably reliable-ish but they have some total messes too. Lightning Rod has never worked, Steel Vengeance crashed on its opening day, threw a drive tire and needs so much structural work that it can’t even open for early entry on weekdays, Stunt Pilot and Jersey Devil are getting shut down constantly by the manufacturer and now this ride totally chucked a wheel towards a guest area and people (not so much here but everywhere) are acting like “yeah... that’s normal” . Nah, that shouldn’t just happen. Wasn’t Steel Dragon 2000 closed for like a year because it did that?
  4. Depending on your definition of “not far” it’s worth a trip. The Derby Racer is great and much much better than Cedar Downs. Other than that I mean... you know... the tiki bar is cool. The Olde Mill is neat. They have a Log Flume. That’s all I’ve got.
  5. This might be an unpopular opinion but I'm honestly thrilled with this. It's cool to have a Loony Toons boat ride and I do get the appeal of that, but this will probably be a much better ride.
  6. To the "I'm not going out of the way for this place" crowd, let me do my good deed for the day and tell you all to go out of your way for this place. It's incredible, the caverns are cool, the views are ridiculous, the drive there is beautiful, they have their own beer that you can drink on a deck looking down a 1000 foot mountain, the swing and mine drop are crazy, everything about it is great. Plus Denver is great and it's Frontier's home base so you can probably fly there for like $40 from anywhere in the country if price is what's holding you back. Every time I see a trip report where someone goes to Lakeside and Elitch Gardens ("BUT it's closing soon!!!!!" ... good, it should hurry up and do that) and doesn't go here because "it's out of the way" a little part of me dies. I don't care if you're in Denver for 12 hours, you should still rent a car and go to Glenwood Caverns and not Elitch Gardens or Lakeside.
  7. I’ve seen coaster purists jump through some wild hoops to defend lame rides before but “You’re missing the point, this coaster is supposed to be long and boring, kids these days think amusement park rides should be engaging” is a new one. I want to love this park. I grew up going there and I have great memories there but the Dragon Coaster kind of sucks and the best ride in the park is the average Log Flume and it’s not close. As for the Old Mill, yeah it’s a tunnel of love. The rope lights are there to dissuade the exact kind of behavior that the ride was designed to encourage but I mean... yeah. Lol
  8. The park is actively working on it. People are posting photos of them all the time re-tracking different sections of the ride. There’s no official update but it should be open in a reasonable amount of time. This isn’t Hersheypark.
  9. If everyone wants them to sell less Fastlane passes and then this is how they're going to do it, manipulate the price to find that sweet-spot between revenue and guest satisfaction with the product.
  10. This is also true. I can easily get like six Bud Lights at the park with that money.
  11. I wasn't going to gloat to people who only got a $13 voucher but yeah, when they said that they would compensate you a decent amount for every charge between certain dates on credit cards I knew I would have a ton, spent about an hour looking through statements and got a $200 direct deposit from them the other day. It's quite legit.
  12. No, I don't think I've mentioned it here but I can absolutely confirm that this is legitimate. Enjoy your voucher.
  13. These poll options are a joke, right?
  14. I was waiting to hear what house would go along the old Antarctica ride path. Kudos to them for not just reusing "Frostbite" from the last Busch house that replaced an ice themed, budget-cut dark ride.
  15. I agree that Blizzard River is ugly and sucks, but here are the queue times for the last week. It has great uptime and it's reasonably popular. Is there any actual reason that everyone wants this gone other than the fact that they don't personally like it? I agree that I'd love to see it die but I don't know if there's any reason to expect that it will.
  16. The issue with the "Get the low capacity rides out of the way" plan is that most coasters in this park have low capacity. I don't even think there's a clear ride that you should rope drop here. I could see the argument for going left and knocking out Pandemonium and Wicked Cyclone, I could see the argument for knocking out Superman and the mouse or I could see the argument for going right and knocking out Riddler, Joker and Batman while you're over there. I could also see the argument for adding Thunderbolt to any of those plans as it runs one 24 passenger train. No matter what you're going to wait in some painful lines. Personally, I'd get Flash Pass but if you're not I would probably do Superman, the mouse, Ridder, Joker and Batman in that order and just suck it up hard on Pandemonium but it's not like there's any real perfect plan here. Also, if you wait until it's too late to do Batman and people start leaving the waterpark then you're screwed. I'm looking at the waits right now and it's posting a 150 minute wait. Honestly, all of this looks awful. Get the Flash Pass. PS: Flashback was just posting 150 also but is now down to 5.
  17. There’s also an insane rental car shortage right now and prices are through the stratosphere in a lot of markets so factor that in too. Lol
  18. Gatekeeper opened last Sunday for part of the day and hasn’t opened since but it tests basically every afternoon. I have no clue what’s wrong with it, but my gut says that it’s not that big of a deal since it keeps testing for long periods of time.
  19. I get it, but since that ride is obviously the big draw it's still a totally unnecessary risk for a first-time visitor so that they can wait a few minutes less for Mystery Mine which still won't have much of a line if they rope drop Lightning Rod and then go straight there. That's just me though...
  20. I get why people say this but I've really evolved to the point where I think that if Lightning Rod is the big draw for you then that's where you should go first. It's not a reliable ride. If it opens for the first hour and then closes for the day and you miss it because you were at Mystery Mine you'll be kicking yourself. You should absolutely, 100% go to Lightning Rod first, then do Mystery Mine and Firechaser after that because of their low capacity. Lightning Rod is more reliable lately. You'll probably be fine but don't mess around either. If it's open, ride it.
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