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  1. Oh okay, I'm sorry. I read it quickly and thought he said he was going in based on what was open knowing that he would miss those credits not going "for" the missing credits. The reason I thought that was because Storm Runner is closed and Flying Turns is also closed, I don't pay any attention to Impulse and for all I know it was closed too (turns out it's not but who cares?) and I thought he assumed Looper was still closed like it was all of last year. In that case, if you're going for missing credits I wouldn't go to either for awhile because Flying Turns and Storm Runner haven't opened
  2. They should probably put the other two trains on the track and test it first... lol
  3. Mach Tower usually doesn't open very often in a non-plague year. I wouldn't hold out hope for that one. lol
  4. This is still insane. You can't judge a coaster without riding it. Had you ridden it, you'd be totally justified in whatever opinions you had of the rides. We all have weird opinions of rides and if we didn't that would be pretty boring but it should be noted that in the TPR Poll, Phoenix finished as the 14th best coaster in the world and Storm Runner finished at #54. Twister finished at #193 and Looper finished at #352. You should at least ride the rides first.
  5. So you’ve never ridden them but don’t think they’re thrilling because of the POVs? ... lol wow
  6. Looper is open but I’d still go to Knoebels. If you had said Phoenix or Twister maybe I would have cared. Storm Runner is a top ride at Hersheypark, some people would probably even consider it their best coaster, basically everyone would put it in the top 2 or 3 unless they’re weird and like Candymonium or something. (sorry, I’m not sure why I’m so hard on that ride. It’s a nice little ride and I’m sure they tried their hardest)
  7. Let's just leave it at this and talk about the park. I get why this came up today. It's newsworthy for sure but this is going to go off the rails. People try to find every single opportunity to inject their views into every post like we don’t all realize that’s what’s happening and it just becomes a pissing match. The virus has become politicized just like everything else which means nobody is going to change their minds on anything. If you want to go, go. If you don’t, don’t. Can we please focus on important Hersheypark related things like how you should go to Knoebels instead?
  8. - Budget for Fastlane Plus. - Go the Miami River Brewhouse and get the Giga Coaster beer, sit on the back deck. If they still have the pretzel with beer cheese, get that - The rides are back to full capacity. Masks are not required anywhere except for indoors or if you're somewhere where you can social distance but everything is always subject to change from day-to-day.
  9. I can confirm that the Giga coaster beer is absolute piss if that's more your speed.
  10. Not really. Delirium is excellent though. It's basically identical to Maxair. Also, the flume will soak you to the bone for no reason despite being tiny. Check out the patio behind the Brewhouse. It's a fantastic spot to hang out and have a drink. It's also right on the splashdown pool for Diamondback.
  11. This is how Great Adventure staff decides each morning where they should make people go to pick up their skip the line passes each day. We've had DE passes for a year now, in that time they've sent us - To the left side of the Flash pass Building - In the front door of the Flash pass building - To the right side of the Flash Pass building - To the stand next to Sky Screamer - To the stand where the mirror maze is - To a pop-up stand next to Santa's House - To a giant building in the grove nowhere near anything behind the theater that they never use
  12. Enough of this... seriously. Everyone has made up their minds on where they stand on it and what they're comfortable with. We're 14 months in now. Nothing productive will come out of this and nobody will change anyone's mind. Let's talk about the park itself.
  13. Sounds good, just ride Kingda Ka immediately if you see it running. Otherwise yeah, there's no need for much strategy with two power hour events. If you want to ride Wonder Woman, rope drop it. Don't even bother with a skip-the-line pass, you'll still wait an hour. Also, pick up your line skips early as that line can become infuriatingly long.
  14. Kings Dominion is a very good park with some great rides but KD and BGW are headed in very opposite directions right now. Those things can both be true.
  15. I like Cedar Fair. I've been dogging on them hard during this pandemic and will dog on them hard forever about their awful Christmas events but a year from now when this is all behind us I'll probably hate on them much less because I like a lot of things about them. With this park specifically though, it's hard to be too happy with anything they've done recently. Meanwhile, Busch Gardens Williamsburg keeps adding great events and great new rides year-after-year.
  16. I have a Diamond Elite membership and this is my home park. I've never once bothered. Many times the line for it is so long that I wouldn't want to park there even if I could. Even if that's not the case, it's so unnecessary.
  17. This is what I’m assuming. It’s probably a convenient budget cut while they build a free spin. ... man I’m down on this park lately. Lol
  18. I feel like it's a combination of both. I can't think of an Intamin with a lift hill and 2-3 trains that's overly unreliable. People love to compare them to manufacturers that primarily build those types of rides (like B&M) and they're comparing apples to oranges. Hagrid's wasn't ready to open when it did and I'm not acting like they totally nailed that one, but when people are like "Intamin sucks, this coaster with 12 trains (I know they don't run them all but they run a ton), 2 drop tracks, 3 switch tracks, a crazy station block system and 7 launches isn't nearly as reliable as the
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