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  1. Passes expire a year from the first date that you use them (unless it's longer because there's a promotion going on). They are not tied to the calendar year. The first 2 weeks of December are an amazing time to visit Orlando but keep that on the down-low.
  2. My advice for everyone who balks at the price of a one day ticket (considering you basically have to park-hop) seems counter-intuitive but it's to get an annual pass (I know how stupid that sounds but hear me out). The Seasonal Pass has no benefits except for park admission but it's 349.99. A one-day ticket on most weekends is $187 or sometimes more so the pass pays for itself in less than 2 visits (aside from consecutive-day combo tickets or mid-week visits during the slowest time of the year). They also frequently run promotions where you can get additional months added on to your pass
  3. Weird how Six Flags had the exact same problems to contend with and figured it out at all of their parks... I'm not going to be as hard on BGW as I've been on Cedar Fair. They also opened all winter and threw the maintenance schedules for a loop and back when they finalized details for this event the park hadn't been as crowded. People got vaccinated fast and the demand rose very quickly. That said, how many people would it honestly take to open Loch Ness and Tempesto? The answer at Six Flags would be like 7 or 8 people total. Nobody would question it if the water rides, Skyride, the indo
  4. Wicked Cyclone hasn't declined. Sometimes at the end of the ride it runs slower based on weather / time of day or whatever (all coasters do this of course but it's a pretty noticeable difference with this one) and that's been true since the day it opened but even then I've never had a bad ride on it.
  5. I'm still just waiting for them to open their other coasters and rides that have already existed in the park for years. Thankfully Alpengeist is officially open every weekend now. Progress I guess...
  6. The fact that you thought that just because you were going to Six Flags New England this year and Goliath is located in that park meant that you were going to get to ride it is actually adorable.
  7. I have a tough time getting to parks early when it’s Orlando or something where you have to be at Animal Kingdom at like 7:15 but when there’s a time change in your favor like with Great America and the park opens at 10:30 local time then I can be an early bird.
  8. Their October calendar is also hilariously stupid with them being closed every Sunday so I'd imagine the calendar is also a work in progress.
  9. For the record I don't understand why they would announce this in the morning when they know that the president is likely to relax guidelines later today anyway. From a PR perspective it would be so much easier to let the CDC announce this first and then say "In-line with new CDC guidance here is our new policy" rather than announce it first. Maybe they felt like playing a practical joke on their social media and PR people?
  10. Here are the official guidelines from the website. Link I love all of this. Masks work, but when everyone who wants a vaccine can pretty much get one it makes sense to phase them out in areas (see: outdoors). It should be noted that you still need to wear them where social distancing is not possible. PS: It seems like the president is expected to make a statement on this today anyway and the park will probably just be falling in line with new guidance from the CDC.
  11. Congrats on riding Maxx Force. Based on what they’ve done elsewhere on the chain this seems to be the methodology they use to determine what rides load all rows. - If a state recently let them open they run a lot of rides where they don’t load all rows so that they can pretend that they care for awhile. Sure, other rides in the chain with the same ride vehicles have been loading all rows for half-a-year but they’re assuming that the people running these the states and making these rules are unfathomably stupid. They assume this because the people running these states and making these
  12. Luckily any day now Lightning Rod is probably due to launch a wheel into a mountain or spontaneously combust or something so we can stop talking about covid...
  13. Great report! I'm glad you enjoyed Stringray so much. We only got one ride on it, I wish I had time to get a few more...
  14. There's no way to really answer those questions. You're taking a gamble no matter what. If you lived in the US I would tell you to book immediately since we don't know how many they plan to sell (it's probably less than normal) but since you're also hoping for international travel restrictions to change knowing that you could be out hundreds of dollars if they don't that does complicate things. It's totally up to you.
  15. I have no clue what kind of mental gymnastics people are doing to make a perfectly flat huge park with tons of space a "challenging location". They just really want this coaster at Cedar Point so they can get off it and immediately film a hype vlog where they declare it the 7th best coaster in the park.
  16. Cedar Point is a great choice. A totally flat park with tons of land is notoriously difficult to build on, plus if they do a coaster like Smiler it can easily break the record for most wind closures in a single season.
  17. Six Flags is going to open their park as much as possible to as many people as possible as soon as possible. That's been their playbook chain-wide throughout. Right now it looks like they're close-to-full and likely to end up totally booked every day for awhile so there's no harm in keeping the restriction as long as it doesn't impact them and makes it look like they're being careful but the second they feel like lifting it will make them more money, they will. I expect them to do it very soon.
  18. No Six Flags park in America has made much effort to enforce their covid policies since they reopened. I don't know why you would expect otherwise after seeing this at park after park for the last ten months now. I'm not saying that it should be that way but you should have gone in expecting that as an educated consumer who frequents a theme park forum.
  19. People are generally over it and even parks that did a great job with covid protocols last summer are struggling now. The data coming out now is highlighting just how insanely rare outdoor transmission is with even incredibly left-leaning publications calling for an end to outdoor mask mandates (and I'm someone who is generally very pro-mask but data is data) but if that doesn't put you at-ease then I would not recommend that you visit a park right now. Most parks don't have enough staff to enforce this and compliance is going to get worse every day from here-on-out.
  20. Rules like this are why people are sick of all of these covid restrictions. Someone from Yuma who is fully vaccinated and got their second shot in February can go to SeaWorld because they have some whales and ride coasters or they can go to the San Diego Zoo and ride the Skyway but they can't go to Magic Mountain because they're more of a risk than someone who's not vaccinated who just flew to LA from Sacramento to go to the park and never got tested? ...k
  21. "Select attractions" probably means "Whatever we can staff" and they might not even know until last minute.
  22. I agree with that and agree that it would be stupid for Marineland to buy Silver Comet and I don't actually think that it will happen BUT Marineland is also run by insane people and nothing that they do would surprise me too much because the fact that something is an objectively terrible idea is not a deterrent to them.
  23. You generally have to get wet to explore a beaver dam so that one checks out. Otherwise... not sure.
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