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  1. Queue times shows it as open today though, so crisis averted. Are you really going there on purpose? Explain yourself
  2. So is anyone else kind of confused as to what Disney is doing right now? While most parks including Universal are using Virtual lines less often and bumping up capacity to at-or-near 100%, Disney is doing... well... this... (The only park available on any yellow day this month is Epcot) The next day that all parks are available for day-guests is July 31st. Also, Bob Chapek stated on a recent conference call that virtual queues and park reservations are here to stay. It seems like this may go beyond just being overly cautious with covid and they may actually be trying
  3. ... and everyone in the parade will be making $20 an hour so I expect about 2 floats.
  4. The problem is that any day that would be expected to be super-dead means you now run the risk of them taking your money, not answering the phone and closing the park for staffing. I guess a healthy medium where they won’t close but won’t be 100% slammed is like a Wednesday in July.
  5. If I ran a park that operated for 9 1/2 months out of the year in a place where it snows and I was adding another hotel but a lot of the draw is already indoor shows I would just go on an indoor-ride-building-binge and then go year-round like BGW.
  6. My birthday isn't for a few months but I just wanted to let the forum know that this would be a great gag gift for me.
  7. They’re down to 5 haunted houses? Didn’t they used to have way more than that? I’m thinking they had one kind-of across from Gwazi, one in the Gwazi station, that zombie bullshit near Cheetah Hunt in that building that was probably used for something once but I have no clue what, like 2 houses in Gwazi Park, Black Spot, Deathwater Bayou and one by the wild mouse... right? Maybe I’m confusing a few different years and one or two of those weren’t there at the same time but still... What happened over there?
  8. I really do have a much higher opinion of Kings Island and Knott's than the rest of the chain right now.
  9. The Kings Island Fireworks show is the worst Fireworks show that I've ever seen in my life. Absolutely... 100%, no contest.
  10. If you’re nervous about some rides, are G Force loads really the reason why? Lot’s of people mention Sheikra, and sure... it probably pulls less Gs than the other coasters at Busch Gardens but it also dangles you over a vertical drop 200 feet in the air and holds you there. Is that okay with you? For many, it’s probably the scariest coaster in Florida. It just depends what you’re worried about. Honestly I feel like you can just ride every B&M in Florida if you’ve been on Wild Eagle. Montu is probably the most intense, but Montu is also glass smooth. Mostly everyone seems to love
  11. They got rid of all of the dilapidated buildings? Wow, walking through a park with zero buildings is going to be weird.
  12. You don't need a ton of tips but I guess maybe ride Twisted Timbers first and Apple Zapple (since it's right there) and then Flight of Fear early since they're very low capacity rides and sometimes lines can get long. Not sure of your age or if you can / like to drink but if you do, I recommend the Parched Pig by the log flume. If you're getting Fastlane, ride Anaconda early as it's not on it or don't ride it all because it sucks. Your call...
  13. Between this being picked up on Reddit and these comments here I regret ever posting it. I just thought it was funny. There doesn't need to be an investigation. It's RMC not Jeff Henry who was insane in every way that someone can be insane. Nobody is questioning why the dummy flew out because it's a glorified water balloon like this. It's not a molded plastic dummy. Also there are two of these that have run for years with even more insane pacing and the same restraints. They know what they're doing, JFC
  14. Friendly reminder that daily ops start Friday! Daily ops at California's Great America start... never. Was this just a cheap excuse to rip on Cedar Fair some more? The world may never know.
  15. This is all a bit of an overreaction. I'm assuming that the reason Kentucky Kingdom's rule only applies to people under the age of 16 is that they're hiring 16-year-olds to run their rides on their employment page as we speak. They do have some positions for 14-year olds but not many of them seem to be unfilled on the website and they don't seem to be as desperate for staff as Cedar Fair parks are. It would be a weird look to tell people that they don't trust 16-year-olds to go to the park without starting a riot but they 100% trust them to operate multi-million-dollar rides full of
  16. It’s not the type of water dummy that you’re probably thinking of that’s hard plastic. It’s the kind that’s probably cheaper and basically a giant water balloon. The dummy itself was probably the issue since they just kept sending it all day.
  17. This park is so weird, even by Fun Spot standards. Absolutely nothing that they do would surprise me from a small family coaster to a Raptor to a ground up RMC woodie. The first one makes the most sense but it's Fun Spot so I don't know...
  18. Weird about the one ride vehicle... it's almost as-if they realized that forcing the park that bought it to needlessly hire at least one additional employee to staff a second station at all times that exists for no reason was a feature that nobody wanted.
  19. I know nothing about this but my gut is heavily leaning towards this...
  20. They don't actually care. They're doing the bare-minimum to pacify elected officials and they don't expect these rules to be around for long anyway.
  21. After they finish removing this they should complete the Riddler's Revenge area ride-removal trifecta then...
  22. And 2018... and 2017... and 2016... and 2015... I'm sure any day now they'll throw one on there.
  23. Great Adventure re-opening that ride without marketing it would be cool, but totally unexpected. I'll believe it when I see it but I guess crazier things have happened.
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