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  1. We went to the park yesterday and had an awesome time. We met up with JRice, El Toro_Ryan and some of their friends and for the first time in years got Platinum Flash Passes and got to act like ballers in our home park. I won't make a habit of that but it was a blast, and we did have some free one-time upgrades with our passes that we got to use. Just a few cliff notes: - We got to watch a few Jersey Devil Test runs. The ride hauls ass. It hauls so much ass that we watched it throw a test dummy into the woods. They clearly weren't concerned as they kept cycling it with one empty sea
  2. Loving the optimism. I hope you’re right. As for Monstre, it’s absolute garbage and it’s just a giant waste of space. I feel like an RMC is almost inevitable if for no other reason than to save them money maintaining it. Or they could leave it rotting forever like half of the other things in the park. Lol I really do think RMC is coming eventually though. It’s just begging for it...
  3. Cedar Point should pay people a premium to work there. Unless you love the industry and have aspirations of moving up within it, why else would you work at Cedar Point? - For most jobs, there are no benefits. - Your hours are inconsistent and range from being overworked in the summer to barely working at all in the fall. - Your job ends on November 1st, at which time (if you live in the area) you have to look for a job at the same time as everyone else who just lost their job at Cedar Point. Then if you find one and get settled there you have to quit again next year to apply for
  4. I’m seeing a lot of reports on Twitter from people who purchased Fastlane for those days that the park is refusing to issue refunds and only exchanges. Hopefully they correct that and it’s just a communication error.
  5. Nice to see the bit about Cedar Point paying all employees $20 per hour. That's actually awesome. See... I said something nice. (Steel Vengeance is totally closing at 4:30 all season long now though).
  6. How it started: - Investor Call 2 Weeks Ago How it's going:
  7. Hey but on the plus side, they managed to find a few people to open their floorless coaster today. Baby steps...
  8. I expect all theme parks and tourist destinations to be extra packed all summer or longer based on pent-up demand from last year. That's just my guess though.
  9. The park calendar has always shown them as open but the reservation calendar has shown them as full for those days, which they're obviously not. They've now restricted all hotels for those days also, though they haven't shut off campgrounds for the moment.
  10. Great report! I agree with your review of Velocicoaster other than the part about getting enough rides to have bruises. I wouldn't know and I'm only moderately jealous. lol I also agree about Bourne. It's hard for me to even express in words how much I didn't care when they announced it. I'd never be bothered to watch the movies and it's just not my kind of thing on paper. The only reason we did it is because @JRice92 wanted to and it blew our minds to the point where we go and see it on every visit now. The tech is just ridiculous.
  11. I've had a couple responses typed up... I've deleted them because I don't want to seem like all I ever do is pile on but I will say that what's hilarious is that they were so confident in their ability to staff the place that they planned to open Cedar Point shores daily from the 12th on and now they're not even sure if they can open either park. Aside from that I won't say a word. I'll just paste this bit from the conference call. Can't wait for the new boat ride that needs like 12 -15 staff members. When does that open? Next weekend? Cool...
  12. Eh... Superman being closed would totally be a dealbreaker for me on SFA. It's not that great of a park and it's clearly the best thing there.
  13. Cedar Point has updated their guidelines yet again to state that you basically don’t have to wear masks anywhere unless you’re over the age of 10 and not vaccinated, though obviously they’re not checking. Mask wearing is still recommended indoors for everyone but not required and is also recommended in extremely crowded places like the guest relations complaint line for the last 3 hours of each operating day after they close all of the rides.
  14. We bailed on a Bizarro stair wait on opening day since we realized that we wouldn't be off the ride for 45 minutes. The crew is always atrocious but this year is a special case. Put me in the camp of people who would rather see them run 2 trains than leave people on the brake run for 15 minutes.
  15. Slime Streak's trains need to be launched into the sun. I don't care about the track.
  16. I've shifted from going to the lowest capacity rides first to going to the rides that I really want to ride first in most cases, especially in this case. If Lightning Rod is open, ride it immediately before it's next routine catastrophic mechanical failure that leaves it closed for 3 months.
  17. They seem to be taking an under-promise and over-deliver approach right now. Tempesto and Loch Ness were open this weekend despite not being on the website at all. Alpengeist also ran on at least a few weekdays last week. It seems like it's all based on staffing. The first weekend in June is also a different event. I don't expect this to be an issue then, but yeah... if you're going Sunday then ride everything then anyway.
  18. So how early have they been cutting ride lines? It seems like they’ve been posting a wait time until park close for everything in the app even after they close the rides to get people to walk over there and give them one final kick in the balls on the way out. I love that actual news stations are dragging them for their horrible opening weekend. I don’t really feel bad for anyone who went in with unreasonable expectations as this happens every single year, but I enjoy watching them get called out for it.
  19. I love what this company has done lately but 2 of the trains aren't even on the track, I don't believe it's ever completed a single test run (and if it has, at least 2 of the trains have never cycled) and Memorial Day weekend is in 2 weeks.
  20. If they open this ride in two weeks it will be an absolute shitshow and probably won't have all of it's trains running since only 2 of them are even on the track. I would be shocked if they do that, though they are Six Flags and probably don't care about any of those things.
  21. I wouldn't be shocked to see testing but I would be absolutely shocked if the ride opens memorial day weekend.
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