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  1. Good Afternoon TPR! I have again went back to Arid Heights to do some revamping on some coasters nothing new but something cooler then ever! I have redesigned the Togo Stand Up Mummy with a Cobra Roll Innelman Dive & Corkscrew into a nicer stand up but in real life it could be a brutal togo i know! SCR24.BMP And the Arrow 4th Dimension Wings of Horus! I have added a new element to the near end where the Pyramid Dip is which was the only place I could do it! I built a butterfly wing dive which took about four tries to get good ratings but now wings of horus is a exciting bett
  2. Good Morning TPR! I just went back to Megaworld Park as the largest coaster capitol park of colorado to only update two of the coasters & some pathing which I know I crammed with stacked rides for fun only but here are the updates! Right where the Dinn Spaghetti Bowl Woodie Rotting Lumber is I built that B&M Vertical Drop/Gerstlaurer Spin off Terrain inside of a hill & on hillside which is Groundhog built in 2016 I made the ride a bit longer & added another inversion as its a much better ride now but the seems so scary being built inside & out of the ground as a very i
  3. Good Morning TPR! I have just did some updates for Crumbly Woods revamped couple of my rides & built something small and new! I have rebuilt the Steel Red Fox into a Steel Phantom like with a long drop but too fast or too intense as arrow are! Ride looks much better now as Crumbly Woods has two coasters with long steep drops a Arrow Mega Looper & a Morgan Hyper! SCR10.BMP I redesigned the B&M Vertical Drop which is a Spin Off of a Gerstlaurer Eurofighter into a much better coaster now with interlocking loops! SCR13.BMP Just something small but big to
  4. Good Morning TPR I have did another small update for Scream World and I have built the most impossible wooden inverted coaster that was shown long time ago that was never built so I built in in RCT2 by using wooden supports and named it Puppet Master in 2039 as the Worlds First & Only Wooden Inverted Coaster! Here is the wooden inverted coaster no inversions just some big drops and swipes a fun ride! Now Scream World has two types of inverted coasters a B&M Looping & a unknown wooden inverted coaster! SCR26.BMP Scream World.SV6 Here is the new file!
  5. Good Afternoon TPR Happy Halloween & Thanksgiving to you all! Sorry I haven't been showing any which i don't hardly have anything to build much anymore! But I have went back to razor rocks again & built two new coasters recreated some selected prebuilt coasters! The first screen is a Custom B&M Teardrop Inverted Coaster named Empire Express as the tallest fastest & longest inverted coaster in the grand canyon! I liked the selected design from the menu which the ratings wasn't good & no room in the park so I built my own version & made it spaced out! SCR18.BMP
  6. Hello Good Mafternoon TPR! This is just a topic about some RCT2 Parks that I been looking for & miss very much! I been looking fir this Six Flags Over Georgia RCT2 Recreation from years ago that doesn't have the Goliath Coaster then this awesome Six Flags Xtreme Canada RCT2! Also I been looking for some other RCT2 Parks from this long gone RCTTOWN Site something like Six Flags Great Thrills Six Flags TTD2 & i remember Coaster Net had a lot of RCT2 Parks Six Flags Buckeye Lake & Bermuda Lake! Just wondering if anybody has these RCT2 Park Files! Thanks!
  7. Good Afternoon TPR! I have some good news & some bad news for you for Coaster Crazy! Well I was able to build only one new coaster for Coaster Crazy before I have ran out of money as the sob trainer wore off as it is much of a thrilling amusement park & most of it all terrain & underground built though as the most beautiful terrain amusement park! Well I built a one of a kind special terrain S&S Air Powered Coaster I have thought the park would needed! And I am very happy the way it turned out thought it took me ten times to build at some different spaces while i had less money
  8. Good Afternoon TPR! I have went back to Geoffrey Gardens again & gave it another try to build a water slide with very high ratings & i did this time though it took only two times & a few crashes trough some big dips but finally again Geoffrey Gardens has a terrain water coaster slide to add as a thriving attraction in the Northeast! SCR7.BMP And here is the area where the water slide was first built where the Spaceship & Raging Fire are located! SCR15.BMP Closer to the new built water slide! A bit the same long as the longest & only water slide in the Northeast!
  9. Good Afternoon TPR! I have went back to Octagon Park to add something very special to the park to make the park a bit of a collection! SCR31.BMP And here it is the Dark Purple Colored Arrow Suspened named the Cathexis from the Scenario Aderaline Heights that I thought I would rebuild as its inspired by the Original Kings Island Bat from 1981 that failed! I have built a arrow suspended like that bat but this one is very similar & different! Octagon Park.SV6 Here is the new file enjoy!
  10. Good Afternoon TPR! I have again went back to Magic Quarters to add something special to the best theme park ever as a special hidden gem to the park! My bad lol! SCR26.BMP And here is the very special Portable Chance Toboggan Ride that first opened with the park in 1968 as the only one left operating in the world! Now Magic Quarters has many Carnival Rides Games & Collections of Roller Coasters of it's kind since it's magical opening 1968 Boerne Texas! And I used the vertical drop coaster to build a toboggan coaster like which is pretty intense but a very popular ride & in real l
  11. Good Afternoon TPR! I have went back to Pacific Pyramids again & built something small & big inspired by Luna Park's Thunderbolt! SCR14.BMP It doesn't look pretty but fun as my park is always crammed with all sorts of rides! Named Spear of Horus in 2030 by Zamperla! Pacific Pyramids.SV6 Here is a new file enjoy!
  12. Good Afternoon TPR! It was a rainy week here in Texas & in the meantime I had again went back to Magic Quarters to create some more magical rides! And now Magic Quarters is the most creative beautiful theme park ever seen with good selection of roller coasters! SCR1.BMP Here is the new magical overview as the park is now crammed as it has always been as most of my parks are! The rating was suddenly dropping to 700 & since I built these new rides the rating has went back to 999! But Magic Quarters is much more bigger & better now! SCR6.BMP As we get closer we see someth
  13. Good Afternoon TPR! I just went back to Southern Sands to build a couple of new rides & a redesign of a selected track ride! SCR4.BMP New fresh colorful overview of Tucson's Southern Sands Amusement Park from 1990! SCR5.BMP As we get closer to the overview! We see two interesting giant vekoma coasters! One is another Tilt Coaster as the only two built! And the other is a new selected track ride from the selections! SCR13.BMP At the front entrance of the park above! A Vekoma Tilt Coaster is built as the longest tallest & fastest one ever built as the Deactivator in 2005 a
  14. Good Afternoon TPR! I have went back to Karts & Coasters & had completely done a big expansion with some special made twister coasters custom made & inspired from pre selected rides of my own made I thought of redesigning! SCR2.BMP The overview now looks much bigger & a bit colorful! Karts & Coasters has many unique collection of rides as a one of a kind of any amusement park in the world! SCR8.BMP Does look a bit colorful & more thrilling doesn't it? SCR9.BMP Part of the big expansion also something similar from one of the pre selected tracks! SCR11.
  15. Good Afternoon! I have been complying with things right now & while i just thought I would do a little more work on my Leafy Lake! SCR2.BMP Here is a new overview of the World's & Texas oldest amusement park with the only last remaining classic rides from the old centuries to the 1970s since 1803! SCR5.BMP Just revamped a couple of coaster i last time built & built a few new rides! SCR11.BMP We see something different over here! The Black Dragon looks like it has gotten bigger! SCR22.BMP The first new but old ride is just a custom double looping coaster that I j
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