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  1. Well suddenly the tpr game exchange went back down with a white screen saying (Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; DBManager has a deprecated constructor in /home/themepar/public_html/game_exchange/includes/config.php on line 38) Here are the three rct2 parks with pictures of what they look like that I'm looking for hoping for Euro World (themeparksbuzz) Glenwood Park Modernized (rocketman1219) Pelican Bay (cyrbuzz) in case if anybody has them here and could if so post them on here since i can't find them anywhere else! Thanks so much and sorry!
  2. Hello TPR! This is just a small message and since the game exchange has went back down saying! Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; DBManager has a deprecated constructor in /home/themepar/public_html/game_exchange/includes/config.php on line 38 Here are the three rct2 parks that I been looking for hoping for with pictures I founded on here and saved in case if anybody knows anything or has them to post on here and what they look like! 1.Euro World (themeparksbuzz) 2.Glenwood Park Modernized (rocketman1219) 3.Pelican Bay (cyrbuzz) Thanks so much and sorry!
  3. Hello to anybody on here! So I clicked onto this game exchange link http://themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/ in announcing game exchange where it took me to all the rct download files I was so happy to see again but tried logging in there and says wrong password and tried to register again to see if I get any luck which I didn't! If I can ask if anybody on here can bring back fix the game exchange so that I can download the park files again that I liked so much that I will be so cheerful happy to have! Parks with usernames I'm looking for are 1.Glenwood Park Modernized by rocketman1219 2.Pelican Bay by cyrbuzz 3.Euro World by themeparksbuzz If anybody has these parks I'm looking for or if the game exchange can be somehow bought back fixed again I would really appreciate it sorry for the trouble anything thanks anyways!
  4. Well I looked around on my laptop and I founded this http://themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/ in announcing game exchange clicked on the link and somehow I was still not logged onto the game exchange when I still logged onto this main tpr site! Saw all park downloads again and founded the parks Glenwood Park Modernized by rocketman1219, Pelican Bay by cyrbuzz, and Euroworld by themeparksbuzz again and was happy to see them for a second until I tried to log in with my same codes for this site and says wrong password like really? Then tried logging in to see if i can get any luck or not which I didn't says page does not exist! That's very interesting and odd at the same time game exchange not halfway working! If anybody happens to have a chance of these three parks I'm looking for or if anybody can fix bring back the game exchange on here so that I can download the parks I liked so much again! Thanks so much!
  5. http://themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/ Hello sorry for the trouble or anything! I just clicked on the tpr game exchange link and it took me to the game exchange site where I was not logged in on! Founded all downloads and the parks I wanted to look for Glenwood Park Modernized rocketman1219, Pelican Bay cyrbuzz, Euro World themeparksbuzz, tried downloading them took me to login or register typed in my username password then says wrong password im like what? Then tried to register to see if i can get any luck which I didnt too me to tpr main page sorry page doest not exist! If you or anybody on here can really fix bring back the game exchange so I can download the parks I like again I would really appreciate it thanks so much!
  6. Hello! Since the TPR Game Exchange has been down! I'm looking for some rct2 park from the game exchange if anybody can help or not! 1.Pelican Bay by cyrbuzz 2.Glenwood Park Modernized by rocketman1219 3.Euro World by themeparksbuzz 4.Forlindon by Coalinghe any versions Thanks anyways!
  7. Hello again! Anybody on here have any old rct2 park files from TPR Game Exchange? Parks im looking for are 1.Pelican Bay by cyrbuzz 2.Glenwood Park Modernized by Rocketman1219 3,Euro World by themeparksbuzz 4,Forlindon by Coalinghe any versions Thanks anyways for anything!
  8. What ever happened to the TPR Game Exchange? In case does anybody have any of the tpr game exchange park files from there? Parks from TPR Game Exchange I'm looking for are 1.Pelican Bay by (cyrbuzz) 2.Glenwood Park Modernized by (rocketman1219) 3,Euro World by (themeparksbuzz) 4.Forlindon any versions by (Coalinghe) Thanks anyways!
  9. Hello! If you are available or not! I downloaded your park years ago from the game exchange then the exchange sadly went away and can't find it anymore if you don't mind can you upload the Euro World file on here so that I can see it again? Thanks!
  10. Yes it was me on new element asking this question I'm very sorry for the trouble and anything I did I understand the past is the past and mist all good things are gone came to and end as I did ask this on new element and didn't get hardly any luck on there! So very sorry!
  11. Hello to anyone on here tpr! So I know the game exchange is gone for so long and how what! But I thought I would come by here to ask if anybody has these two old rct2 parks from the game axchange! Glenwood Park modernized by rocketman1219 Pelican Bay by Cyrbuzz if anybody has these two rct2 park can you please upload them on here if you don't mind! Thanks anyways!
  12. Hello there Rocketman1219! If your available anywhere or anytime if you don't mind! The TPR Game Exchange has been down most of the time and had lost your Glenwood Park Modernized a while back and can't find your parks anywhere alse! If you don't mind and you please upload ypur glenwood park files on this forum here? Thanks so much god bless!
  13. Good Afternoon TPR! I have again went back to Arid Heights to do some revamping on some coasters nothing new but something cooler then ever! I have redesigned the Togo Stand Up Mummy with a Cobra Roll Innelman Dive & Corkscrew into a nicer stand up but in real life it could be a brutal togo i know! SCR24.BMP And the Arrow 4th Dimension Wings of Horus! I have added a new element to the near end where the Pyramid Dip is which was the only place I could do it! I built a butterfly wing dive which took about four tries to get good ratings but now wings of horus is a exciting better ride! In real life it could be rough like X/X2! SCR36.BMP New file enjoy! Arid Heights.SV6
  14. Good Morning TPR! I just went back to Megaworld Park as the largest coaster capitol park of colorado to only update two of the coasters & some pathing which I know I crammed with stacked rides for fun only but here are the updates! Right where the Dinn Spaghetti Bowl Woodie Rotting Lumber is I built that B&M Vertical Drop/Gerstlaurer Spin off Terrain inside of a hill & on hillside which is Groundhog built in 2016 I made the ride a bit longer & added another inversion as its a much better ride now but the seems so scary being built inside & out of the ground as a very inetnsive ride! SCR27.BMP Right where the Schwarzkopf Interlocking Looping Terrain Coaster is as the original from RCT1 there is always this Rickety Rockets that I liked well it kept crashing getting stuck somehow & had to rebuild it & now its a much taller & faster ride as less guests ride it Im pleased with it now half is an outdoor ride & the other half is a underground coaster! SCR29.BMP Heres a new file enjoy! Megaworld Park.SV6
  15. Good Morning TPR! I have just did some updates for Crumbly Woods revamped couple of my rides & built something small and new! I have rebuilt the Steel Red Fox into a Steel Phantom like with a long drop but too fast or too intense as arrow are! Ride looks much better now as Crumbly Woods has two coasters with long steep drops a Arrow Mega Looper & a Morgan Hyper! SCR10.BMP I redesigned the B&M Vertical Drop which is a Spin Off of a Gerstlaurer Eurofighter into a much better coaster now with interlocking loops! SCR13.BMP Just something small but big too over the dueling s&s thrust air coasters I built a Junior Zierer which intends to be a Molinda & Sons kiddie coaster like Kennywoods Lil Phantom to Phantoms Revenge! So I named it Little Green Thing 2000 to Green Thing 1999! SCR18.BMP Here is new file enjoy! Crumbly Woods.SV6
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