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  1. So for all the hate that Intamin gets when it is okay to talk about the fact that they soft opened a 70 MPH multi-launcher for the first time Friday afternoon and since then it's operated every day with zero breakdowns. Zero... I also understand that any downtime it does have may not be due to a breakdown since it's just in soft openings and it could be weather related also but it's not having any downtime whatsoever. None. In that time it's actually been the most reliable adult coaster on property. Three days is a very small sample size, but the fact that it's a BRAND NEW Intamin mu
  2. If they went through the trouble of removing it from the map, it's 100% closed forever. I know that the Six Flags website is loaded with inconsistencies and errors but if they go through the trouble of proactively changing maps or updating brand new verbiage they didn't do that just to mess with people.
  3. I can't wait to see how many cars they run on a spinning coaster.
  4. Remember when Six Flags took over and people thought it would be amazing and we all laughed at them for it? How is that going?
  5. This is kind of fun. Mine is unimpressive in every way that something can be unimpressive... 3,626 miles. RC Racer at Disneyland Paris.
  6. They have so many empty areas already. I expect this to be a straight budget cut. Will they replace it some day? Maybe... but I don't think they closed it for any other reason than it's an expensive ride to operate.
  7. Jersey Devil update... Source: Six Flags Great Adventure on Twitter
  8. So a few years ago they had 3 water rides and they removed all but the worst one? ... cool
  9. Kingda Ka parks trains over there constantly. They also use it when they run 3 trains so that when the ride breaks every 2 cycles they can take any trains that had been dispatched but haven't launched yet and roll them backwards into the other station to unload them while they fix it so they can load 2 more trains and then break it again. They use the switch track all the time, just not during normal operation (though I would argue that the ride breaking is basically "normal operation"). If Golden Kingdom wasn't even open then I feel like it was closed for budget or staffing which is hone
  10. It's not. Every few years people see a test train launch while Zu is running and freak out. The rides will never run together.
  11. I'm going to assume that part of that is that they always understaff their parks anyway and at this point they're just very efficient in that regard. It's a frustration that I have with them in peak season but it's also a skill that other chains just don't have and it often hurts them a lot (See: Cedar Point on a Halloweekends Friday being entirely unable or unwilling to run rides with smaller crews to ensure that they can open everything).
  12. Hulk has the single rider line open and trains are being filled within rows to 100% capacity. You love to see it...
  13. A few updates: The Temperature Check Tent at SeaWorld Orlando is gone. Social distancing has been changed to 3 feet For those following along, this is a 3 foot reduction from what the sign used to say but a 3 foot increase from the typical level of social distancing that has occurred at SeaWorld since reopening last year. The second part doesn't really matter since this will not be followed by anyone but it will probably raise their self-imposed guest cap if they even still have one which they probably don't and even if they do they never hit it anyway. Source
  14. I'm not sure what the average is, but that's a totally reasonable number of people for a park of that size. Also, I haven't skimmed the conference call transcript and it may not even be online yet, but it was announced that year-round operations for dry parks is here to stay.
  15. Bump... I skimmed the Q1 conference call so you don't have to. Here are some brief highlights. I highlighted some park-specific stuff for the uber-nerds that only care about that. - Total attendance for the quarter was 1.3 million guests, a 38% decline from first quarter 2019 which makes sense with covid restrictions and with two year-round parks in California (one with daily ops in 2019) being closed for the entire quarter. Adjusted EBITDA for the quarter was a loss of $46 million compared to a loss of $32 million in the first quarter 2019 (largely for the same reasons). One thing t
  16. The capacity cap is 13,000 guests. Loch Ness Monster and Tempesto are still closed because... reasons.
  17. You can reserve as many days as you want. We reserved a ton in the winter and then if the weather didn't cooperate we would go in and cancel the ones we didn't plan to use so other people could have them.
  18. Was it ever really an “operating” attraction? That seems a bit generous.
  19. CLP with Blue Streak is also not enticing if it makes you feel any better...
  20. Yeah, it’s been closed for budget since the park reopened last year. I mean “because of Covid” as they say. They run the one at their San Diego park but though so I guess they just don’t care if their west coast guests die of covid by riding the best ride for social distancing ever invented.
  21. Oops. Good call on Sand Serpent. I literally forgot that it existed.
  22. Two full days at this park is a ton of time to go at a very leisurely pace. You don't need any strategy at all but yes, optimal strategy is probably Cheetah Hunt > Cobra's Curse > Scorpion and then just do whatever. In reality I would do Cheetah Hunt > Cobra's Curse > Montu since it's right there and will be a walk-on > Falcon's Fury if it's open so you can ride it before it breaks > Scorpion and then do whatever. Also, keep an eye on the Quick Queue prices. They tend to be cheap at this park. Even if they're higher now they may drop day-of, and I'd even check on th
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