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  1. RMC has truly done an outstanding job on the reinvention of Colossus and Wicked Cyclone I mean I am a true Intamin fanboy but I haven't even see one of their coasters where every inch of track just looks like WOW!!! imo. After the neutering of Rev and Colossus us SFMM fans have been crying for years that this park needs something with some airtime. We got Goliath but only came with one airhill some appreciate it others like me are like meh . RMC comes in and finally gives us Mountain dwellers something that looks like it will be airtime galore from the run to the lift hill to the pop up into the final break run looks like there will be airtime with twisty goodness added into the mix. Yes we can pick TC apart and say it could be taller, longer, this or that but what we actually have is looking great to me. I highly appreciate what RMC has done with TC and I truly can not wait to experience Twisted Colossus!!!
  2. I also agree with this!!! I was hoping for a steep straight drop like Goliath(SFGAm). SFMM has/had a chance to turn Colossus back into a major airtime machine, yet the more I hear the more it sounds like another inversion fest. Yeah there still maybe some airtime this is RMC, Im just sick of SFMM and inversions. The most I was hoping for inversion wise was maybe a Zero g stall not a twisted mass of loops and barrel rolls.
  3. Oh well I'm wrong I305 track is on the back of a flat bed so I guess it is possible that track was seen today!!!
  4. What I don't understand is how can you see Green Intamin track on the freeway through a shipping container??? Doesn't all Intamin track come from over seas??? Have they started using a manufacturer in the US like B&M?
  5. Intamin is a maintenance nightmare well if you think you can make a 10/12,000 horsepower hydraulic motor launch a multi-ton train perfectly every time or have a single cable tow a multi-ton train up a 300+ foot hill perfectly every time I'm sure Intamin would love to have your expertise in their company. I love how enthusiast love to rag on Intamin yet they are always at the top of the coaster rankings for them to be such are horrible company it sure hasn't stopped amusement parks all over the world from buying them just look at 2013 there are 8 Intamins to 2 B&M and with that said... I am hoping KI get's an Intamin Giga or a longer more bad a$$ version of Maverick!!!
  6. How is this a prototype this is a Lifthill based coaster with 14 inversions manufacturers have been using chain lifts and making inversions for decades, their is nothing new about the Smiler beside it having 14 inversions which all of them have been done before. Yet Intamin get's creamed for creating 400+ foot coasters with never done before on a coaster hydraulic launches, 300+ foot lift hills with cable lifts if they don't work perfect every time, yet Gerstlauer has failed to get a coaster open using tried and proven tech and the excuse is it's a prototype
  7. ^Yes I have many times and it was not the pushing, shoving, punching, borderline riot that I guess some of you have experienced I guess I've just been getting lucky for over 20+ years of going to this place.
  8. Oh yawn the record playing of SFMM is a ghetto dump warzone is played out, I've been going to this park for over 20+ years and it is not near bout as bad as you guys make it out to be. Anyways I'm not trying to argue I just think the buses will work out much better then you guys think they will and will be much better then those old smelly slow bumpy trams that they've been using. I guess we all will see how they work out this summer whether it's good or bad
  9. Wow I'm surprised to see so many psychics in one place, since so many can see the future disaster of SFMM bus/trams operations can you also see and tell me if an Intamin Giga is in SFMM future and the disaster of operations it will bring if any
  10. Wow just wow after seeing this and then seeing SFMMs Full Throttle I'm just sick to my stomach lol This looks like everything Full Throttle should have been but it's not Oh well looks like Liseberg is getting a great coaster all the more reason to save up for TPRs Scandi 2014 trip
  11. Looks very nice loving all the airtime or potential for airtime I'm seeing in that layout.
  12. ^ You got what I was going for with the double corkscrew Thanks for the feedback guys!!!
  13. Rumors are running rampant with the removal of Perilous Plunge everything has been rumored to be going into that spot. So here's my take on the Dive Machine idea/rumor/speculation :O) Stats: 215 feet tall, with a 200 foot 90* vertical drop, 2808 feet in length, 73 mph max speed. Elements: 128 foot tall Immelman Loop , 110 foot tall high speed Overbanked Turn, DOUBLE CORKSCREW!!! at 77 and 65 feet tall , 40 foot negative G speed hill.
  14. Looks like they are wasting no time saw this posted to Knotts Network Facebook page Photo Credit goes to Timothy Dennison
  15. Hmm...Skyrush is built over water!!! I refuse work work myself up into another Full throttle meltdown lol, so I'm keeping my sights low, like on splash battle low . So if it does turns out to be one of the goodies you guys are speculating about I will be overjoyed, I mean who wouldn't wan't a launched eurofighter hyper dive machine
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