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  1. I just found out that this huge Meisho jet coaster that was SBNO is now back in operation!! rcdb.com/3692.htm?p=0 Can someone go there to get a onride video of it?
  2. Kwansong Yolcha has a good open station with no people. rcdb.com/3692.htm?p=36296 Dragon King has a good station to build. rcdb.com/1701.htm?p=14869
  3. I am 21 and autistic so that is probably why I love playgrounds so much.
  4. I really want to go to this huge playground for 2013.
  5. I just got my last Playworld Systems playground credit and my last water slide credit for 2012! I am hoping to get lots of new playground credits next year. I will also be installing a new very heavy duty 190 foot zipline to replace the 88 foot SBNO zipline that has been abandoned in my woods for years.
  6. http://familypennypincher.blogspot.com/2012/03/manderach-memorial-playground.html I am a 21 year old HUGE playground fan. I try to go on a playground, any playground when ever I can. I will even go on a playground in 38 degrees cold weather or 98 degree weather! The Manderach-Memorial-Playground is really high on my playground bucket list even though I am 21!
  7. My parents are going to order supplies from ziplinegear.com for my future 190 foot zipline. It is replacing the abandoned SBNO 88 foot zipline that is in the edge of my woods. The old zipline will eventually become defunct. I already have the Quicksilver trolley from ziplinegear.com and want to buy a cyclone seat disc swing for my new zipline.
  8. Roller Soaker looked lamer than a Japanese jet coaster. I really hope that the park can put in a trap door looping slide.
  9. I hope they put in a looping waterside, mat racer water slide Polin waterside or a boomerang water slide to replace roller soaker. I already got the credit years ago when the ride seemed to less trimmed.
  10. I hope they let you make coasters that launch off at over 17,500 MPH instantly and travel 200 miles up into the sky while incinerating the riders.
  11. Here is a classic out and back wooden coaster that I am working on.
  12. I have sent the owner a message telling him that I want to ride the wooden coaster, where in the USA is it and it is made for adults?
  13. I see that the later part of the track looks newer and has thicker rails, like it was re tracked. The car sounds better when it reaches the newer/retracked part of the track and not so dangerous sounding.
  14. It makes a crunching, crashing "sounds like it is falling apart" noise when you are riding.
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