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  1. ^ and ^^ Thanks guys! I hope you like the finished product just as much Anyway, finished it up late last night! Check out the video: And here are some photos of the finished project: Tempest in Game Exchange Tempest is a lake-side B&M hyper coaster featuring a station fly-by, two double-downs, loads of air time, and a 84 degree drop. Height: 245 ft, Length: 5740 ft, Max Speed: 82 mph. Queue entrance and station. More queue. Station. Underside of station. Threading the gap Station-area overview. 245 feet up. Out-and-back section. Out-and-back section from different angle. Turnaround, MCBR, double-down, and final helix. Overview of coaster. Editor track layout.
  2. Hey all, So this has been my main project for the past couple weeks, but I keep running into snags and end up doing something else out of frustration lol. So I'm posting this basically to force me to finish the coaster. I'm not one to really make coasters of this size, but I figured it's about time I try and take a swing at a B&M hyper (and I ended up getting really invested in the layout I drew out, which ended up being longer than I had anticipated lol). I tried to keep it pretty faithful to B&M's usual style/shaping (especially with their hypers), but some of my personal style definitely seeped through, giving it an unusual composition... but that's okay since I find that the stereotypical B&M hyper can be rather cut and dry when you're only watching it in a simulator and not actually riding it. Inspiration includes: -Shambhala -Diamondback -Leviathan -Apollos Chariot Stats: Height: 254 ft. Length: 5740 ft. Max. Speed: 82 MPH Steepness of Drop: 85 degrees --Featuring not one, but TWO double-downs! (You can never have enough). Those are all the stats you get for now On to the pictures! (Colors are incredibly temporary and I'm just starting to terraform) Le drop. Le drop from different angle.
  3. ^^ Thank you! And of course, thanks for commenting! ^ Do you really have access to that kinda data?! That would be freaking awesome! Though that might mean starting over lol. >__<
  4. Sweet, thank you! I'm glad to hear that; I'm really excited about FVD being mac compatible so I'll probably be using it primarily from now on.
  5. Hey all, So I realized a couple days ago that I have yet to try recreating a coaster, so this is my first attempt at it. I've long thought that Liseberg's Intamin accelerator, Kanonen, is probably the cutest (yet incredibly entertaining/thrilling) looking compact coaster out there, and figured it would make a fun recreation. Now I think it's important to note that I've never ridden Kanonen, and the only accelerator (hell, one of the only Intamins) that I've been on is Xcelerator at Knott's, and that was like 8 years ago (ergo, I don't remember it lol), so I estimated the forces (and therefore track shaping) with a basic knowledge of physics and design, and a keen eye with RCDB shots and POV's . Anyway, the track is pretty close to accurate, but needs a bit of tweaking in some spots (which will probably never happen since I've started supporting already). Furthermore, this is the first coaster (literally, first) I've made with FVD++ (I normally use Newton), so I was getting a feel for the software while also trying to get this coaster to do exactly what the real one does. To be honest, at the moment I still favor Newton 2, but I mean that's probably because I'm just more comfortable with Newton, and any new program has it's learning curves. I can definitely see where FVD has its strong points, and hell, I'm just stoked to be able to finally create tracks on my Mac and not have to go to my parents' house every time I want to make a coaster! Bahah Overall, it was a fun coaster to recreate and I'm more than happy with the result despite some minor discrepancies. I've noticed that when I work closely with a specific coaster (like for referencing, or in this case, recreating), I gain a deeper appreciation for the design and engineering that goes into that coaster, as you're forced to notice the small details and really start to understand some of the decisions that the engineers put into that coaster. I have nothing but respect for these companies and their employees and I love to see them continue to push the boundary of engineering. Clever, clever people. Anyway, enough talking: In FVD. And in the simulator. Had to remake this top hat a good 5 or 6 times. Some comparison shots. Both photos courtesy of RCDB.
  6. Just drove by the park today to check out Under Tow. Got some quick snaps from a cell phone. Enjoy!
  7. Hey everyone! I am super pleased to say that Gurubashi is finally done! Alright, so here's the spiel (I realize I'm repeating myself from earlier pages but it's been a while): This 'model' of floorless coaster was designed to utilize a long, narrow strip of land--ideal for traversing park borders or commercial spaces (like Hollywood Dream). In Gurubashi, the coaster was constructed in a dry river bed that cut through the park, utilizing land that was previously unused by the park. In other installations, the coaster features many opportunities for potential theming. Gurubashi is an example of how this model of floorless coaster would look in a crowded park, surrounded by buildings and other rides. I also want to note that there are definitely some sections where theming or trees intersect the train's path, but this is because of inflexibility in customization in the editor (I.E. can't trim foliage but want it to feel like dense jungle). The essence of the coaster still translates and that's what I'm most concerned about. Gurubashi: Manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard Height: 33m (108 ft) Max. Drop: 30m (98 ft) Max. Speed: 54 mph Length: 780m (2550 ft.) Trains: 2 Inversions: 5 - Dive Loop - Inclined Loop - "Moving" Zero-G Roll - Loop - Flatspin In addition to the coaster, the surrounding park includes: - A Giant Frisbee-type Ride (No Specific Manufacturer) - A Parachute-Drop Tower (Gondolas in maintenance ;P) - A Chance Rides Swinging "Plank" - An Action F/X Motion Simulator Theater - 2 Retail Locations - 2 Carnival Game Stalls - A food stall/shaded outdoor seating. - An Information Building While there are lots of photos, I encourage you all to download the file from the game exchange and explore the park yourself! Gurubashi in Game ExchangeA jungle-themed B&M floorless coaster. Inside of station. Backside of station. Entrance to the coaster. Part of the queue. I would have added a chain-link fenced painted black on the part that passes by the entrance of the loop if i had the option in no limits, so for now I'm pretending the coaster is built in a perfect parallel universe where stupid people who might line jump don't exist. ;P Fast-Pass queue entrance. Bathrooms! Creepy peeping. Chance rides Swinging "Plank". Coaster exit. The food stall with shaded outdoor seating. Carnival Game Stall. Parachute-Drop Ride. Frisbee Flat Ride. The Action F/X Theater! Information building towards the front of the park. Turnaround next to the information building. Overview. Overview in the other direction.
  8. ^ and ^^ Thanks!! I was going for the more modern look Glad it got across. Also wanted to note that I posted the video.
  9. Hey all, Wasn't originally going to create a whole thread for this coaster, but ended up spending a bit more time on it than I originally intended. Hopefully going to start getting some of my side projects posted; might turn this into the 'bassdirt side-project' thread and post em all in here ... Perhaps.. Anyway, here's Tianlong (the celestial/divine dragon in Chinese mythology), a Vekoma Flying Dutchman: http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2871 Height: 130 feet Length: 2750 feet Max. Speed: 56 mph Elements: Dive-bomb into Pretzel Loop Wingover Zero-G Roll Wingover with station fly-by Fly to Lie Corkscrew Lie to Fly Wingclip (it's a thing now ) Fly to Lie into break run Video: View of the 'plaza'. The station. Other side. Beautiful tangled web of steel... Side profile. Top profile. View entering the plaza.
  10. ^Thank you! I'm glad you like it Hey all, pretty big update here. First off, lucky for me, my roommate is taking a 3D modeling class this quarter, so I'm happy to say that I've been fooling around with all of that a lot and am excited to do this entire coaster's scenery in blender or sketchup. Anyway, I’ve been doing a bit of work on this coaster and (happily) made a complete theme change. I guess I’ll start with the storyline (for those who want to read it ;P) and then get to the coaster. Basically, Curse of Fellfall Wood is a coaster that will, hopefully, convey a story and a definitive progression of that story as the coaster travels through its course (not unlike Verbolten). Curse of Fellfall Wood tells the story of a man’s frenzied rampage through nearby villages and cities after he gets turned into a werewolf (or some sort of creature—I haven’t decided yet) and then the resolution of the curse, where he becomes human again. The ride begins in an apothecary lab (the station) where riders find out that they have just been turned into abominable beasts. Station yet to be made. The train cautiously leaves the station and quietly navigates through dense forest, only to arrive in a small, fledgling village. The werewolf careens its way through the village and over rooftops, only to eventually crash its way through the townhall… …where the werewolf launches itself out the back of the building and into a high-speed adventure through dark forest. The werewolf finds its way to a larger medieval city, continuing to terrorize the inhabitants. Most of the scenery that's here now will likely be replaced by 3D objects. For anyone familiar with Skyrim, I'm using Solitude's architectural style as a reference. The stengle dive crashes through the second floor of one of the houses (Hopefully will be complete with furniture when done)... ...and into a canal that runs through the city, dotted with bridges and obstructive walls. Eventually the canal leads into a grated sewer tunnel (shown here v ) which will then lead into the heart of a castle where the train will spiral up a staircase and out a sunroof... ...which will lead the train here. Ignore the jungle. And then the ride continues through the section that I already posted about, which is mostly forest. The train eventually re-enters the castle through a window, where the final launch is kept, and where the werewolf breaks the curse.
  11. Hey all, So I’m here with my new main project, but I also just want to say that I’m still working on Gurubashi, it’s just there is very little progress left to be made without using 3ds, and I’ve been procrastinating boot camping my computer, so once I do that I’ll be able to start working on that project again. Until then, I have been working on what is, in-a-way, my ‘dream’ coaster. Basically, I tried to give this coaster all the elements and styles I (key word here: “I” ) look for in a coaster: high speeds low to the ground, fast direction changing elements, high positive and negative G-forces, tasteful inversions, and a killer pace. Even still, I think this thing came out a little more intense than I had intended (not in a good way). Right now its jungle themed (the best ) but that’s likely to change (as well as the name, so I might need suggestions for themes/names). Think, Temple Run: The Ride lol. Despite being a ‘dream’ coaster, I tried to make the layout as realistic, yet unique, as possible, by choosing elements that have been implemented in already-existing layouts, tweaking some of them and then also implementing a few of my own concepts. In a way, I have to admit, I cant help but think that this is the coaster I had in mind while trying to make Voodoo, but didn’t posses the track manipulating abilities to really make the track do what I had in mind (in newton). Out of the station. Serene stroll through the jungle. For an idea of what the coaster should feel like, here are some coasters that heavily influenced Ha’Karí: -iSpeed -Maverick -Kanonen -Outlaw Run and Iron Rattler -Cheetah Hunt -Storm Runner -Speed Monster -Verbolten In my perfect world, every coaster would have a long, 'warm up' pre-lift/pre-launch section. ;P Stats: Max. Height: 54 m (165 ft.) Max. Speed: 71 mph Ride Length: 1725 m (5250 ft.) Max. Positive G's: 4.2 Max. Negative G's: -1.6 (-1.7 for an instant) Still the pre-launch. One of the only areas supported so far. Complete Layout: -“Introduction”/Pre-Launch -68 mph Launch -Elongated Air-time hill -Double-up into buckle -Stengle dive -??? -??? -Triple-up (with increasing intensity through each crest) -Upside-down air-time hill. -90° air time hill -??? -??? -??? -Brake run First Launch. Floater air close to the ground. Double up. High speed bückle ^__^ Twisty. 90 degree air time hill. Entrance into the 'upside down airtime hill'. And that airtime hill is hill #3 in the 'triple up'. Haaangtime.
  12. Thank's guys! I really appreciate the feedback, I'm glad you liked it. ^My friend literally just told me that too and can kinda see it, haha. That's kinda what I had in mind when rumors of Full Throttle surfaced :S But oh well, it looks fun regardless. Anyway, yeah sorry about the trees/bushes. I put all those there because I hate how making tunnels in the editor leaves the track traveling through the ground. I preferred the alternative of traveling through deep brush than through a wall of green
  13. Thanks, the track was built in Newton2. Also fixed the video, thanks for the heads up .
  14. Hi all, This is a coaster I started a while ago, but never really felt like I "finished". It was one of my first legitimate coaster projects and was still primarily just something I was screwing around with/trying out different things with, and while I would love to go back through and put the finishing touches on everything, I feel that my time would be better spent on other things (like my more recent projects), as the little time that I have left over from schoolwork has become quite valuable to me . Anyway, I figured I might as well post it since this is pretty much as 'done' as it's going to get (and because I stumbled across it the other day lol). Without further adieu, I present: Voodoo. Voodoo is a sprawling, Jungle-themed Intamin LSM terrain-coaster that was designed to emphasize the feeling of being out-of-control by utilizing high speeds across drawn-out, low-to-the-ground, high-force turns; extreme and abrupt g-force variations; and relatively low ejector-airtime hills. The coaster's highest drop is 95 feet, while the initial launch is 68 mph and its top speed is 74 mph. Enjoy! Here's a rough video I threw together for those non-NL types. Ignore the giant watermark -__- And sorry about the shaky beginning, I only have a trackpad at the moment. Game Exchange Link
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