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  1. NO Have you ever skipped school to go to a theme park?
  2. My understanding is that the station will be air conditioned, include a gift shop, and a viewing area of the last tunnel. I've made reservations for opening weekend to stay at Camp Rudolph, right across the lake from the park. Is anyone eles camping? Let's party
  3. I'll be there for opening day of the Voyage at Holiday World. This ride is going to be SICK! El Toro look sweet too. Both of these coasters seem to exhibit characteristics of the best coasters built in recent years . Multiple big drops like Shivering Timbers. The Gravity Group, while comprised of experience, is just geting started. I can only dream about what they'll build in the upcoming years.
  4. Answer the option, them leave a new option. Would you rather step in gum every day for the rest of your life or emit a stinky fart, which someone else smells, every day while at work for the next year?
  5. I took a shower two days ago in my bathroom, and I got NO hot water, and all I could do was wash my hair because I was freezing
  6. Hamlet is a great play. I mean really; Where else can you find so much in your face drama and death? There's even a play within a play which conatins a murder. Aye Carumba
  7. I've never beaten a woman. I have several TPR shirts.... just kidding. Do you prefer red wine over white?
  8. I'm drinking a St Pauli Girl right now. The label is better than the beer. I recently moved to St Louis from Oregon and am suffering from good beer withdrawal. While Oregon may have some of the best beer in the world, the midwest has many of the best coasters. Coasters and beer do go together, at least in my experience.
  9. Passenger, an old Grateful Dead song. Want to know about downloading all the live dead you can handle?
  10. Yes I love my job and wouldn't trade it for anything. Plus I have summers off and can ride coasters all day every day. When you eat asparagus, do you smell your pee afterward?
  11. I'm trying to explain to my 13 year old daughter that if she's proudly proclaimed to be an athiest for years, it make no sense for her to all of a sudden become a satanist. If you don't believe there's a God, how can you believe there's a Satan? It's going to be a long winter.
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