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  1. OK, now what's it like getting them on? I know that you have to wear that oral expande thing, but does your mouth get fatigued from being in that position that long?
  2. If you actually read the entire thread, you'd have seen that I was bypassing bands on my back teeth to avoid headgear (because I was going to get a tooth pulled). EDIT: I was supposed to get them last year, actually, but when they tried to put the fifth (and final) spacer in, I kept gagging like hell and eventually they just took the other four out and I never got anything done with that appointment.
  3. Robb: Bring back in-focus pictures or else!
  4. ROFL, everyone calls it fake, but this guy, JerryC, has won awards for his guitar playing. Now it's possible that he just dubbed over a professional recording of him playing because of bad audio quality from the video, but it's still him playing it.
  5. That does sound cool.
  6. Guys...at least NAME what your videos are, and if they're safe for work or not. (If not, put NSFW.)
  7. This thread has gotten just a lot of action, just like I do nearly every night. Yeah, braces are a completely painless operation that will never hurt your gums/teeth/lips whatsoever, will never get any food stuck in them, and will cure cancer. My orthodontist told me I should look into getting a Waterpick. Great. Whatever that is, it doesn't sound good.
  8. A pendulum in the top of your mouth. I don't know why, but that sounds hillarious. To me.
  9. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1491516901670441597 A guy playing Canon-D Rock on his guitar. AMAZING video.
  10. HOLY CRAP THAT IS KINDER CHOCOLATE SOREN SEND ME AS MANY PACKS AS POSSIBLE TO MY ADDRESS HOLY CRAP I LOVE THAT STUFF ILL PAY FOR IT NEXT TIME I SEE YOU Seriously, that stuff is the best chocolate that I eat. I get it imported all the time. Admin Edit, please watch your language!!!
  11. Anyone remember last year when I posted that I was getting LASIK surgery? Well, I'm back again with another stupid procedure. Braces. Failure to receive them when I was a teenager requires me to get braces in order to prevent damage in a few years. So, apparently I have a severe overbite, really crooked teeth, plus a tooth that needs to be pulled in order for me to surpass headgear. My appointment to get them on is February 20th. Any advice so I don't freak out during the procedure? I have a high gag reflex, so they're not putting bands on my back teeth.
  12. Mark: When it snows in Quaker-land, we take huge chunks of it and bomb it at eachother for exercise instead of going to a certified gym full of professional fitness trainers. Robb: I still think the porn method of milking a cow is good exercise!
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