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  1. Depending how far in advance we know, even though weekends work better for me, I could do a weekday if given enough notice to get the day(s) off approved from work.
  2. I loved Nevermore last year. One of the few houses that focused on creative scares over a ton of gore. I love a good scare but not good at handling gore. Some friends and I are working on planning an outing to HOS next month. Has anyone here done Fright Feast this year? Is the taco bar back? I loved that thing last year.
  3. Renee, you did better than I did! I got the the body hanging in the middle of the path and I just totally freaked out and froze. I thought if I moved close it would set off a trigger to make it twitch and I would have completely lost it. They had to come rescue me because my feet refused to move forward at that point. Steve did tell me I wasn't the first person they've had to come get, so that helped me feel a little better about my freak out. If I hadn't been by myself I probably would have been fine (last year at Busch Gardens Bash, I had Shirley, Chad, Joe, Stephen & the other Joe to help me keep cool - though they were laughing at how much I screamed). I'm just not good with this stuff all by my lonesome. I love they gave us all Tricker's key with our videos! I was showing it off to everyone at work yesterday.
  4. That's cool Disney was doing the custom Star Tours name badges again. I got one made up during Star Wars Weekends. I've had so many people ask where I got it or if I work at Disney when I wear it. Hoping they offer it again next year so I can get some made up for some friends who are fellow Star Wars nerds.
  5. I was at Star Wars Weekends on Friday (opening day) and it was a total madhouse. They were just waving traffic into the parking lot and not charging for parking. I wonder how many thousands of dollars Disney lost on that? I'm more of a fan of the original trilogy, but Episode 3 of the prequels was the best (only way I can stomach Episodes 1 and 2 are because of Ewan McGregor). By around 1pm I was just done with it and went to Epcot. Though I found out later about the Star Tours name badges and I WANT ONE! So looks like I'll be planning another trip up that way before the event ends so I can get one. On a Nerdfest scale of 1-10, I give Star Wars Weekends an 11.
  6. Kumba at Busch Gardens Tampa on Sunday. Also rode Montu earlier in the day.
  7. The media sensationalizes the news? Get outta here! I am shocked. SHOCKED! *clutches pearls*
  8. Oh cool! Thanks for the info, Robb! I just emailed them about Busch Gardens Tampa. It's during the week, but if I get picked I can just take a vacation day for half or the whole day if needed. I want to do this!
  9. I really hope this park reopens as something that will last. The videos I've seen when it was Hard Rock Park of the Moody Blues ride looked so trippy and awesome. Maybe if they open an ABBA ride...
  10. Black actually. And from what the animal keepers at the park have told me, it's because giraffes eat all day long (I've seen them going for the grass near the back wall of the meerkat habitat and trying to reach leaves way up in the trees), so they have dark tongues so they won't get sunburned. And that new baby giraffe is BEYOND cute! I've been hearing good things about Iceploration. I can't make it to the park again until after my trip to Disney next weekend, but I'm looking forward to checking it out. Also, I believe Kasi the cheetah's 1st birthday is coming up soon and I know the park will most likely do something to celebrate. He's such a cutie pie!
  11. I'm looking forward to the mini golf as well. It looks seriously awesome so far.
  12. Any parade that features The Stig is ok in my book! Seriously though that looks like a really nice park! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Busch Gardens Tampa (already been a few times) Epcot (going in 2 weeks) Magic Kingdom Legoland Florida Islands of Adventure/Universal Orlando SeaWorld Orlando
  14. Hoping one of these meetups will eventually work with my work schedule.
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