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  1. Nashville if you don't want to drive an hour out of state to Beech Bend, but that may be all about to change if Storyville Gardens comes to fruition.
  2. This is a reminder that "Christmas at Dollywood" will air tonight at 7 pm CST on the Hallmark Channel tv network. You can catch a sneak peek on the channel's website: https://www.hallmarkchannel.com/christmas-at-dollywood
  3. NS just got a bajillion times better. Kudos to the park and RMC. This coaster looks beyond stellar and...I LOVE JAPAN.
  4. I was at Dollywood last year on the Friday after Halloween. LumiNights was still happening and the crowds did pick up a little bit moreso at night than the day, but the rides were mostly walk-ons including Lightning Rod, which btw ran perfect all day. It's definitely one of the best times to visit the park!
  5. https://www.nashvillescene.com/news/article/13046706/a-hot-1980s-band-has-its-final-residency-in-a-west-nashville-bowling-alley-if-their-arms-dont-fall-off-meet-rockafire-explosion
  6. It was fairly vacant on my one visit way back in August, 2007, which I enjoyed. TBH it's kinda surprising the park lasted this long after though, but maybe they held many community events to keep it going, This is just too bad as it would've been cool to see the park develop into something akin to Knoebels south.
  7. Awesome! Hopefully a little phone call to the fair board helped a bit too. I'm really looking forward to trying out the Timberliner trains finally.
  8. It's probably been shared here before but for those less burgercentric, you're welcome:
  9. only 15 and into JA? I'm impressed (no seriously). tho I prefer "Nothing's Shocking". . in particular "the Mountain Song" over anything they did later on. It's my dad's all time favorite band, I found his CD copy of Ritual de lo Habitual the other day and curiosity got the better of me. I've been listening to NS on repeat for the past few days, so good it hurts. Ocean Size is one of my favorite opening tracks on any album, period. I'm in love. My friends and I were at a college Sugarcubes show back in the early 90's where a young lady in front of us was wearing a jean jacket that hand-paintedly read on the back, "Jane's Addiction". We inquired and said we'd never heard of...she said "You will", which I still remember to this day, and we did indeed.
  10. I LOVE this report and totally enjoyed seeing all the pics. Thanks SO much for sharing!
  11. Liseberg is absolutely one of THE best parks on the planet - what a total national treasure that cannot be understated, and I continue saying I had my best ever park visit day there on the TPR trip a decade or so ago (THANK YOU ROBB & ELISSA). The addition of Valkyria, not to be confused with the other Val diver or Kilmer, looks really great - plus that station! WOW. Thanks for sharing and bringing back great memories of my visit. I hope the park's meatballs w/ lingonberry sauce are still as great as ever too.
  12. I just noticed I posted that 8 years ago to the day. WOW time truly flies by! The park and area has changed so much just in that time span.
  13. Speaking of Dollywood before it was Dollywood and otherwise known as Goldrush Junction, here's a throwback Tuesday: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=929419#p929419
  14. Hmm...reminder of this event Saturday https://www.themountaineer.com/preview-opening-of-revived-ghost-town-anticipated-this-fall/article_4f26a524-838a-11e8-a9c9-bf55f2044d8c.html
  15. And the angels sang, HALLELUJAH (the launch is not the issue confirmed)
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