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  1. The trip is coming together now. I will be in WDW Nov. 17-27. I looked into AoA and Port Orleans but I ended up booking POP Century for this extended trip. It was much cheaper (less points) than AoA or Port Orleans. For some reason the only rooms available to book with points were the suites at AoA. Flights are booked, all dining reservations are made (I'm sure I will drop a few of them in final planning stages) and now I am just counting down the days to book Fast Pass Plus. I am very excited! I really value your input and wanted to post an update. I welcome any tips or suggestions from you or other Disney veterans.
  2. Thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions.
  3. I have considered Art of Animation but not Port Orleans. I guess price drove me to Pop. I looked and it isn't too much more for Art of Animation and Port Orleans is pretty reasonable too. Would French Quarter or Riverside be best in your opinion? Thanks for the suggestion though. I definitely trust your opinion so I will for sure go with Art of Animation over Pop now if I don't go the Port Orleans route.
  4. Elissa, Thank you for your quick response! I had a feeling the downtime suggestion would come up. I do want the trip to be fun for them and not exhausting. I guess the main reason I would buy that ticket is the difference in price isn't that much (in Disney terms) and if we wanted to go to Epcot one evening or to MK for a few hours after hanging at the hotel or Downtown all day we would have that option. Is that foolish of me to think it is that easy to do?
  5. I am planning to take my two daughters (7 and 9) to Disney World and stay onsite for around 8 days. Most likely my wife will not be going with us. I have not been since I was a child. I have done a lot of research on various planning sites as well as read trip reports and posts here. Here is the plan I have come up with so far, I am asking for critiques and suggestions: Travel to: Flight that arrives at MCO around noon, take Magical Express to resort Resort: Pop Century (fits budget and I like the fact that it has dedicated busses) Length of Stay: Arrive on a Wednesday and stay eight nights. So check out would be the following Thursday. Tickets: 8 or 9 day tickets with park hopper Travel from: Magical Express to MCO on Thursday on late evening flight If I have to take them when they are on a school break (which is most likely), what is the best time of year to do that? Spring break? Summer? Thanksgiving? Christmas? Any tips or suggestions (even on something I didn't specifically ask about) would be much appreciated.
  6. I also received a survey. Mine didn't have anything regarding new rides. It was all questions related to the accident and if it affects my desire to come to the park and to ride rides.
  7. Thanks! Yeah, I noticed them when I went back a few pages after posting. I am new to viewing the forum in this app and I had skipped to the last page to submit my test post. Looks like even though it gave me the error, my post edit did work. I only see one photo now. Initially it was showing me two.
  8. In my previous test post I accidentally posted the image twice. When I tried to edit within Tapatalk, I got this error: Not sure if that is a problem on my end but figured I would share if it helps in any way.
  9. I like this for keeping up on the forum from my iPhone. Thanks for the work you put into the site. This is the only coaster related image on my phone. My daughter during the interview for the Texas Giant Insane Coaster Wars shoot. That was a fun day!
  10. Yes please! Who would not want to be surprised by a werewolf Flanders jumping out of the bushes? "Rooooar... snort... snarl... diddley"
  11. www.travelchannel.com/interests/outdoors-and-adventure/articles/top-5-killer-coasters Speaking of Texas Giant, look what Travel Channel listed as one of the "Top Five Killer Coasters" I'm surprised they did not remove the article since they did remove all instances of the Insane Coaster Wars: World Domination, Texas Giant clips from the site.
  12. Thanks for the replies everyone! Something else came up so I won't be going this week after all. But I definitely need to get down there soon. I really want to ride iRat and I've heard mostly great things about the park.
  13. I've never been to SFFT but I am thinking of going July 4 or 5. Does anyone know if either of those days would be better as far as crowd levels/wait times? My plan was to drive down and be there at opening (I have the Gold Pass for early entry) and ride everything without purchasing a Flash Pass. I know the Flash Pass would save time but is it absolutely necessary to hit all of the coasters in a day. I would love to ride iRat at least twice if not more. What would be an optimum plan of attack?
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