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  1. I totally agree with the comment about CP's coasters (mostly) being average. To me they only have 3 great coasters and a couple good ones, the rest are just standard blah 80s coasters. Blue Streak - Decent woodie Cedar Creek Mine Ride - Boring and painful Corkscrew - Blah Disaster Transport - Blah (might be better if they put it back outside) Gemini - Love it Iron Dragon - Blah Magnum XL-200 - Love it Mantis - Too painful Maverick - Like it, but it's overated Mean Streak - It's a joke. Millennium Force - Love it Raptor - Like it, but it's overated Top Thrill Dragster - Like it Wicked Twister - It's ok Wildcat - Too painful So out of 15 adult coasters, only 3 I would say I love and maybe a few others I like. And that's the best park in the world? CP needs to remove Iron Dragon, Mean Streak, Disaster Transport, Corkscrew, Mantis and the mine train and Wildcat! IMO. But that will never happen cause they want to have the most coasters.
  2. I could be wrong, but I think they only did the pre-drop on the 1st two hypers back in '99 and then never did it again. I don't think it's a cost thing, my theory is that B&M was trying to give the train more speed by not holding it back by the lift chain. But riding Goliath, I don't see much of a difference.
  3. Cedar Point is not the best park out there in my opinion and I honestly get tired of them winning every year. I also find it tacky they would go to Dollywood and then give the award to Holiday World. They should have reversed that since Dollywood won last year. Some of the picks I agree with, while Voyage is far from perfect, it's currently my #1 wooden coaster. I've yet to ride Superman, so I can't comment on it. I'm glad that Carowinds came in 3rd again for kid's area since it's my home park.
  4. Just noticed...what are they doing with a blue Poomba in there? Disney infringement!
  5. Why does Ryan look like he's trying out for Hairspray (as a woman)?
  6. Wherever he is, I hope he's riding a coaster 100x better than any coaster on Earth. That's what I want Heaven to be like myself.
  7. Wes, we put a story up about this over on ThrillNetwork.com as well so you might get a few donations from TN folks as well. I think it's awesome you guys are doing this.
  8. This is shocking. I knew him over on ThrillNetwork and was kinda wondering what had happened cause I hadn't heard from him in about a week. My prayers are with his family.
  9. Owners of the house. I also have a hard time believing that they never were bothered by the general noise of the park before this. I know that flat rides and people screaming on those and such aren't as loud as a coaster, but come on. Sounds like they just want to stir up something.
  10. Yeah, the owners tried to buy them out, now *shock* they are so shocked by how loud a wooden coaster runs! What idiots. I have no pity for them. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ap/tx/5103836.html
  11. You crazy globe trotters. When you go on a labor day trip, you really go on a labor day trip! Have fun! Can't wait for more awesome reports.
  12. Weird Al at Carowinds - August 4. Great show! He is really amazing and if you've never seen him, well worth seeing at least once. He had to have done costume changes at least 10 times. And his new spoof on "youre beautiful" called "you're pitiful" is hillarious!
  13. Give part to my church. Quit my job. Go on the longest coaster road trip in history. Come home and buy a nice house, but not too huge. Buy my mom a new mustang since she's always wanted one.
  14. Theater: 1-Phantom 2-Lion King 3-Les Mis Film: (In no particular order) Beauty and the Beast Chicago Evita The Sound of Music Wizard of Oz The Music Man Rocky Horror Dream Girls The King & I West Side Story
  15. Ooooooh....maybe they'll have one of those cool 80s Arrow coasters in the movie! Jahan will wet himself!
  16. Thanks for the picks of the ball coaster. I always wondered what those things did since every trip report I've seen of one, it wasn't working.
  17. For a Cedar Point/Fair coaster I thought it was well themed. Dick doesn't like spending money on theming it seems, he'd rather spend that money on the ride itself. But the queue, "rock" walls, station and a few other spots are all themed. No they're not Disney quality, but this is Cedar Point!
  18. Nice report. I've never seen much of SC BW but the coaster, looks like a good collection of flats too.
  19. // This is why I weep for the future. Agreed my friend. I just saw them last summer and they rocked! Besides loving coasters, I love all kinds of music, so I've been to too many concerts to probably count now...but I'll try and recount some I remember... Nelson- Carowinds Weird Al (2007) - Carowinds Amy Grant - Carowinds Atlanta Fest 1990 & 1994 - SFOG The Coasters - NC State Fair (sometime in the 80s) Uh...I know there's many more, but can't remember now. Does anyone know of a site on the net where you can keep track of your concerts attended? Kinda like coasterfanatics little banner that has your coaster count.
  20. What's with the guy about to jump off lover's leap? I liked Chattanooga, especially the aquarium and Lake Winnie. http://travel.webshots.com/album/550710243LJCqLg?vhost=travel The incliene wasn't that great, but I did get some night pics up there.
  21. Red Devil - Ghost Town -- My friend told me not to visit the place and I was dumb enough to listen. Cost me a credit or two...but I'll get them soon enough. Dollywood's mine coaster -- Had a chance to go to the park in the mid 90s, but passed it up (what was I thinking?) That's pretty much it for me. I've started passing on a lot of kiddie credits, cause after all I really don't care about getting a wacky worm credit unless I'm with someone that wants it or something.
  22. ^ Exactly. Take a pic in front of a Python Pit, Dragon Wagon or Wacky Worm, that's credit whoring at it's finest.
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