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  1. This has "I just saved a lot of money by switching to Geico" written all over it.
  2. Why couldn't they have imploded the boomerang in the background instead?
  3. Mystery Mine - Dollywood Ricochet - Carowinds Log Flume - Carowinds Top Gun - Carowinds (notice a trend?) Hurler - Carowinds Fairly Odd Coaster - Carowinds Italian Job - Kings Island Beast - Kings Island Super UF - SFOG Millennium Force Flight of Fear - KD Legend I have most of these online here... http://travel.webshots.com/album/220242223UQfewb?vhost=travel
  4. Well i would think the age of the ride had a lot to do with it IMO (and of course making room for the new coaster). Six Flags has scraped 4 of them now I think. I loved/hated the one at SFOG. It was such an awesome drop, but when it engaged the transfer it hurt like the dickens. I think Free Fall was probably my first drop tower of any sort and that was around 86 or 87. rest in pieces. On the subject of the ones left: Demon Drop @ CP (for sale) SFMM's one is still operating I think. Any more left in the states?
  5. Yeah it wasn't nearly as fun as watching Hurricane fall over last year.
  6. Not sure if this should go in the THBS thread or not, if so please merge. http://www.myfoxdfw.com/myfox/pages/News/Detail?contentId=4522996&version=2&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=TSTY&pageId=3.2.1 This was probably the last one in the chain wasn't it? Or certainly one of the last. Sounds like it was the first.
  7. I've gotten to the point where I'm really not going to pay or wait for a kiddie coaster. If it's like Ghost Town where we had ERT and there was no wait, yeah I'll get the credit. But this year I was at CP two days in a row, and yet I still don't have the Jr Gemini or Woodstock credits. And frankly could care less. I've gotten like 3 or 4 wacky worm credits and don't care if I get another one. When I'm on my deathbed you won't hear me saying "Oh man. I should've gotten the Jr Gemini credit!"
  8. By 2010 I predict all of Six Flags will be filled with Dragon Wagons and Wacky Worms. Bye Vu. I loved ya. EDIT: Where did it say that Vu was leaving? I looked at the press release and the website and neither say anything about it?
  9. I think if Intamin came up with a restraint similar to Flight of Fear's, it could probably work.
  10. You should see what they do to other bugs! It's not pretty! They normally are green, at least down here they are. Maybe they mutated and mated with the muffleheads.
  11. Score! Someone finally agrees with me on Maverick! I mean it's fun and all, but getting my head bashed in like Drachenfire isn't that fun. I guess Cedar Fair will close it in 2 years and let it sit there for 5 before scrapping it too!
  12. I know I'll sound like a fanboy, but I really like Rip Roarin Rapids at Carowinds. It has a nice long ride, longer than average rapids rides it seems. The only problem is Carowinds runs the 6 seat boats and the lines more super slow. 2nd would be Dollywood's.
  13. I also would love to go at some point. Although I'd be the only sober person there as I don't drink. *drools*
  14. Cedar Point and Holiday World. Both have been put at such a level of worship that neither will ever really live up to their hype. Now I love both parks, but there are several ahead of them on my list. Cedar Point probelms: Except for about 5 coasters, their collection is mediocre at best. Who cares about 17 coasters when 12 of them are blah? Holiday World is a small little park with 3 great woodies. Not much else to say. And frankly the people at Dollywood are just as friendly in my book.
  15. I've been wanting to ride one of these booster bike things although the seats look like they might not be that comfortable.
  16. You can have Double Loop. It was one of the roughest Arrows I've ever been on! Honestly this is a bit of a shock that the WHOLE ride side is gone. I thought what they'd do is have a small collection of flats, Big Dipper and maybe Thunderhawk just to give the families something to do besides the water park. Oh well. Glad I got up there this summer. My bids for the rides would be (for Carowinds): Dominator (ain't gonna happen I know) Yo Yo - I love swings and we lost ours to PGA Ferris wheel - I love them and we don't have one Villain - If they put PTCS on it (probably wouldn't happen) then send it here. Otherwise, burn baby burn!
  17. ^ They got the little suspended water coaster from Emerald Pointe, there are also supposed to be 3 other coasters at the park. Let's see... Cedar Fair jacked up my season pass price for Carowinds. Took away free parking. Took away ERT. What do you think I'll be doing next year? It sure won't be getting a season pass to Carowinds! ** Also, how the heck is a 150ft tall coaster unimpressive? It looks really fun. It's like having Kumba 3.5 hours away instead of 10!
  18. Thanks for the pics! Zep looks like a mini hyper with that first drop.
  19. But if they don't retrack it, I don't think flyers will help that much, will they? p.s. Nice shades.
  20. So what's up with Gwazi? Last time I was there it was running great, but that was 2001. Is it just rough now?
  21. They didn't say...and the lady that was showing us around was the assistant for the park's PR mgr so I don't know if she would have known anyway. But also remember they said it was opening June 15 at one point. I'm sure they will try and get it up as early next year as possible, but it's got a long way to go on the station and the trains are still in production.
  22. They just released the season pass pricing for next year... I won't be buying a season pass. This is total crap! http://www1.cedarfair.com/carowinds/shop/shopping_season_pass.cfm Who gives a rip about that stupid pullover? That is not worth $40, it might be worth $5! Last year I bought a Maxx pass for $90, and I got free parking at Carowinds. This year I'd have to pay $140 and wow, I get free parking at all the other parks. Unless I visited about 4 other parks, it wouldn't pay for itself.
  23. Mines lame, but oh well... Ha Lou! You look just like George W Bush at his ranch riding that!
  24. Hey guys, I just received this email from Dan's mom. She had somehow found out about Dan's membership over on ThrillNetwork, and she sent me an email. I'm sure her words apply to TPR members as well and wanted to share. If anyone would like Tina's email, I'll be glad to forward it to you. Just PM me.
  25. ^ That last one looks like something out of a cheesy 80s shark movie or something. I think this one is pretty funny...not cause of David from Ghost Town, but the worker guy in the background. He's almost saying... You shot me! You shot me! I kinda like this one from last weekend at Carowinds. I'm also partial to night shots and I like this one from the now defunct Myrtle Beach Pavilion.
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