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  1. I think these problems stem from the Carowinds tower being implicated in the plane crash in 1974. It's the one that Stephen Colbert's father and older brothers died on. Apparently there was a lot of fog that morning and the tower was being used as a landmark, but according to the FAA report, it just confused the flight crew more.... Not saying it absolutely has to do with the supposed new rules... just that it might. If nothing else, it's a piece of trivia I guess.
  2. 1. Hersheypark 2. Knoebels 3. EPCOT 4. Kennywood 5. Magic Kingdom 6. Cedar Point 7. Hollywood Studios (Disney/MGM when I last went) 8. Kings Dominion 9. Dollywood 10. Carowinds
  3. Hurricane Isabel struck the Richmond area head-on in 2003, as did Hurricane Gaston in 2004, Hurricane Fran in 1996, and Hurricane Floyd in 1999. It does get hurricanes occasionally... even strong ones. Remember, the west wall of the hurricane is the strongest.
  4. I think it's sad that what is probably the best suspended coaster on the planet is being removed, but I do have to admit that it's the least best coaster at BGW. It's sad that the only real family coaster there is being removed, but we don't know that another family coaster isn't coming. Heck, maybe a new coaster would even have a drop down to water level as a Big Bad Wolf tribute. With this land and the land Drachen Fire used, I think a new country or a huge expansion is an exciting idea, even if it takes a few years to happen. My only concern is landscaping actually. I love Griffon, but it did sort of make that area of the park tree-less, or at least it was when I last went last year.
  5. Well, Time Shaft, which was on the right side of the current first launch of Volcano, and Haunted River were the last two attractions left in the mountain. They closed a full year before Volcano opened. The mountain sat dormant for a year. Smurf Mountain went away way back in 1994 I think, and Mt. Kilimanjaro... I don't remember that one, but the mini-mountain that it was half-enclosed in is still there. Surprisingly, I have never seen a single photo or a confirmed tear down date for Kilimanjaro. It's like a lost ride, there being no pictures and all. That ride and the Adam's Apple which you can only see for a few seconds in Rollercoaster. It's weird that a few of the rides have not lived on even in pictures.
  6. ... and the rest of day 1. This is how the lights would look if the park were owned by Paramount. (AKA not fixed since it opened.) Come on, it ain't that dumb of a ride... It's got its cheesy charm. I dug it. So sad these rides are not around much anymore. I love em. So when we got back to the station, someone yelled "Oh my God! My spleen!" Oh don't they look thrilled... Tell me, how often do they ever have to use these switchbacks on Mean Streak? Sadly, where there is smoke does not necessarily mean there is fire. Mean Streak is still there. "My pine! Why you.... You mutating *expletive* you killed a pine!" Extra points to anyone who can name the movie. Maverick money shot. The sun smiles upon Millennium Force... either that or the sun had an orgasm. One of those shots that everybody comes home with. Would this be considered crowded for a Wednesday? Meh, it was okay. Not much air to speak of. After we ate and it stopped raining we went here... Man I loved this ride.
  7. Here are photos from day 1 at Cedar Point. Well, actually it was just a hail storm, but it was one of the worst I've been in. And then this meteor shower started and we all died!!!! On our way to the car for lunch, this suddenly started. Here's an amateurish artsy shot of Maverick. I loved this arcade by Gemini that seemed unchanged since the area opened in the late 70s. Boom Ball? WTH? Even with the clouds, Cedar Point is incapable of looking dreary. The day starts to look ominous. An assault of colors supports and sky! One thing Cedar Point does well is yellows, reds and blues. Mantis may not be that good of a ride, but she sure is pretty. Millennium Force moons the clouds. Millennium Force was my first ride at the park, and man was it awesome. A random picture whilst waiting for the rope to drop. At least we got a good parking spot. Blue Streak makes itself known. So here's where we camped at East Harbor State Park, about twenty minutes from Cedar Point. Great place.
  8. I have yet to ride I steel coaster that has banged my ears as much as Anaconda at Kings Dominion in the transition between its two lopsided loops. I still ride it though.
  9. Sorry I haven't updated this in a week. I've been busy. At any rate, the first day of Cedar Point pics will be up on Monday sometime. Until then, here's some thoughts of my first day ever at Cedar Point. (All coasters/rides not spoken of will be talked about on the TR of the second day. This update only encompasses the first one.) After a day off after Hersheypark to recharge ourselves and get to Ohio, we headed to Cedar Point. During our two day stay at the park, we camped out at nearby East Harbor State Park, which I really must recommend. Great staff, good camping spots, and on the peninsula at one point there's a park which gives you a great view of far-off Cedar Point from the back of the park. Anyways, I had been looking forward to going to Cedar Point since I first learned about the park when I was eight years old. Now I was finally there. After my dad parked in the wrong parking lot, (I wanted to park in the Soak City lot to get to Maverick before the front lot people did), I decided to change the plan and head to Millennium Force first for the first day. After the ropes dropped we fast walked there and had about a 35 minute wait. I LOVED this coaster. My highest coaster before this had only been 205 feet (Griffin), but looking towards the lake side of the train, it didn't look as high as it was, and my arms went up for the whole ride. It may not have much air, but man is it a rush. Definitely ended up as one of my three favorites at Cedar Point and of all time as well. After that we headed to Mantis. Not well liked by enthusiasts, but man is it pretty. Everyone had fun in line spitting into the water and watching all the fish swim real fast towards it and (yuck) devouring it. The coaster wasn't as enthralling, but it was pretty cool. We rode in the very back, and I didn't bang my head at all or get my nuts crunched. My dad got headbanged though. Leaning into turns helps. Only rode this once during the trip. After that the day gets cloudy for me, and the day literally got cloudier. We rode Maxair which we all loved and sadly only got to ride once. Quite a gentle ride actually. I think we rode Magnum next, which I rode in the ejector seat for my first ride. Painful on the return trip, yes, but I asked for it. I wanted ejector air, and I damn well got it. I loved this coaster. It's in my top ten now. For me a bit of pain just comes with the territory for coasters. The clouds started spitting when we were on Magnum's break run, so we headed over to The Monster. Worst ride of that type I've ever been on. No spinning whatsoever, and a very short cycle. The ride op offered to buy my Iron Maiden shirt right off my back while I was there, but it was the shirt I got from the show I went to, so I said heck no. After raining hard for about a minute, in which we went to the Gemini Arcade (in which I played an odd variation of SkeeBall), we headed towards Mean Streak and it shut down while we got in line due to rain. We left the line and started towards the car for lunch at which point the downpour started. We were near the overbank turn of Millennium Force at the time, and sorta ran to this bandstand/fake train station lobby thing and waited it out there. It then started to hail after about twenty minutes. Yes, the official Cedar Point welcome storm. After about an hour it stopped and we went and got lunch. From here on I can't remember the order of the day, so I'll just hit the highlights. - Blue Streak is pretty good, but I got no air. 1 ride - Mean Streak does indeed suck. Sometimes it feels like it won't make it around the curves, and it's just so darned boring. Wasn't rough to me though, and I was even in the gold train. I sat in the front though... one ride was enough. - Wicked Twister was pretty cool sitting in the very back. Very odd stomach feeling. Only got to ride it once. - Demon Drop was more frightening than any other drop ride I've been on. Loved it. 2 rides - Got 3 full flips on what is supposedly one of the worst run Chaos out there. 1 ride - Cedar Creek Mine Ride is about equal to Carowinds' Gold Rusher. 1 ride - Gemini was a pretty cool run, but sometimes painful in the positive G department. (rode it in the back) 1 ride - Corkscrew was boring, but not painful. 1 ride for credits' sake. - I loved Disaster Transport. Waited an hour, but it was so cheesy and tacky it was as if it was made for me. I'm the kind of guy who collects Godzilla movies and loves the old Battlestar Galactica so... yeah. 1 ride. - We rode some flats like Super Himalaya, Calypso, Power Tower (both sides), and Space Spiral during the day as well, but waited for a night ride on Raptor. It was a 45 minute wait and well worth it. Sat in the back again and got forcibly thrown about the seat. It was an awesome, out of control ride. The park was closed after we got off, so we left after that. Ya know, what I loved the most about the park aside from the employee enthusiasm, the great coasters, and the 80 degree weather we had was the other park guests. I frequent Kings Dominion, Busch Gardens, and Carowinds. When I go to those parks, people in line are most often really bored-looking and generally just send out a depressing vibe. At Cedar Point, most everyone seemed to be having a great time, and I enjoyed most of all just watching the people have such a good time. Even with a hour and forty five minute line at Cedar Point, no one seemed to be bored or angry at having to wait in the line. It was great. Pictures up sometime Monday. Day II up later this week. Please tell me if you'd like me to finish these updates. If they're too boring I'll just stop while I'm ahead.
  10. Just to clarify, I didn't say Berserker wasn't popular. It always has been, even before Dominator. I'm just saying it's been a rumor, but it's been a rumor for years, just as Shockwave's and Avalanche's removals have. (However I will be pissed if they get rid of Avalanche, as it was my first coaster.) As for Americana offering photo ops, this is Cedar Fair we're talking about. They of the "cameras are not allowed on any ride in the park" ilk.
  11. That's true. I can still remember the Scrambler and Cinema 180 being on the other side of International Street from Berserker. I think the employee cafeteria is there now though. I guess maybe Berserker could be going perhaps...
  12. Another great trip report from you as always. I wish I could make comments that good. I gotta get to SFGAm sometime. (I like through the fence shots too.)
  13. Psh... Prudential lives up to its prude name. Next we'll hear that suburbs move next to theme parks and complain about the noise... oh wait...
  14. Yeah, the Enterprise was behind the swings. I believe it was initially supposed to go down for a refurb and just never came back.
  15. Cedar Fair, please give Head Spin a new name. That name sucks more than Drop Tower.
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