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  1. I also think it greatly depends on how defensively or not you ride a coaster. If you get on an Arrow looper after riding a B&M hyper and ride it the same way, the Arrow looper will hurt. If you ride it defensively it will not hurt as much. I also think enthusiasts care a lot more and are more sensitive to roughness than the GP. We understand how good rides can be, and like to rip them if they aren't perfect. Basically I think we all enjoy in some way riding rough coasters, or we wouldn't ride them. If I go to a park with a togo stand-up, I'm still going to ride it and have a good time, even if I expect it to be bad.
  2. Love the name. So simple and weird but good. 'As for the ride it is always good to see a good ride cloned!
  3. Looks awesome. I wish more parks bought Intamin mega lites, but this looks great too.
  4. Dodgers should be great again! Kershaw is already tearing it up. Cannot be any more excited for next Sunday and Monday! Now is the great time of the year when Orioles fans actually have a bit of hope
  5. Prophet - Sublime doing a Slightly Stoopid cover. I can't believe I hadn't heard of this version before today.
  6. I'll never get the obsession enthusiasts have with ride construction. I'm interested in the original announcements, I want to know when construction stats, I want to know when construction ends and I want to know when the ride opens. I completely agree. I have never understood why people like looking at dirt and half-constructed coasters. Maybe it is because I cannot build anything other than Ikea Furniture.
  7. Interesting Topic! Connecticut - Boulder Dash Maryland - Superman Ride of Steel Pennsylvania - Phoenix Virginia - Girffon Massachusets - Bizaro New Jersey - El Toro Texas - Titan (have not been on the RMCs) North/South Carolina - Afterburn New York - Ride of Steel Ontario - Behemoth Georgia - Goliath Ohio - Maverick
  8. This is great news! I have always thought Wicked looks very interesting, even though I have heard mixed reviews. Just another reason to go to Knoebles (as if any more were needed).
  9. I sort of agree SROS at SFA could have a better layout. It doesn't mean it isn't a great ride. Remember, SROS at Darien Lake was the NUMBER ONE steel coaster in the first Mitch Hawker steel poll. The first year SFA's was in the poll it was number 8. Sure times change a bit, and if it were to come out today I might want something more. I just don't know how so many people can dislike a ride with ejector airtime on like five hills. I haven't ridden it in a few years, but I would expect it STILL performs a lot better than a lot of the B&M hypers and Wingriders, etc that have came out in recent years.
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