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  1. I have the same fascination with as you say, the Hershey/Dorney dichotomy. I live in Eastern PA and we always had many large amusement parks to choose from, but for the most part Dorney was the park of choice in the late 80's/early 90's. As you said the water park was a big reason. What really gave Dorney the edge was when they built Hercules, which made the headlines as a record(and back) breaking coaster. Then they added Steel Force several years later and it seemed to cement Dorney as the go-to park in this region. Then the late 90's-today happened and Hershey just blew them out of the water(pun intended) with steady coaster additions and eventually their own water park(with arguably better water rides). Not that Dorney is bad, but Hersheypark is just superior in almost every single way. This new entrance looks absolutely stunning, and you can't really go wrong with a B&M hyper. I'm excited for this time next year when I assume they will announce the specs of the new coaster.
  2. I saw that. I guess it had a poorly placed ledger in that triple up and the person I rode with told me it developed a serious pothole. I agree about the aggressiveness of the ride, it's great and it's something CCI never held back on.
  3. Finally got to Lake Compounce and rode Boulder Dash for the first time in my life on Friday the 18th. I was very surprised with how much airtime it had in both the front and back seats, not quite the Intamin or RMC ejector level, but still very strong and throwing me up into my lap bar on just about every hill. There's two spots of significant roughness; the bottom of the first drop and the bottom of the hill next to the rocks on the out run. Those spots are BRUTAL, but other than that it was fairly smooth. What a ride....its definitely an elite coaster wood or steel, and it's utterly beautiful offride and on.
  4. Millenium Flyers are actually heavier than PTC's. GCI even discussed that being a challenge on HP Wildcat, saying that when they decided to switch to MF's they had to shave about 40 lbs of weight of each car to get the weight to match the previous PTC's. Of course MFs also track way better and have a suspension system, so that likely takes bite out of a ride too.
  5. Yes, they have considered it. A few years ago (gosh, maybe it's been like what... 5 years now, or longer?), they had some Timberliners and were testing them on Voyage, but for whatever reason they stopped and it never happened. I can't remember why it never happened, but they have most definitely considered it. EDIT: After some research, it turns out they were testing them in August 2010. According to Coaster-net.com, the Timberliners were scrapped because they ran slower due to their lighter weight. They claim Holiday World highly values the Voyage's intensity and the slower running trains took a lot of the bite out of the ride.
  6. That's so true. There's a reason why GCI gets the bulk of the work in the refurbishing/retracking market. They've mastered their craft in construction, as a matter of fact one of their engineers claimed on Reddit that their coasters don't cost any more to maintain than steel coasters of the same size. TGG seems to have less precision with their trackwork. Their Timberliners are a great design, as a matter of fact it would be interesting to see how well they'd run on a new GCI construction.
  7. Sorry folks, it IS boring, LOL. As a matter of fact I lucked out because I did skip ahead and landed on the part of the discussion where they were talking about the Timberliners. I didn't listen to the whole thing....I swear
  8. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Great info in this video about why they ditched the Timberliners on the Voyage. As it turns out (according to what these guys found out), the lighter weight of the Timberliners led them to run much slower than the PTCS thus taking a lot of intensity and airtime out of the ride. That makes a lot of sense, and apparently Holiday World didn't want to sacrifice those aspects of what the coaster came to be known for.
  9. Well, you know what they say... It's not the size of the woodie that matters, it's how good the ride is. And this ride looks awesome!! I'm loving both the new GCI's in China this year. Between those two and Mystic GCI are on for a great year. I'm really interested to see how these compare to the recent Gravity Group rides in China as they've been knocking it out of the park recently. Some of the Jungle Trailblazers are exceptional coasters. It's nice to see the GCI continue to be successful in their craft. It seems there's a perception that the traditional wooden coaster is going to be obsolete, yet they continue to prove otherwise. As far as how they compare to the new Gravity Group installations, I'd be interested to see that comparison several years from now since GG has been using the Timberliner trains. I wonder which ones will get rougher at a faster pace.
  10. The reason it seems so short is because of its height in relation to its length. The speed generated from the large drops propels it though the course very quickly and there's slightly less elements than the other RMC's.
  11. Absolutely. It's almost funny because if you think about it there's been talk of MS being reimaged in some form even long before RMC has been doing conversions. Because of this we can laughingly make an argument that this is their most anticipated project ever
  12. Cedar Point does a great job at making their coasters unique from each other I'm regards to elements. If I were to speculate based on what RMC has done in the past I would guess that the new MS will turn out to be the park's most "complete" ride. It only makes sense to take a ride from worst to first, right? No matter what the final creation gives us it doesn't seem farfetched to say this is one of the most exciting coaster projects in recent history.
  13. http:/Mean Streak- December 28, 2016 They're really moving along
  14. Awesome announcement! I love how TGG(and GCI) absolutely PACKS their layouts with elements, where even if the track length is short you feel like you got a "complete" ride.
  15. Maybe the conversion will be similar to NTAG where the MCBR was kept and didn't hurt the ride quality. Whatever they do this is exciting because pretty much the entire coaster fanatic world has been discussing a rehab of this ride for almost two decades. #finally
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