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  1. Here's the official first run testing video put out by Hersheypark. [fbvideonew] [/fbvideonew]
  2. Rick May, who voice acted as Peppy Hare and Andross in Star Fox 64, Dr. M in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, and most importantly Soldier in Team Fortress 2, has died at 79 after contracting COVID-19, along with having other diseases.
  3. 1. How many parks did you visit in 2019? 12. The first park I've visited last year was Disney's Animal Kingdom, and the last was SeaWorld San Diego. 2. Best new-for-2019 (or new-to-you-in-2019) ride? Copperhead Strike. 3. Name the first 3 coasters that come to mind. GhostRider, Top Thrill Dragster, and Iron Gwazi. 4. What was the best flat ride you rode in 2019? Swamp Ape at Swampy Jack's Wongo Adventure (indoor Scrambler). 5. What is your favorite RMC under 130 feet? Twisted Colossus. 6. What was the last Premier coaster that you rode? Electric Eel. 7. Name a par
  4. Swampy Jack's Wongo Adventure This is a brand new amusement park that opened over the summer of 2019 in Panama City Beach, FL. This park is in the place of the old Miracle Strip Pier Park, and even though there's only 5 rides here, this is a "Quality > Quantity" type of park. The rides are Blue Hole, a spinning bumper cars ride, Yacuma, a Wipeout ride, Eye of the Kraken, an 80-foot tower swing, Marrakesh Road Rally, electric go karts with multiple racing modes, and Swamp Ape, an indoor Scrambler. The park is open seasonally from March to October, and two new Mini Golf courses are curren
  5. 1. Steel Vengeance: Enough said. 2. Lightning Rod: This year, there is no slow down or early release off the launch. Easily the fastest paced and most intense airtime machine I've ridden. 3. Twisted Colossus: If there's ever an ERT session at Magic Mountain and this is open, marathon it! Dueling almost every time. Even without the dueling though, the airtime here is still brilliant. 4. Storm Chaser: The only coaster which I can say I've ridden 20+ times in one day. Not as long or packed to the brim as some others, but still an unforgettable ride. 5. Twisted Cyclone: Only on the low end for
  6. 1. Cedar Point 2. Knott's Berry Farm 3. Carowinds 4. Kings Island
  7. Since everyone is showing off their list, I'm going to show off mine (it has slightly changed since voting). Best: 1- Steel Vengeance 2- Fury 325 3- Lightning Rod 4- Twisted Colossus 5- Maverick 6- Storm Chaser 7- The Voyage 8- Skyrush 9- Twisted Cyclone 10- Goliath (SFOG) 11- Lightning Run 12- Phoenix 13- Full Throttle (I can already see a lot of shocked faces) 14- Millennium Force 15- Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom) 16- GhostRider 17- Xcelerator 18- Top Thrill Dragster 19- Kumba 20- Montu 21- Afterburn 22- X2 23- Storm Runner 24- Mystic Timbers 25- Intimidator
  8. 1. Name 3 of your favorite roller coasters, but not your top 3. YOLOcoaster, Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom), and Storm Chaser. 2. About how many different parks did you visit in 2018? 14. 3. Which 2018 park visit was your favorite? Both Knott's & Magic Mountain West Coast Bash days. 4. Your favorite 2018 park addition (ride, food, show, etc)? Steel Vengeance from a quality standpoint, but deep down, Toy Story Land is definitely the best for giving everyone more to do at Hollywood Studios. 5. What ride exceeded your expectations the most in 2018? HangTime. I wouldn't be
  9. 2004: Journey to Atlantis (SeaWorld San Diego) 2007: Sierra Sidewinder (Knott's Berry Farm) 2011: WindSeeker (Knott's Berry Farm) 2012: Manta (SeaWorld San Diego) 2013: Texas Sky Screamer (Six Flags Over Texas) Full Throttle (Six Flags Magic Mountain) Boardwalk Expansion (Knott's Berry Farm) 2014: Speedy Gonzales' Hot Rod Racers (Six Flags Magic Mountain) 2015: Voyage to the Iron Reef (Knott's Berry Farm) 2016: Lightning Rod (Dollywood) Mako (SeaWorld Orlando) 2017: Drop Line & WhistlePunk Chaser (Dollywood) Hershey's Triple Tower (Hersheypark)
  10. Confirmed (by default): Walt Disney World SeaWorld San Diego Knott's Berry Farm Six Flags Magic Mountain Dollywood Highly Possible, but Not Confirmed: Six Flags Over Georgia Legoland California Fun Spot America (Kissimmee) Possible, but Not Too Likely: Carowinds Cedar Point Disneyland Resort Busch Gardens Tampa State Fair of Texas Summer Road Trip (Possible, but Not Too Likely): Six Flags St. Louis Silver Dollar City Frontier City Six Flags Over Texas Six Flags Fiesta Texas
  11. Finally something to make the back edge of the park interesting! Also, are those comfort collars I see in the animation?
  12. I'm just going to narrow things down with a few categories. Best Coaster for Airtime: Steel Vengeance Coaster with Most Intense Airtime: Skyrush Best Coaster for Floater Air: Intimidator Best Coaster for Hangtime: Full Throttle Coaster(s) with Most Surprising Airtime: Space Mountain (WDW) & Goliath (SFOG) Coaster with Most Disappointing "Airtime":Hurler (Carowinds) Best Airtime Moment(s): Quad Down on Lightning Rod
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