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  1. I hope they have learned from the technical issues of The Flying dutchman at Efteling .
  2. Hi everyone i don't know yet if that news has been reported yet but Potionmagix on his websites has mentoned that Goudurix will get a retracking soon by Vekoma . The park will empty the lake and will set up scarfoldings to make that retracking easier for vekoma to access the coaster easily . I don't know if this is a good idea for the park to do a whole retracking but if was them i would totally replace it by a new coster . here is the topic where they talk about the retracking plan for Goudurix . www.potionmagix.fr/forumix/retracking-de-la-piste-de-goudurix-t2474.html photo credit ; potionmagix a picture with an overview where all the re tracking will take place .
  3. i was wondering if OCT Management had this stupid rule on Wood Coaster . The '' 2 clicks '' rule on this wooden coaster . When i went it was 2 clicks or you couldn't ride it . I wonder why becaue GCI allow the first click to be safe enough but still i found that rule so stupid .
  4. Nice park ! Empty like pretty much all chinese parks but the props looks beautiful i hope they ll maintain it .
  5. My local parks are : Disneyland Paris , Parc Asterix , Jardin d'acclimatation , Mer de Sable .
  6. My top GCI's are : 1) Troy in Toverland 2)Joris and the Dragon in Efteling 3 ) Apocalypse now at SFMM 4)Roar at SF Discovery Kingdom I Can't wait to ride the new GCI at Europa Park next year !!
  7. Thanks Parc Asterix !!! I live half an hour drive from Parc Asterix . For sure i'm getting an AP at Parc Asterix next year !!! This inverted roller coaster will reduce the line at Tonnerre de Zeus .
  8. I went to Europa Park on tuesday and the menus are only in German ! As it is only the beginning they will have to translate it in French and English ! I had to ask the server to help us out with the translation! Fun restaurant but i saw my dish being stuck after the loop ! It actually rolled back !
  9. Back in 2000 when they wanted to get another record breaking Roller Coaster in Europe . They announced Silverstar after that Holiday Park announced their Expedition Ge Force . MACK Ride didn't and still don't have the Technology for Hyper Coasters or Giga Coasters . Since then Blue Fire Open with the new Mack Ride Technology . Back in 2001 when Franz Mack knew that the new Roller Coaster ( Silverstar ) will be made by another manufacturer he was very angry and boosted the Mack engineers into a new step of rollercoasters . YET Mack doesn't have any Inverted Coasters on their list ! As we know they recently re Designed their Spinning Coasters . Sierra Sidewinder and especially Twist ( Le Pal ) shows that MACK did an Excellent job on their spinning coasters . Anyway MACK still doesn't have the Wooden Coasters Technology in their hands but they work with one of the best Wooden Coaster Manufacturer . Wooden Roller Coasters are still New in Main Land Europe ! But by experience all theses parks know what to get just look at Toverland and their GCI woodie !!! Same for Efteling and their Joris and de Draak ! Right now like everybody on this board i can"t wait to see the layout of the coaster . MACK has experiences in the industry and they'll ask GCI for the best Custom Layout .
  10. I like the loop at the beginning ! It might sounds weird but Vekoma is trying to Smoother their old Roller Coasters such as Goudurix etc.. Parc Asterix will test a new system of suspensions where the wheels are . If it works on Goudurix this would workd on any Vekoma !
  11. Indeed not -- but are the belts actually required with the GCI restraint design? I don't know the answer to the above, but I point the reader towards the many coasters out there that run with lap bars only. This is precisely my point is there any reason that they need to be there? There are loads of other wood coasters without seat belts. Knoebels cut the seat belts out, so why couldn't Europa Park? Is a park like Europa Park really going to allow something that will slow up the boarding process? I think not, I mean none of their other coasters have seat belts. The TUV in Germany are very very Strict !!!
  12. One of the most perfect Theme Park in Europe called Europa Park has just announced that they will build a New Wooden Coaster ! The name of this Wooden Coaster is Mythos ! I wonder where is will be but MACK has to remember that they are surrounded by other great European Wooden Coasters such as Troy in Toverland , Joris and the Dragon in Efteling , Tonnerre de Zeus in Parc Asterix and Colossos in the same country . I didnt forgot to mention Balder or Twister in Sweden but i haven't ridden them yet !!! Great Job Europa Park !!
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