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  1. Let's say one would like to find a bunch of patches from various parks (new or old, rides or general, doesn't matter..and no, no patch jackets are involved). Without going to the parks themselves, is ebay the only option for this kind of thing or is there another place that park goers sell/trade them? Ebay's pickings are slim. Alternatively, is anyone looking to get rid of a few?Thanks!
  2. It does, you're right. It's pretty strange. Hopefully it'll open early enough in the Spring so I can ride it and do a "real" TR before I move back to Toronto. When I rode it back when I was a kid it did have a seat belt. It even 'locked'. They had to use a key type thing to let you out. They were using the same sleds as the one in Tom's picture, so probably the same thing.
  3. Tom - Come visit! Jer and I will take you to this wacky coaster. Elissa - It's in a small town about an hour and a half from Toronto and it's in this tiny little 'fun park'. Probably not even worth the trip if you guys are ever in Toronto again..although from what I remember they let tiny children ride on your lap. A KidTums credit, perhaps?
  4. I moved to Peterborough a little over a month ago, and finally got a chance to go see this weird little coaster for the first time since I was 10 years old. I didn't get to ride it since it's closed for the season. Sad. I did ride it back when I was 10 and remember it being pretty cool. I have no idea how accurate that is though. Basically, you climb up a few flights of stairs, sit on a little red sled, and the ride op throws you over the edge. Fun! Pictures now. The layout. There are a few bunny hills off to the right, but I couldn't get a better angle because of the fence. There is a mini-golf course inside the coaster. There is also go karts and a driving range. This is about as interesting as these pictures get. Yep. The bend before the bunny hills. Or hill. I can't remember. This is a very short coaster. The first drop...and there is also a super happy fun slide! That is really all that is at this place though. The end.
  5. Time to bring this thread back from the dead! This summer my fiance and I rescued a mama and litter of five kittens from a crazy lady who was going to drown them. Mama with three of the tiny kittens. Charlie, Jamie, Chester, Piper, and Lucy. Chester, Lucy, and Charlie have been adopted, and either Jamie or Piper will be adopted tonight. Cuddle puddle We wanted to keep Mama, but because she hates our dog with a passion we decided we were not the best home for her and adopted Charlie instead. Mama will stay with us until we find her the best home possible.
  6. As an Early Childhood Educator and elementary school teacher, I think what you guys are doing with Kristen is great. Young kids, and even older ones too, learn a lot more from hands on experiences than from sitting in a classroom all day. When my students' parents ask me what they can do for enrichment for their kids I tell them to take them places, experience things, and talk about what they see. That is the best learning, in my opinion. For example, you can read a book about a cow, but getting to actually see, touch, hear, and smell that cow is the better learning experience. If you're a three year old you might not remember seeing that cow 10 years from now, but you'll remember the smell, touch, and sound. It's the same idea for Kristen's travels. She is getting amazing experiences seeing the world, experiences cultures different from her own, and meeting all kinds of people along the way. Like you said, even if she doesn't remember all of it, it will have shaped her as a person. The example of her Pre-school teacher saying she hasn't even been to those places is great. I bet Kristen is enriching the whole class by sharing her experiences. Her teacher would probably even appreciate you sending in photos of Kristen at those places to show all the kids. What better way to learn about the world? I would love to have a kid like that in my class! As for parents judging other parents... I see that about a thousand times a day and it drives me crazy. To me it seems that if you do something different from 'mainstream parenting' people take it as an attack on the way they do things instead of looking at it as a different way to do things that works better for you.
  7. shesaidboom and 307 do Disney World, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Africa - part six of six So here we are. Three weeks later. When we finally get around to doing the final part of the report. It just hurt both of us too much to think about our beautiful TR about our beautiful trip being over. Our last few days were a lot of fun and totally relaxing, if not a bit frustrating, as I tried like hell to get a tan and ended up with an awkward looking half-burn on my back, a burn on my upper chest, and very little tanning anywhere else. I suck so, so much at tanning. We caught a Tampa Bay Rays game [against some minor league team - the 'Washington Nationals' I think they're called?], a Dunedin Blue Jays game [single-A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays!], hit the beach, played some mini-golf, and ate a lot of awesome food. But the real question is: how many random credits could we find without even trying?! Find out below! And finally, to address our question of how many random credits could we find without even trying... the answer is none. Goodbye everybody, thanks for reading! This is Jer's favourite picture of the trip but Nikki hates it. I think this picture speaks for itself. YAY! Blue Jays win! Jam packed Dunedin Stadium! We arrived 20 minutes late and still sat second row. Extra large Sonic drinks or Madonna's boobs circa 1994? Nikki was more excited about her souvenir hat! Jer ate a massive pile of nachos at the baseball game, but that did not deter him from pulling a ROUTE 44 on his Sonic combo. We saw this in the sewer outside the stadium. I guess this is what happened to the gators from Montu. The Rays won. Look how excited we are. Did you know Tropicana Field is one of only two indoor stadiums in baseball? Every other stadium is either outside or has a retractable roof. Points to anyone who figures out what's wrong with this picture. Baseball fans should have an easier time! People who hate Corey Patterson, like Jer, should have the easiest time, and also find it funny. They were giving out free bobbleheads but they wouldn't give us one because we're dirty Canadians. Tropicana Field is like Magnum. If you know how, reward yourself with a cookie at your own expense. OH NOES PIRATES. They will plunder our booty. Nikki: "Please?" Jer: "No." This is better than a pool! At least it has a pool! Hotel room or grandma's house? Not pictured: part where road ends and we drive into ocean.
  8. shesaidboom and 307 do Disney World, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Africa - part five of six Nikki and I had been to Busch before, and really they hadn't added anything since our last visit except for the 'floorless' part of 'floorless Shiekra'. We did, however, enjoy our last visit so we wanted to make sure we had time to squeeze it in on this trip! We got more out of the trip this time because we had a list of things we definitely wanted to hit [Montu], and the things we definitely wanted to miss [Cheetah Chase]. Once again it was super hot but we were spurned on by knowing that this was the final park on our trip and if we just made it through the day, we had three days of beach left! Huzzah! Unfortunately Nikki's ankle had a flare-up of it's chronic case of 'let's bend funny and make Nikki be in pain' [aka sprain] so that kind of slowed us down for awhile. But Nikki trooped on and we had a pretty good day at the park!!! Now to pic. Next update: Baseball, beach, and the answer to the question, "How many random credits can Nikki and Jer stumble upon in Florida without trying?" Suspense! Jer refused to believe me when I said we had ridden Lion last time, so he insisted on riding it 'just in case'. Bigger mistake. Last time we were here only one side of Gwazi was open, so we had to ride the other. Big mistake. This bird preferred arm sweat to bird food. Nikki: "Can I feed it?" Jer: "Fine." Rhino poop. Rhino. Jer experiences said sploosh. Sheikra brings the sploosh! But it's still fun. The tunnel smells like diapers! This picture was rotated 360 degrees. This track is really going horizontally, we just rotated the picture. The only difference we noticed was that it was much harder to get into the seats. Last time we were here, Sheikra had floors. We were going to go on this, then we saw how drenched people were when they got off. Instead we just dumped a bottle of water on ourselves. That hit the spot. Two corkscrews, one train. WAFFLES. It's still pretty fun. Kumba had some unique elements before B&M started recycling them on every ride they ever made. Now that looks more like a turtle! Except for the nipples on the shell. What's with the perverted turtles, Busch?! Oh. Look. It's Jer. Hello. Nikki skipped this ride because she didn't like it the first time. Say what you want about the rest of the ride, but this loop is awesome. Is this a turtle, or a penis growing out of a shell? OH NOES. Ankle moving in directions it should not move in! Apply ice as needed! And yes, it did hurt. That's right, the little loop kicks your ass! The dive out of the break run into the second loop is way better than the first one. Then Jer would put his head in his hands and cry. Or videotape. If Montu was a person, Nikki would do him. Or her. Montu was our favourite coaster of the trip. ...but not as stiff as Nikki is for Montu! This bird is stiff...
  9. Milk in bags! YES! It's so weird for me when I go to the US and only see jugs or cartons. Wonderland...always nice to see a TR from my home park. I was surprised by Behemoth's quick line too. Jer and I went yesterday and with a pretty full queue it was only a 15 minute wait. They weren't being rude or rushing us though. I agree with a lot of your comments on the set up of the park. The left side used to be much better and well themed, even without the coasters. They took a lot out. I really miss the old log ride. Glad you guys had a great vacation!
  10. shesaidboom and 307 do Disney World, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Africa - part four of six Our fifth stop was to SeaWorld Orlando, another place we'd never been before! By this point the walking around in the 90+ heat was getting to us and we were pretty beat down. It certainly didn't hamper our enjoyment of the park, though, as SeaWorld was our favourite park of the trip. Yeah, suck on that, Disney fanboys! Manta was oodles better than the three other flyers we've been on. The pretzel loop remains very intense, and the final splash turn was awesome, especially in the back on the inside of the train! Kraken was good but nothing special - I guess it would be considered a 'typical' B&M. Saying things like that makes me think we're taking such awesome coasters for granted, but really it didn't stand out much from any other B&Ms we've ever been on. Journey to Atlantis was a lot of fun and didn't get us too wet, but provided some nice heat relief. The highlight was of course all of the animals in the area. Jer's a big sea creature fan so seeing sharks, rays, jellies, dolphins, turtles, fish and most importantly manatees was awesome. While the park was an obvious step down in terms of over-all theming and presentation, it was still a pretty enough park with a fair bit of foliage and shade. Jer didn't like the entire empty section between the main bulk of the park and the Shamu stadium, but otherwise it was pretty well laid out as well. We spent a loooooot of time taking pictures at SeaWorld so get ready for a barrage! People thought the rays were fake. Then they started pooping on the glass! Busch Gardens is up next! And now, 30,000 Manta pictures, 100% caption free! Shortly after taking this picture, we saw a walrus crap itself. So gross, but cannot look away... AHHH UNAGI. We enjoyed the moving sidewalk through the shark tunnel ride. Nikki crapped her pants THREE TIMES. A billion million points to anyone who can tell me where in the park this is. We wont win because we forget. Nikki: "Pleeease?" Jer: "No." Why are the rails purple? But the whales are fair game. To deter pedos, the kiddie land at Sea World is full of crabs. Nikki: "Pleeease?" Jer: "No." Nikki: "Can I feed them? Please?" Jer: "No." Nikki: "Pleeease?" Jer: "No." Dolphin show?! I thought this was the donkey show! Highlight of the trip. Look at those goofy bastards. Sea cow. OH, THE HUGE MANATEE! Dolphins revving at the starting line. Nikki exclaimed "I love when people push me out of the way!" to which the woman responded "They have a right to go first, they're kids." In a rare display of quick wittedness, Jer responded, "They also have a right to good parenting, but instead they got you!" (PS - we're not really jerks, if she or the kids had asked if they could go in front of us we would have happily obliged. It's the unnecessary rudeness and physical contact that grinds our gears.) We were standing next to the dolphin pool taking pictures when out of nowhere some woman shoved Nikki out of the way and ushered her kids into the spot. Typical B&M is still better than most rides! Typical B&M, typical B&M picture. Can't go a trip report without a lift hill picture. Nikki has finally learned to hold her camera straight! Two circular objects with little squirmy things swimming around inside them. What does that make YOU think of? Right after this picture was taken, the sea monster asked Jer for $3.50. We ain't gonna give no monstah no tree fiddy! Damn woman! What you think we made of money?! Gonna give no monstah no tree fiddy. Best. Nikki hates fish, but loves aquariums. You figure that one out. Robert De Niro would do more than just splash us. We barely even got wet! So a mermaid turns into a witch and then splashes us and that's her great revenge? Chick needs to watch 'Cape Fear'. For some reason we were under the impression that there were a lot more roller coaster parts, but what was there was pretty fun! So majestic! This ride gets you a little moist if you're sitting in the back. I'll leave it up to you to decide the context of that. Manta features the latest in coaster technology, including new invisible trains (pictured here). In case you get lost in the parking lot, they put up a light house to help you find your way. How thoughtful!
  11. shesaidboom and 307 do Disney World, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Africa - part three of six Our final stop on the Disney Train was EPCOT and the giant ball thing. It was, I think, the hottest day of our trip thus far on this day. Absolutely ridiculously hot and humid and sticky, and the fact that this is probably the least shaded Disney park did not help at all. So about mid way through exploring the various 'countries' around the lake, we decided screw it, it's too hot, and just busted butt to Soarin'. Being that EPCOT doesn't have too many 'top notch' attractions, the Fast Passes went uh, fast. By about 11AM, the Soarin' Fast Passes were going for 7'30 to 8'30 PM! And by 12 they were way sold out. We did manage to get passes for Mission Space and Test Track. Yay! We went into Soarin' having no idea what to expect or what the ride was even like. While the ride itself was really cool, the transitions in the film were nonsensical and left us feeling as if we were watching clips on National Geographic rather than actually 'flying'. It was still the best ride in the park. EPCOT was less a thrill park than an exploration area, but what they had for attractions was pretty good. Walking the countries was a pretty fun experience, especially exploring each country's shops and food. Unanimously, EPCOT was our second favourite Disney park. NOW HERE ARE PHOTOS. Vinylmation is awesome and so am I. See you next time for SeaWorld! We asked for one button and they kept trying to give us more. Who are we to decline? Does this globe thing have a name? Tired and worn out from the day, we entered the two hour line for Soarin'. Jer thought to himself, 'wouldn't it be cool if someone just gave us their fast passes?'. Five minutes later, a family exiting the ride did just that!!! SO AWESOME. Bye two hour line, hello ten minute fast pass wait! Dudes were our heroes. Everything anyone has ever said about Beverly is true. Except the good things. Even moreso than Norway, Disney has managed to replicate an authentic Canadian experience. Jer and I, writing this from our igloo, looking out onto our Native Canadian themed totem poles, in the latest style of red plaid shirts with nifty suspenders and snow shoes, alongside our pet beaver and black bear, salute you! We also like hockey. Where's my tea and crumpets, wench? I see London, I see France, I see holy crap it was hot this day. Nikki went nuts in the Mitsukoshi store and bought lots of stuff. Here is a portion of her purchases. Oh look, we're back in Asia! Germany is pretty small. Now we're back in Europe again! What is this crap? We thought Europe and Asia were further away than this. My you've got an immaculately kept uh... roof. 'You see that chick?' 'Ye I was like Daim, that ass was Nonstop' Jer is accurately representing a typical Norwegian citizen. Maelstrom illustrated what it is like to live in Norway: lots of Vikings, trolls, and polar bears. Norway was our favourite country. This is a bad picture, but Test Track was pretty good. Why do they keep the dummy heads in the cages? Are they afraid they're going to escape or something? And if they did escape, where would they go?! They don't have any limbs! These aren't the coolest jellies we'd see in the trip. As usual with Disney Parks, the queues were very well themed. I'm so sick of these damn seagulls. NOT YOURS! NO! Now we are Finding Nemos. Nikki is astronaut. They kept yelling at Jer to push the buttons, but he refused! We had thought this was like one of those things where they stick you in a little ball, and then spin you like crazy until you puke, like they do to astronauts. Instead, it wasn't. But it was still ok. We didn't know EPCOT had this giant ball.
  12. Dude, 100% yes. Make it so. Ummmm... good question! When you come up with an answer, let us know! YES. It's a little known fact that Bananas in Pajamas started out as monorail drivers before they broke big on the TV scene. Most of the pics were taken with a Sony CyberShot from, like, 2004. Outside of the black blotch, it still takes pretty good pictures! Thanks for all the comments! Keep 'em comin'
  13. Wow, Pilgrim's Plunge looks terrifying!!! Great photos!
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