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  1. Luna Park Cafe was okay. It was fun seeing all of the old park photos on the walls. I wish Seattle had home park to go to.
  2. I really enjoyed the food in the Netherlands. I didn't know a country could master mashed potatoes quite like the Dutch.
  3. I'm glad I rode Coaster but I recommend the front, I knew riding in the back would be bad after the ride ops comment.
  4. The best and saddest part of the aquarium were the loose two-toed sloths that I couldn't find.
  5. The look on my face is definitely a fear of ants. I'm especially not a fan of fire ants so I thought it was nice of VanDusen to warn me of the European Fire Ants by the sunflowers. It kept me moving.
  6. FlyOver Canada was okay. I wasn't a fan of the preshow and being misted 4 times during the ride wasn't ideal for my glasses. I prefer Wings Over Washington. Playland's Haunted House was great, I found it funny they told me not to touch anything but yet everything kind of came out and touched me. I'm looking forward to Erik posting Day 3.
  7. I'm looking forward to my first WCB, thanks Robb.
  8. Looks like I'm late to the party but I do like the new rules that were added this year. I look forward to seeing all of the gifts.
  9. This zoo definitely had some crazy signs and layout to it. I liked being able to see all the different big cats that they had.
  10. What else should we do in Florida before we move? Any suggestions?
  11. We would love to visit the Waterski Museum if it wasn't impossible to visit.
  12. I never knew I always wanted to ride in a biplane until Fantasy of Flight.
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