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  1. It wasn't rough at all in June. It was a bit bumpy in the back I think, but nothing terrible. I wouldn't even compare it to Vekoma roughness. But I'm sure they'll rehab the trains and that will help.
  2. What are you? 8? sheesh anybody would know that he is joking.
  3. Although it does kinda look like Mickey giving us the finger.
  4. Good news! This was from my friend on carowindsconnection... Top Gun should be open and of course backwards TR is down the rest of the year as well as Saturator. Otherwise, looks like all the adult coasters will be up.
  5. Now that's what I call dedication. Putting hidden Mickeys in the clouds!
  6. I loved the glow-in-the-dark trains on Drachenfire. Of course it beat ya likea n Arrow, but to see it go by at night was awesome. Most of the ride area was dark as well from what I remember. I don't know why Arrow never used those on any other coasters.
  7. Was the batflyer as uncomfortable on your manhood as the one at Kings Island was? I still don't think I'll have children after riding that thing.
  8. Yeah I work for the bank they bank with (not getting in trouble by stating who)...but they basically do that with the bank as well. Basically they don't want to pay anything to bank with us, and they get it because they're so huge.
  9. Ok enough of the Mean Streak bashing (not that it doesn't deserve it). This is the geagua lake thread after all.
  10. If English is your second language, then that is true. Otherwise, I HATE Wal-Mart. They claim to have such good prices, yet I find basically the same prices across the street at Target, and get much better service there too! Since Sam died, the place has gone to h*ll.
  11. I know Top Gun was open this past weekend (finally) but I'm not sure if they are running all the coasters during Scarowinds. I would assume that like most years, the kiddie coasters won't be running. Most of the other coasters should be open though. In the past I can recall Top Gun, Carolina cyclone, Thunder Road, Ricochet, Hurler all being open, but I haven't been this year to Scarowinds. WORD OF CAUTION: Don't ride Thunder Road on a wheel and don't ride Hurler anywhere but the front row. Seriously. EDIT: I've asked someone over on carowindsconnection.com to see if they can tell me what was running the 2 nights he was there. I'll let you know if he responds. As far as admission: Scarowinds is an upcharge event if you are a Maxx pass season passholder. But they should give you the $19.99 "deal" since you have a Maxx Pass. If you don't have a Maxx pass, then I'm not sure. Regular Scarowinds admission is like $30. But a lot of times the people in the booth will let you get the season pass deal if you show them your pass. http://www3.cedarfair.com/carowinds/scarowinds/tickets.cfm
  12. Is it just me, or do all the cities now seem to all have the same stores? Used to be you'd have to go to some place like New York for Macy's, now we've got 'em. lol It just makes shopping out of town kinda pointless now.
  13. Not sure if anyone mentioned this yet or not but Charlotte is getting one! We're also getting Trader Joes too, which I hear is a cool place too.
  14. ^ I totally agree. Hey, they could take Sonnys loop and put it on Beast too. I don't think Beast will ever be great again. But far be it from me to tell ACE that. They will forever claim it to be #1 forever.
  15. Mean Streak bonfire I say!!! This year it wasn't rough at all, it was just blah. A coaster that huge without air is just a waste. BURN IT!
  16. Hey I'm 5.8 and I have a hard time getting into Wicked Twister. LOL I love the look on the Six Flags girls face..she's all "like gah! when can I go back and talk on my cell phone?" Typical Six Flags - Dispatch every 2 hours. Does it have the brake on the back spike? The front looks like it either pauses or takes a long time to start falling backwards that first time.
  17. Dick Kinzel: "We're moving Dominator...burn the station to the ground! Oh wait, wait until the coaster is removed first you idiots!!!"
  18. ^ I'm not sure if that's a question or a statement. This is a list of the coasters that were at the park and all of them were installed in 2000 with the exception of Jester and Batman. http://www.rcdb.com/pd219.htm
  19. ^ Wow. They've got an amazing site too. Another thing to consider is that New Orleans is not exactly a family kinda town. It is called "The Big Easy" for a reason ya know. Families keep amusement parks going and without families, you're going to have a hard time.
  20. Wow. If they put those on Beast I think ACE would burn the thing down themselves. What little bit of decent ride there is left would be gone for sure. I just hope they are just going to use them as spare part trains, which seems more likely. If they do put them on Beast, then I probably will never go back to Kings Island as the place might as well close down as far as I'm concerned. Beast used to be my #1 in 99, how far it's fallen. *shudders*
  21. I'm glad to see Top Gun TJC get some love on here. Frankly this year Raptor was a bit jerky and "rough" in spots back in June. Top Gun is of course newer, but has never done that. Of course you're all entitled to your opinions, but Montu and Top Gun are a lot more fun to me without trying to jerk a knot in your neck like the finale of Raptor (after the helix).
  22. I can't remember if I've done this or not but heres mines: 1-Montu 2-Top Gun: The Jet Coaster 3-Dueling Dragons 4-Raptor 5-Alpengeist 6-Batman (St Louis) 7-Batman (Georgia) NOTE: Last ride on Montu was 2001 for me, so I've heard it may be trimmed a lot more now. But as I've yet to get back to FL, it stays put.
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