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  1. You can buy them from the company for sure. They aren't going to care who you are if you actually own a park- you're a paying customer. Nobody in their right mind would do so however, because anything that resembles anything significantly "coasterish" and isn't just a generic bolt, would cost a few hundred £/$ Most people just get worn out bits from handouts/raffles at Coaster Club events
  2. So disappointing I actually laughed to myself. I may not think much of BaM Megacoasters with their general weakness in terms of size to force ratio, but I can't deny that they are a megaton of fun to ride, look beautiful and have perfected build quality that wont let anyone down. A Maurer X-car on the other hand, I struggle to find any redeeming values for. The only coaster I've ever turned down a reride on. And for such a huge park corporation to use that design to replicate the quality product already established with "HollyWood Dream" on the other side of the world... feeble Will the ride also feature YouTube comments? -"Vertical lift, BUSHS WAR WAS 4 OIL!!" -"Please wear your shoes AND DON'T VOTE FOR HILARY BECAUSE SHE'S A WOMAN AND WOMEN CAN'T BE IN POSITIONS OF POWER" -"Please exit to the left HEY RATE MY VIDEO PLZ?"
  3. I'm more excited about the idea of Sierra Tonante being demolished at this point Hopefully this is true and they are going for an Intamin. Then I can be doubly happy
  4. The king of all ride-raping trims are surely those added to California Screamin' Over two mins worth of track. And two trims placed at almost perfect forty second intervals to stop the train when it FINALLY gets some kick behind it. Disney really blew that one up
  5. Maybe they could restrain you by the ears and punch you in the stomach before you leave the station. That's novel and unique too, and less painful. Go away Xcar
  6. A general rule is also that the more "show" style attractions will request that you not film, such as those with screens like Star Tours.
  7. In much the same way as Pixar have taken existing software packages and altered them to better fit their needs, coaster companies also have personalised software packages that focus and excel in the specific areas they will be required for. Therefore they will be using uniquely commissioned programs (or mods of existing programs) which will not be available to anyone else.
  8. As shabby as it looks, I think they did a pretty good job on some of those! The bogey assembly on the coaster looks to be made in exactly the same way as 'real' wild mouse type rides... just crappier Even looks like it has some sort of skid brake at the end there! Maybe not a good carnival, but its great modern art
  9. File another one under Maurer Sohne's "stupid/oops" file One-man, restraint-popping, walkway-dropping spinners coasters to uncomfortable, almost universally-hated X-cars that require a very manual reset after a failed launch and defeat centuries old common sense failsafe systems... I wish they would just go back to building highway bridges.
  10. "S-curve"? Erm... Well, considering the train has to bank the other direction anyway to meet up with the next corner, that's about all it can do. Its not a replacement "element", it's just a transition between two corners, like there is near the very start of the ride. Shame the roll had to go, but looking at the videos of it testing, it was quite obviously not going to feel nice. The headrests (position of the rider's head) swung under as it rolled in a very awkward way- it would have been more sensible to curl around this point of the rider instead of the heartline. Bah. Still, the airtime is all I'm interested in. And that's all still there
  11. Climbing over protective enclosure? Throwing stones? Being at close enough distance to poke with a stick? Failing to have any sympathy
  12. I must be one of very few to actually like this ride then Personally, I think it stands well simply for having that amazing zero-g roll. Doing that manoeuvre whilst standing up is so unnatural and bizarre, it shocks everyone. Consider the ride in the same level as those gimmicky, short accelerator coasters - Just a quick whiz around with the majority of the attention on one great feature. I'll gladly agree the trains suck balls though. Jesus, I think only about three of the seats actually slide up and down properly anymore. Some of them even require the weight of three ride ops to lower, which strikes me as completely worn out beyond sensible use. They DO have a second train though, which apparently never comes out. Are they waiting until the current train can no longer run at all and then switching to using the other one? If so, they need to make the change soon.
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