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  1. http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2010/11/hershey_entertainment_resorts_5.html Mod Edit: I went ahead and quoted the article for you. With news like this, we like to have a little bit more information than just a link to an article. Thanks! -Eric
  2. Has anyone gone to STITP on Easter day? What are the crowds like? It is really busy or really dead?
  3. Dutch Wonderland had a light show last year similar to the one like N.O.E.L. I'm excited to see how Hersheyparks is.
  4. I'm not predicting, I'm just making this topic for fun. Not saying that they will sell all their rides.
  5. I had a thought that if Six Flags were to really go bankrupt and had to liquidate all of their rides and coasters, which parks do you think would buy some of the coasters, and do you think they'll fit at their new homes? I'd love to see Hersheypark buy El Toro (Even though that will never happen)
  6. Great pics! Is the ride any smoother than Medusa, i always thought it was a little rough for a B&M. And what kind of stuff plays through those speakers?
  7. That is rather interesting to think about. I remember last summer, going to Knoebels in the middle of July, and both Phoenix and Twister were only running one train. I thought I'd have to wait forever to get on, but the wait was always a surprisingly short one. I think it's because Twister and Phoenix has no gates and no seat belts. So the operators can just check lapbars and dispatch the trains, and guests don't have to wait for a slow air gate to open, and half of them don't even know the right way to buckle a seatbelt (I've dealt with this many of times)
  8. ^^ Yeah Midway America was open Lightening Racer had four trains on, Great Bear and SDL had two trains. they were running very efficiently. Park was very crowded it was almost like Labor Day weekend.
  9. I was at Hersheypark in the Dark today, and I've noticed by Flying Falcon and in front of the Zoo America entrance there are survey markings all over the ground, they are the z's just like we've seen for Fahrenheit. Anyone have an idea on what it's all about?
  10. Rolling Thunder's horn when they turn the lift back on from an E-stop is FREAKIN LOUD when standing in line for El Toro..
  11. The one train operation on Friday was because of low staffing levels. The month of August is when kids get burned out from working the whole summer and quit their job and/or have to go back to college/high school. So weekends would probably have more staffing than on a weekday from now until September.
  12. Just signed up, this is my first TPR Event, would be fun to see everyone!
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