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  1. Tilt-A-Whirl will re-open at the current spot of Tiny Tracks kiddie train ride in Founder's Circle beginning in the spring. From what I've heard, Tiny Tracks may be moved to the location of Tiny Timbers, which would then be retired. I'm not sure how reliable the info about Tiny Timbers being removed currently is but I'm just referring from what I do know.
  2. This was definitely a shocker. My thoughts and prayers goes out to Hershey Entertainment & Resorts, as well as Frank's family on this terrible loss.
  3. The only time I can ever recall LR's overflow being used was when the ride first opened. I haven't seen it used since then. It's a nice piece of real estate that could definitely be used for a new flat.
  4. Here's my update from 10/16: I was amazed at how well the park was up and running after the flood. They had three of the entrance gates closed for something, probably flood related. The Rhineland shops were still closed and being refurbished from the flood. They had these temp stands set up since the shops were closed. Looks like they're beginning to work under Comet. New stakes have shown up behind Scrambler. Looks like one of the survey markings was repainted. It's sort of hard to find but if you look over on that concrete slab, there's a new marking there. The old Comet Hollow Restrooms are now closed. They have been replaced with the temp restrooms. Looks like O' Connell Plumbing & Drain didn't do the appropriate work on this one since they were also closed. Looks like they took a section out of Comet to connect the station construction site with the other side. Concrete, supposingly for the station. Yes, they're still there, or should I say "half of them" lol. I see track! Pure Intamin goodness! Such a beautiful sight! Lightning Racer's overflow is still blocked off and appears the same as it did earlier in the season. These new recycling machines are now appearing in the park. This was the only one I saw. Now's the time to get your last rides in. New trains coming next season - praying no OTSR's"! See you at Christmas! And if you haven't yet, be sure to check out my Comet Hollow: A Photo Documentary for a look at the area prior to construction: http://keystonethrills.megabb.com/t321-special-feature-comet-hollow-a-photo-documentary
  5. I always considered Roller Soaker to be of a dark purple (or blue violet) track color. Great Bear could also be a very deep violet as well, even though I think it looks more towards black. Sidewinder is the same way although it would be more of a deep brown to black color.
  6. Definitely: -Hershey (season pass holder) Very likely: -Kings Dominion -Busch Gardens Williamsburg What this means as far as new credits for me: -Skyrush -Intimidator 305 -Flight of Fear (yes I've been to both KD and KI and somehow missed this one) -Backlot Stunt Coaster (KD's version) -Dominator -Ghoster Coaster (just to snatch the credit) -Verbolten -Griffon This would add eight new credits to my list. I-305 is the one I would most definitely be looking forward to, besides Skyrush.
  7. There is nothing wrong with the yellow track. We already have blue, orange, red and dark purple so it's definitely a welcome addition. Also, anyone here who may be planning a trip out to Hersheypark in the Dark this Sunday (the 16th), Keystone Thrills will be having our fall meet-up at 2:30 p.m. at the Hershey statue by the carousel. If you plan on being in the area, it will give you a opportunity to meet some of us and talk some 2012 stuff as well as what we all love! I'll also be hanging out at Chocolate World prior to that so if you would like to meet up there, feel free to email or PM me.
  8. Sorry, it's not for sale. I've now motivated myself to work on more of the parking lot portion. Right now I currently have the Giant Center completed as well as the surrounding parking lots about half complete. Expect some photos of these areas once I'm finished with them.
  9. Here are some better images of my drawing: Entrance area Comet Hollow before the remodeling, as well as the Skyrush construction area. Food court, Sidewinder and Storm Runner Fahrenheit, The Boardwalk - The Shore, Intercoastal Waterway and Roller Soaker. Midway, The Boardwalk - Coastline Plunge and East Coast Waterworks Midway and Lightning Racer
  10. Glad you like the drawing. Feel free to "soak it in" as much as you want!
  11. I used Bing aerial and satelite imagery, Flying Phil's aerial imagery, Google Streetview and my own personal park photos. Overall, it all came together really well. This image will never be completed simply because we all know the park isn't done growing and changing. That's why I made it entirely out of pencil so it would be easy to go in there and make changes when needed.
  12. Thanks, you can see more pics at the beginning of this thread.
  13. Wanted to show you guys some of the recent work done to my drawing. Park overview Close-up of Skyrush construction site.
  14. Kumbarider1993, if you're referring to the construction site then yes. I've already began playing around with that corner of it. Not a whole lot I can do now until the ride goes vertical. Even when that happens, I'll draw it on the map in stages. Same goes with Comet Hollow when the changes start occurring down there. When everything is pretty much complete, I'll post a 2012 image of the drawing.
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